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'Danny And Scooter' 001 by jcbaggee 'Danny And Scooter' 001 :iconjcbaggee:jcbaggee 1 2
Doctor Who US -- Teaser 2
          INT. CHURCH -- DAYTIME
          A large number of well dressed people sit in pews.  A bride
          and groom stand at the front of the room.  From the left
          side of them, THE DOCTOR leaps up to the pulpit.
                              THE DOCTOR
                    Hello, everyone!  My name is The
          A woman near the middl
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Doctor Who US
Male.  Appears to be early to mid 30s.  Long, brown hair; clean shaven.  Dressed to a tee, in a three piece black suit and tie with a dark red dress shirt; his suit jacket has a similarly colored red lining.  Occasionally wears a black overcoat.  Carries a silver cane with a small to medium sized crystal on it's tip.  When we meet this Doctor, he has been alive for an indeterminate amount of years, and which incarnation he is in is not immediately revealed.  He is growing jaded with the human race; having spent years saving them but seeing them continue to fall time and time again into the same rut, he's begun to question his lot in life.  He is stodgy, often frustrated with beings who doubt him and extremely rigid with upholding the laws of time, but at the same time the air of the old, fun loving Doctor lives on somewhere within him.  Puts too many toppings on hi
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At Great Consequence...
When Maxwell had called me and urged me to come with great haste, I must admit I was rather perplexed.  But upon arriving at the address he had cryptically given me, it was clear that he had remembered my recent extracurricular activities.  As I swung open a door made of old, rotting oak and covered in peeling red paint, the smell in the air filled my nostrils, a scent that most would find displeasing but I find myself enthralled with nonetheless.  It's difficult to describe it's sickly sweet stench that rises and wafts through the air, but it is nonetheless clearly the smell of death.
Maxwell did not explain where it came from, he merely polished the medallion on his breast with the sleeve of his coat and looked away as I set about my work, quickly ripping off the layers of clothes to reveal it's pale flesh to the stark moonlight.  Peeling back it's eyelids, I flash a small penlight at pinpoint pupils, but the thing beneath me does not move.
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Desktop As Of Aug 09 by jcbaggee Desktop As Of Aug 09 :iconjcbaggee:jcbaggee 0 0 Techpriest Inked by jcbaggee Techpriest Inked :iconjcbaggee:jcbaggee 1 0 Techpriest Inked, Colored by jcbaggee Techpriest Inked, Colored :iconjcbaggee:jcbaggee 0 0
ZyuRanger Episode 1
          EXT. STREET -- DAYTIME
          A long, straight road with a distant curve going into some unseen
          section of town.  From around the corner, heading towards
          the camera, is a rather large parade.  One of the balloons,
          the biggest of them all, is of TYRANO, THE RED RANGER.
                    And coming in now we see a float of
:iconjcbaggee:jcbaggee 0 0
The Man Who Runs
His muscles flex, strips of bulging, sinewy muscles throbbing underneath his loose robes as he stretches. As his bends his arms, twisting and stretching as he has many times before these past many yeas, he recalls the adoring eyes of the public, the joyous roar of the crowd screaming his name. He kicks his foot, a puff of dust coming up around the trampled dirt beneath him. For years, he has run for his King, for his Queen, for the entertainment of millions, but today is different.
The voices, the horrid terrible voices laugh their tinny laughs as he picks up his legs and begins to move, darting between trees, leaping over the soft underbrush, propelling himself deeper and deeper into this forest. He coughs and shakes his head, trying not to think of the slab of hard dirt not far from here where he found his King, laying there beneath the stars with the bar wench he had so often favored.
(And the voices, oh the loud, wretched voices, moan to him “RUN!!”)
How he had dreaded th
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Heart Break
Thomas Hopkins finished sucking the sore tip of his finger as the machine in front of him spat out a small slip of paper. The Death Machine, a device rare when he was born yet now has become common and capable of being found anywhere in the world, beeped and whirred before finally resetting. He reached out and grabbed the paper, flipping it over to look at its nearly bare face. Written across it in a small font was a single cryptic phrase…
Thomas shook his finger absentmindedly as he walked away from the machine, pondering the response it had given him. He crumpled up the slip of paper and shoved it haphazardly into the pocket of his long coat as he walked out the door of the doctor’s office, and found his hand grazing against the other paper he had received. He blinked slowly as he walked down the street, visualizing the paper in his head and praying it was different. Brain Tumor. Fatal. Only a few weeks to live. It was ironic, he couldn’t help but th
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Origins of The Paladin, Act 1



The wind blew softly through the autumn shades of a lonely tree on the street, as a young boy pressed hard up against it, leaving indentations of the bark on the palm of his hand.  He is only 8 years old, and is standing as if he is trying to hide from God himself, moving only to brush away the leaves that were falling off his striped polo shirt.  He eerily inches toward the edge of the tree as only a child can, squinting his eyes as he leans into the wind, when he heard her voice in the distance.
“I found you Connor!!”
He had, yet again, misjudged where she would be coming from, as a beautiful girl, not much younger than him, bounded over the small hill beside the tree and raced down towards him.  Connor gasped sharply and fled, running away from the tree that just a second ago had made him feel as if he was safe from the w
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'The Window', For Zoey
Another day, as the sun rises up
Her work ready to begin
She bounds excitedly from the bed
And faces the morning with a grin
The world is her canvas
Its people, her toys
With camera firm in hand
She captures there sorrow and joy
The smiling of a child
The sky full of birds
The ground covered in flowers
The things for which there are no words
Her eyes wide with joy
Her heart heavy with pride
She snaps their greatest moments
And the deepest emotions inside
With her day at an end
Her world darkened by the setting sun
She returns to her home
Her long day finally done
And so she lays back in bed
Her life a little more whole
The world knows her as Zoey
Her eyes are a window to our souls.
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Alone -- Where Did You Go? by jcbaggee Alone -- Where Did You Go? :iconjcbaggee:jcbaggee 0 10
Wiik Sauce No. 100 Script
#100 – NOM NOM NOM
Panel 1.  Chris lays on the ground, bloodied and beaten.  Ken stands over him triumphantly.
Jeez, didn't we just do this?  C'mon already.
Panel 2.  Chris weakly turns his head to look at Ken.
Its ok.  You can admit it.  You're just a great big wuss.
Panel 3.  The camera raises up to show Ken, standing against the sky, in his victory posed.  Arm up, face towards the sky, triumphantly screaming.
I am the greatest!!  Nothing can defeat me!
Panel 4.  Blankoon leaps on Ken's face and begins chomping on him.
Ah!  What the fuck!?
VEGA (o.s.)
Shit Balrog, there he is!  Get that turquoise prick before...
Panel 5.  Chris is still beaten, laying on the ground.  Vega and Balrog find themselves standing by Blankoon, who is mauling Ken.
...whoa.  Didn't I tell you to kill hi
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'The Paladin' Shirt Design by jcbaggee 'The Paladin' Shirt Design :iconjcbaggee:jcbaggee 2 0 Empty by jcbaggee Empty :iconjcbaggee:jcbaggee 1 2

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Against all odds, I managed to finish the six issue first volume of my comic, "Saviour".

Now I just have to edit it, tighten it, and find an artist despite the fact that I'm functionally destitute.

No biggie.
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