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The Lost City

By jcbarquet
Note: this information has been added for GSCE Drama students seeking background information about the painting, which is included in a stimulus from Oxford Cambridge & RSA Examinations.

I made this painting in 2011, when I was starting to become interested in art as a career. I have always loved nature and landscapes; this particular location was inspired by Rivendell from The Lord of the Rings and the floating islands in James Cameron's Avatar, as well as Romantic masters such as Caspar David Friedrich and Bierstadt. I love imagining worlds and stories, and painting is a way to communicate them; the intention here was to inspire wonder, mystery or a sense of the sublime. As for the color palette, I was aiming for a Romantic fantasy feeling, emphasized by the pinks, purples and subtle sunrise colors.

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I'm loving it ! I like to imagine lost cities, or places where you have never gone...

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It's as epic as LOTR. *_*
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It's fantastic, love it!
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LOTR not surprised the waterfalls are really nice touch almost as if the horse rider are stuck in place with awe and wonder
One day I want to draw like this, its just perfect. Just got photoshop but I dont know how to use it ^^
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Thanks! I recommend you do some basic tutorials, that's how I learned to use it ;)
Will do, thanks :)
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This picture has a story... Love it!
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Oh dude. This is freaking phenomenal! Awesome work!
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Beautiful scale and painting :D
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Simply beautiful, the strokes look beautiful. I think the LOTR influence has just enough effect to look elven and still have it stand alone as a work of art. I reiterate: Beautiful.
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thanks so much man!
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STUNNING!! Simply STUNNING! I thought the Caldera was just as good, but this looks like it was taken straight out of the movie! (LOTR) You've DONE it again! I'm half tempted to download copies of your work for Background options. :XD:
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Haha go ahead! thanks so much my friend, I really appreciate all these comments :)
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It looks like Legolas, the guy in the lower right! ^ ^
Your drawing is very beautiful, especially the fog !
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Thanks Aurélie! Glad you like it :)
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really nice work!
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