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this dracula has blue aura..... a high class evil... :evillaugh:
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Oops. Sorry. I forgot that I added the comment already.
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Looks like an unmasked Evangelion.
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Looks like an unmasked Evangelion-come to think of it, one fanfiction does have Shinji Ikari working for Alucard :D
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Great job! But it would look more awesome with a night sky backround with a cresent moon
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Ha ha (nervous laughter) Jeez! This is really creepy. :o
=o he dont like an dracula but he cool evil love it!!!
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That's freakin' cool! 8D
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lol this is me man not dracula hahahaaah
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As all blue bloods should. I think you outdid mere evil, here. This is the kind of nightmare that nightmares have.
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I'm so glad this is a picture, because if it were in a movie I would be terrified to go to bed.
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Same... my god...
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Whoa.. that made me shiver
gefällt und überzeugt!
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Spooky, it kind looks like El Chupacabra.
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This is really, really scary. Simple... but scary. Very nice interpretation of dracula! Congratz!
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Looks more like an imp. But still cool:-)
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looks like an antispiral XD
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OMG that is eerie!
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haha, imba cool aura!
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Great pic, looks kind of like a Future Dracula.

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