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Golden Age

Commission for ~geromefuticcelli.

"The Maya civilization was one of the grandest in the history of the world and the reason for its collapse is still shrouded in mystery. The ancient Maya occupied a vast geographic area in Central and South America from around 2000 BC until 1500 AD. The Mayan culture extended to parts of what is now Mexico, Honduras, and El Salvador, and most of Guatemala and Belize. During the Classical Period which lasted from the third to the ninth century, Maya civilization built awe-inspiring temples, pyramids and cities and formed a complex social and political order. The Mayan culture excelled in many different fields, and testaments of their achievements are found throughout the area." (Information source: [link])

This is my own representation of the culture that flourished in the south east of my country: my intention was not to produce a perfectly accurate historical scene. Although there is not a city exactly like the one here, the pyramids are based on existing ones on various archeological sites. The perspective was done with a few basic 3D Sketchup models; once I had that everything was painted in Photoshop.

I hope you like it!
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looks like tikal =)

In searching for cover art to use for a fantasy novel, I came across this work. The style reflects the book's tone well and closely resembles a place featured in the story. The color scheme and dimensions are practically ideal, and I believe it could make for a stunning wrap-around. To make it compatible with the book cover, I would have to modify it slightly to accommodate the text and match the theme, but the art itself would not be altered much. I would give credit on the back or inside the book, and am even willing to pay.

If any other conditions need to be fulfilled, I'll look into whether I can meet those requirements.

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This artwork is available for licensing. If you are interested in purchasing a license, please email me. Link on my profile.

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:star::star::star::star::star: Overall
:star::star::star::star::star: Vision
:star::star::star::star::star: Originality
:star::star::star::star::star: Technique
:star::star::star::star::star: Impact

The different elements of this piece are very well incorporated. It has an almost natural flow for the viewers eye to follow. The shades and shadows are blended nicely and it all looks very realistic. The faint stars in the top right corner were a nice touch. The pyramids (if that's what they're called) are very intricately drawn, especially the first one. The fade-out effects with the pyramids in the background are well done. Your use of scale is good and seems on target. The tree and river in the foreground are very detailed and when mixed with the darkening sky help create a sort of frame for the lighter pyramids and sunset/rise portion. All in all, this is a very nicely done piece that helps transport the viewer into an entirely different time.
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five stars is a bit lenient. some of the rendering is rather sloppy, which leads to the buildings looking like they might be made of legos. the atmospheric perspective also leaves something to be desired. otherwise nice.
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I really appreciate you taking the time to write these. Thanks again!
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No problem. I think your art is amazing. :)
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very nice artwork

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Splendid artwork! You've got a deft style and a very good hand at details.

Please pardon me asking, but would you by any chance be interested in helping out the volunteer project known as the Ninth Age (T9A for short: )? It is the spiritual successor of Warhammer Fantasy, run by 300+ volunteer contributors all tinkering in their spare time, and it aims to go even further than Warhammer did along the paths of historically based dark fantasy smörgåsbord setting:

T9A is all about cultural fantasy races, and even after Saurian Ancients (WHFB Lizardmen:…  from Lustria's jungles: ) have claimed the Mayan and Aztec styles for themselves, there are a lot of mileage left for fantasy peoples based on Pre-Columbian American cultures.

In the Ninth Age's historically based fantasy setting, the equivalent of South America (Virentia) sport its Andes (Wrathful Mountains), all unclaimed as of present. We're currently brainstorming about a new concept, namely Andean fantasy Dwarves. We'd love to see as many Pre-Columbian-interested artists' very own interpretations of this fantasy concept as possible, and your distinct artworks would be great to have onboard!

If you would like join up for some artistic brainstorming, then the relevant upload places are both the gallery ( ) and the Incan Dwarf thread (… ). Otherwise I can just act the middleman and upload any donated concept artworks of yours over on the Ninth Age, naturally with credit and linking to you being duly given.

If you would by any chance be interested in donating artworks of yours for concepts, then here is a quick guide for T9A gallery upload of art contributions:

At any rate, masterful artworks! Evocative to boot, and coloured like a dream. Have a nice day. :)
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Do you mind if I use this as a character sheet like This?
With credit in the corner of the image and in the description, of course!
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Hi, thanks for asking, but please refrain from re-using the piece. Thanks!
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Hi, thi is Atmajay.
I'd like to post an article in FB regarding the 5th Dimension or the coming Golden Age.
As soon as I saw your painting I became speechless.
I'd like to know whether I can use it in my FB article and, of course, by mentioning your name and puttiong a link to your website as well.
Please, anwer as soon as possible.
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Hi, sorry, yes, feel free to use it. My FB art page is Juan Carlos Barquet, you can link to it-
This is amazing work! I suck at backgrounds, if only I had this kind of talent! Dammit!
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Beautiful creation of the past! Well done!
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Great artwork!
Would you mind if I use this one as a slide background (for "The Golden Age of JavaScript")?
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Hi, sorry but I can't allow that.
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