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30 Oct 2020 Update:
I've received a few requests asking me to make the downloadable file publicly available since Flash will no longer be supported in the near future. Please feel free to download the SWF file for this game. Enjoy!

To download, click on the "Download" button beneath the game and above my avatar. It is next to "Comment", "Add to Group", and "Share."

This game is no longer being updated. I am no longer taking any requests for more Pokémon, clothes or features.
This is a Flash game, meaning it won't work on mobile devices. To play it, use a desktop or laptop computer and enable Flash on your browser.

Interested in viewing more of my work?
Visit my website:

Pokémon is owned by Nintendo. The Pokémon Trainer Creator was created by me. Please do not try to make money/points off of this!
You are allowed to share your creations for free, but NOT for money/points. I don't want anyone to get in trouble.

Click on the camera button on the black header. Save it to whatever folder you like. You can always crop and edit it with image editing software such as MS Paint and Photoshop.

If you want to save the entire image, press the "UI" button in between "Start Over" and "BG". This will hide the customization window.

If you have any further questions, click on the ? button on the top right side of the screen. If your question is not answered there, then leave me a comment or note on Deviantart.


Finally, after nearly nine months in development, the Pokémon Trainer Creator is complete!

This customization game includes:
- The option to choose between a male and female character
- A variety of hairstyles, eyes, facial expressions, clothes and Pokémon to choose from.
- Several backgrounds and an option to hide the UI so that you can take a screenshot of your character.
- Color sliders that allow the user to customize the color of the character's accessories.
- Hidden features that can be unlocked by solving puzzles!

I hope this game inspires people to come up with unique designs for their own Pokémon characters. Feel free to share your screenshots or fanart!

Also, a huge thanks to Mark Radocy for helping me with the code. I couldn't have finished this without him.

(For those curious, I was inspired to make this game after having a conversation about Pokémon with my friend, Kevin Yan)
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website will run swf files THIS REQURIES NO DOWNLOADS, there are several ads on the website that will say download or start on them do not click these, they are NOT required to run the file/game!

-download file and select in site

-select flash emulator 2 and the refresh button below it (not at the top of the screen)

you sadly cannot adjust the colors but it still allows you to develop a very good idea of what your oc might look like