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I'm normally not one to write journal entries, because I usually don't have interesting things to say really, but I kind of wanted to proudly announce that it's been 4 months since I deleted Facebook and things have felt really good. While my social life is almost completely dead, I've been being kept busy with work work, freelance work, personal work, and taking-care-of-furry-animals work. (I really need to take a break from work...)

I've been working on new things and learning new skills. I updated my website, which you can see here:
I learned how to create virtual reality and augmented reality games, which is pretty cool. I've had plans to make a virtual reality Ilvermorny but never got around to starting it, because I know I'd get really carried away. But I have been working with Autodesk Maya a lot, and have become quite comfortable making various architectural renderings and furniture.

I know that this isn't a very exciting journal entry. I started reading some shojo manga that I got at Anime Con a few months ago, and sometimes I wish my life were as exciting as the drama I read on these pages.

Anyway... I'm not dead yet.
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General Rules & Guidelines
✖ Keep things PG-13; I don't draw porn or gore.
✖ I can draw in a wide range of styles ranging from anime, to realism, to western cartoons.
✖ If you're interested, let me know in a note, e-mail or comment. There is an application skeleton below that I advise you to fill out. 
✖ It usually takes me a few hours to three days to complete a commission. However, since I have to go to college and work, I might be too busy to finish a commission as quickly as I usually do. I will let you know what my schedule is like when I work on your commission.



Just the Lineart = $3 (240 Points )
Just the lineart. Can be useful if you want to practice coloring. I can give you a PNG file to work on.

Chibis = $8 (640 Points )
A cute anime character with a huge head and a small body.

Portrait = $12 (960 Points )
Just the face of a character.

Full Body = $20 (1600 Points )
The entire body of one character, from head to toe.

More Than One Character = $20 + $20 for each character (or 1600 Points )
Two or more characters either interacting with each other or standing side by side with each other.

Other = Prices vary
Anything not listed above. Still life, logo, graphic design, cat, etc.

If you want a complex background, I'll charge an extra $5. An example of a complex background would include something with buildings and scenery in it.


[ ] signify checkboxes. [ ] = an empty checkbox. [x] = a checked checkbox.

Dimensions: (Width x Height in pixels)

[ ] Black and white lineart
[ ] Chibi
[ ] Portrait
[ ] Full body
[ ] More than one character
[ ] Other (If so, please describe below):

Describe your subject in as much detail as possible:

Any specific pose you want it in?

Do you want a background?
[ ] Yes [ ] No

If you checked "Yes," please describe the background:

Attach any references you may have in an image or link:

Is there an alternative way to contact you just in case I can't get a hold of you on Deviantart?

Let me know if you have any questions. If you want to know what my e-mail is, just ask and I'll private message it to you.
I am currently working on a new Character Creator based on Avatar: The Last Airbender. I had the sudden urge to make a new game and then went on ahead to do it. The graphics are made entirely with vectors, making the process of making this game easier than my Pokemon Trainer Creator. Hopefully it will also run more smoothly as well. Unfortunately, I am using Flash to make this game so it will not be available on the iPad or iPhone

Visit my blog for pictures and more details:…

I'm also open to suggestions at the moment so comment, comment, comment!
You can check out my new update here:…

Finally added a save option!! Yay!
I updated my Europe blog (I still have a lot more to finish):

And I've also been writing a lot of film reviews/reporting events for my job. You can see some of my work here:

Look for articles written by "Joy Chiang Ling" :)

I haven't been writing seriously for a long time but it's pretty refreshing to do it again. Hope you enjoy!
So work has finally dwindled down for me, and I've decided to update my blog.

Here is the first entry I made! I wrote about my time in Liverpool:…

Coming up are Barcelona, Paris (Part 2), Brussels, Amsterdam, Paderborn and Berlin.

I really miss Europe!!
You've probably noticed that I was on hiatus for a long time... You can thank my exam period for that (it was torture).
But now that I am finally finished with exams, I can spend more time working on other things, like my blog!

My trip around Europe was fantastic. I have so much to write about that it will probably take me days to finish it. I'll keep you guys updated!

I have a flight back to NY booked for May 21... That means I am leaving in one week. I am really, really going to miss the UK...
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I'm going to spend my spring break in the following places:

Barcelona, Spain
Paris, France
Brussels, Belgium
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Berlin, Germany

Feel free to give me suggestions on places to go and sights to see! :) I'll mention you in my blog if I ever get the chance to go there.

Also, I've been feeling very sick lately but now I am feeling better. I just thought I should write about my experience, as I felt like I've changed as a person. It was very frightening, as I have no health insurance in the UK, and I wasn't exactly sure what strange sickness I was having. The NHS in London is also notoriously slow, and I wasn't sure what I was getting myself into. Luckily a family friend helped diagnose my problem, and I am currently recovering from my illness. All is well!

Anyway, please provide travel suggestions if you can! They will be greatly appreciated! :)…
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Here's a blog entry about my trip to Liverpool, a city in the north of England. You've probably heard of it. It gave rise to the Beatles and some famous football teams. I really loved this city and the people in it. This trip was unlike anything I've ever experience before. Feel free to read about my trip and send me comments! I will really appreciate them. :)

I updated my blog with my recent trip to Paris:

There are pictures galore. Enjoy!
Interested in Harry Potter? Today I went with my scouser friend, Alex, to tour Harry Potter studios and more! There are loads of pictures that some of you might be interested in checking out. See them at the link below:

If you've read the credits in my Pokemon Trainer Creator, you'll notice that there was a guy named Mark who helped me with the programming. Well, he's come up with a game of his own called Pokemon Evoas. I contributed the concept art and logos. His game is a work in progress, but so far it looks pretty amazing. Check it out:

Oh, and if you're curious about the purple meloetta that's featured in my game... There's your answer.
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Hey guys!

So I'm developing a Weather App for my Graphical User Interfaces class, and I need to collect some user data. Please help me by filling out this survey! It's pretty short and should only take a few minutes. :)

As you can tell I'm really busy right now. I've never been this busy before in my college life! This British university is really draining a lot of energy away from me. :P I will try to come up with a new blog post and make more artwork to share with you all! Thanks so much for supporting me!
I set up a Twitter account for my Social Networking class, and I was told that whoever receives the most followers gets a prize at the end of the semester.

My twitter account is about digital art, which I'm sure that many of you are interested in. Care to follow it?

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I wrote another blog entry, this time about hipsters. :)

I'm really enjoying my time so far. Did you know that there are a lot of stray foxes in London? I didn't because I'm a tourist.
Read my blog here:

I was very busy for the preoccupied for the past week, and this might explain why. :P My adventure so far has included Daleks, tea, Indian food and hipsters. There are pictures galore!

I know I said that I would remove the Christmas objects in my Pokemon Trainer Creator in early January, but because I am leaving soon I decided to change it today. So, here is the last “update” of the year:…

I will also write about my study abroad adventures on my wordpress blog, which you can view here:

Feel free to leave comments :)
I'm going to leave for London in less than two weeks!! It's all so crazy, I can't believe it's going to happen so soon! I wrote about my feelings and included a list of things I want to do in my Wordpress blog. Feel free to follow it if you're interested in travelling/Europe/Britain. I'll be posting pictures and write about my experiences. :D Also, feel free to contribute comments/suggestions/whatever! ///

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I'm happy to announce that the new Holiday update has been released. Check it out!

It will be removed in early January. By that time I'll be in London so I won't be able to make any further updates. But meanwhile... enjoy! :) Please report any bugs if you find them!

Oh, also, I resized the game so that it will fit on most computer screens. The older version was a pain on my tablet/macbook, but I'm pretty confident that it will be easier to use now! Let me know if you're happy with the new size.

My Pokemon Trainer Creator finally reached 1,000 comments, 5,000+ favorites and nearly 200,000 views! I would like to thank everyone for their support. It’s really amazing to see my work appreciated by so many people from all over the world. Thank you all so much.

I know I planned on updating the game this month, but unfortunately I will not be able to until I get my personal things sorted out. The next update will include Christmas-themed objects and an overall resizing of the game so that it will fit on most computer screens.

Once again, thank you! And happy holidays!

Full blog post here:…