International Wedgie Day: An Annual Wake Up

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It’s that day of the year. The day that every nerd, geek, and younger sibling fear the most. That’s right, International Wedgie Day. This is a day that either has people excited, or praying that their underwear rips fast.

The latter is the story for two sisters, Jess and Callahan. Everyday for these sisters is about as dangerous and wedgie-filled as a stuffed animal convention with a no-underwear policy. Wedgies never really came up in their lives, and was only one of those things that was meant for comedy and nothing else, well, not anymore that is.

Ever since their father found out about this new holiday called “International Wedgie Day” 3 years ago, the two girls have been forced annually to endure countless wedgies every April 2nd, with their father saying “Embrace the holiday spirit,” as he gave them harsh tugs on their panties, and it was only ever on International Wedgie Day. It was childish at first, but when it kept happening for the whole day, every April 2nd, it became less childish and felt more, serious, like their dad wanted to cause them pain or he had some..other reason for giving them wedgies. Even as they both reached 18 their wedgie torture continued and they had no idea why. They dismissed that though and just tried to endure the pain for this one day.

This year, both of the girls were sleeping in their room until they got woken up on by their dad coming in and yanking their underwear up their butts. Jess was wearing a sparkly pink thong while Callahan was wearing plain white panties.

“Happy International Wedgie Day girls!” Their father yelled as he pulled up on both of his daughter’s panties. They both screamed as they felt their butts get assaulted by their own underwear. Jess’ thong ripped quickly, Callahan’s needed a little more pull, but eventually gave out. “Get yourselves ready for the rest of the day.” he said as he left their room.

Jess and Callahan got out of their bed, went over to their dressers and grabbed new pairs of underwear.

“Callahan, I don’t want to go through another day of wedgies.” said Jess as she was putting on a pair of white lace boyshorts.

“I don’t either. But really, do we have a choice?” replied Callahan as she put on a pair of light blue panties with a white waistband. “Dad seems happy when it’s this holiday, why not make him happy?”

“It doesn’t exactly make ME happy getting my underwear ripped off of me for an entire day just because it’s ‘International Wedgie Day.’”

“It doesn’t make me happy either, but what can we do about it? He really enjoys this holiday.”
“Which doesn’t even make sense to me. Why does this holiday seem to cause him so much happiness?”

Callahan thought about it. “He must enjoy it for some sort of reason, one we would never think of.”

“We can only wonder what that reason could be.”
Happy International Wedgie Day! This is my submission for :iconhannsgutherson:'s contest for said wedgie day. This story follows two girls who get woken up by some wedgies. This is a story I want to continue because I think it has potential. But as it is, it's my submission for this contest and I hope you all enjoy it.
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Really powerful story here, the implications are dark and yet it seems they're coping with it. I need to read more, perhaps I misinterpreted the idea but this is good regardless. Good luck!