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About Traditional Art / Student Jolene C.Female/United States Group :iconwhimsical-wonderland: Whimsical-Wonderland
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Chiruko Kennai

Chiruko Kennai, nicknamed Chiro, is a 17 year old Fuirmoki from a Tree-top Furmese village in southern Tray. He is short, standing approximately 4 foot 6 inches, has red fur with tan markings, wide, bright green eyes, and a friendly smile serving as his default expression. He wears a short blue cape that drapes over his shoulders and his small, red-speckled wings. Chiro has huge pointed ears which he decorates with clay bead earrings. He has a pair of short red-tinged horns atop his head as well. His form gives the overall impression of a kind yet slightly devilish creature.
This observation is only half true. Although he is sometimes a bit mischievous, there is hardly a devil in him. Chiro is kind, loyal, and optimistic about nearly everything. He’s very talkative and friendly, but socially awkward. He’s known to grow attachments to other people very quickly, and then refusing to leave their side. His memory probably would be the best if it we
:iconjcartspace:JcArtSpace 2 1
Chiruko Kennai by JcArtSpace Chiruko Kennai :iconjcartspace:JcArtSpace 3 3 COMM: Zombie Dog by JcArtSpace
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Draw my OC Shiver contest (ART | CORE) [CLOSED]
Woot! A contest?
Yes that's right! A contest to celebrate reaching 3000 watchers!
I've been od Deviantart for almost 5 years now, but could you believe that last year at 18th of May I had... 37 watchers?! So using this occasion I'd love to thank them for being here for all this time! Arrow left 
I've always wanted to make my own contest >w< now there's some good occasion for that!
If you're interested, please read the rules carefully and most of all - have fun!
Fox emoji - play 
My first 37 watchers! Thank you guys!
:iconmartith:Martith 167 372
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The Tortoise and the Toad
Phil Flyman was a grumpy, old toad.
He lived on a lake by a barren, dirt road.
One day a tortoise was walking slowly by,
but stopped mid-step when Phil ate a fly.
“Why Mr. Toad, did that fly deserve to be eaten?”
“He buzzed like he was an annoying, little cretin.”
“Well you ribbit and croak, but still get to live.
What makes your life more valuable than his?”
“I ate him also for me to survive,
same as you eat the grass to stay alive.”
“The grass may heal and keep growing back,
but the fly is just dead and no more than that.”
“If he didn’t die then I would instead,
and I’d rather the fly than me be dead.”
“I’m certain the fly’s opinion there would differ,
but I wish your life long and your death swifter.”
:iconkadreshi:Kadreshi 2 6
The Sparrow
A sparrow sat on the edge of a nest today.
Behind her a warm breeze blew.
At times I feared she would fly away,
But she had no desire to.
Calmly she perched upon the branch so narrow.
Darkness then took over daylight.
Consciously I thought of this small sparrow,
Dreaming then of her as I slept that night.
Eventually I knew that we two would part,
For life is full of winds of alteration.
Except I too knew that she flew into my heart.
Flying away meant devastation.
Gosh it seems like yesterday… that she was my little girl.
Gracefully now she’s flying off alone… into the world.
:iconkadreshi:Kadreshi 5 6
A Rock by the Sea
I found a rock by the sea,
and ran my fingers on its surface.
It was smooth.
It was thin.
I held it in my hands.
It was beautiful.
I rose it high,
and I kissed it.
I pressed my treasure to my chest.
I felt as though I could have it;
I could keep it forever.
In my life, however, such a treasure wouldn’t last.
It would always be of immense value to me,
but how, if I couldn’t let it hold the weight of my issues,
could I keep such a treasure to myself.
I lifted my arm,
and I cast the rock into the sea.
:iconkadreshi:Kadreshi 2 0
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JcArtSpace's Profile Picture
Jolene C.
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
Hi there! Welcome, I'm a socially awkward young artist who loves to draw all kinds of animals and fantastical creatures.

I'm not actually very active on DA anymore, so please consider following me on Instagram, Facebook, and Tumblr. Thanks!

You might be here to give me a llama. I'm not particularly fond of llamas, so why don't you show your support by favoriting, commenting, or watching me? Thank you!

Traditonal Art Commissions!*UPDATES*CURRENT GOAL: $100
GOAL STATUS: $12/$100
:GOAL PURPOSE: Mostly just to see if I can do it. I will likely be using the money to commission other artists and pay for my art supplies.

I accept:
La jumping in Points and PayPal (1999-2007) Icon 
Please read my ToS Agreement before commissioning!

Paypal and Points

Bullet; GreenHeadshot and Bust = 500Points/5 USD
Bullet; GreenHalf Body = 900Points/9 USD
Bullet; GreenFull Body = 1

F2U Flower Divider by FoxxFires

My current profile picture is by ScytheaAndLanarkine ! Thanks, guys!


I wrote a scene where Raven gets fed up with everyone's shenanigans and starts bossing people around like an annoyed parent. Really turns her prior characterization on its head but somehow doesn't seem too OOC? Eh, I'll let fully-awake me and maybe Beta-readers decide. I like the scene but I'm not sure if it suits her. She apparently has a mother mode that turns on when she's worried about and irritated with Lisa at the same time. 
Speaking of Amino. I'm a member of two private ones. One is roleplay focused while the other is writing focused. I'm the leader of the roleplay one and I'm going to say right now that you don't have to be a roleplayer for me to let you in; it was really just an attempt to get all of my friends into one place for me to talk to and a lot of my friends roleplay.
Hey guys! I think I've said this before, but I'm not going to be very active on DeviantArt at all. I'm not sure if I'll ever be quite as active here as I used to be. Anyways, I have a list of all my other social media sites, all of which I'm much, much more, well, social on. Please consider giving me a follow on any of them. Thanks!

I have a facebook too, but it won't let me share a proper link and I can't promise a lot of activity on Facebook either. Again, I have an Amino and I'm occasionally active on Furry Amino and Art Amino.
I’d like TDL to be either 21 pages long or 24 pages long. That way, I’d have three or four parts that are of a decent length and equal to one-another.

Don’t mind me, just being picky.



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So, this is definitely weird, but I passed out on the bridge yesterday (this happens sometimes, not the weird part), and had a dream that, for whatever reason, you made a secondary account under the name "Namorean" (pronounced NA-mo-reen). I think you were a bird or a gryphon on it. I think is was mostly black and red, and described as playful. Not sure anymore, though. I honestly don't remember what you used it for. I think roleplaying as the critter? I just checked, and the account doesn't seem to exist, but that's probably not a surprise.

I honestly have no idea where that dream came from, but since you were kinda in it I figured I'd tell you about it. '^v^
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