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Tower of the Infinite Staircase (With Grid)

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Tower of the Infinite Staircase
One and a half levels of the Tower of the Infinite Staircase, a structure of unknown origin with landings on every plane in the multiverse, suspended in the mists between worlds.
RPG Battle Map / Encounter Map

Inspired by the painting "tong tian ge"…
by wanbao

Designed to be printed on two 13x19 pages. Download for full 200 dpi resolution. If you need to resize any of my maps, download the "No Grid" version and tweak to your desires.

Usage: Personal and non-commercial. Usage is based on the most restrictive licensing of the component pieces of this battlemap.


Concrete & Wall Textures
by Antti Lehtinen…
Usage: "You can use them freely in both personal and commercial projects but you are not allowed to sell them."

Granite, Light Grey…
by Bill Scott

Seamless Smooth Concrete
by Dmitriy Chugai…
Usage: "All images are taken by my own cameras and edited by me. They are free for commercial and non-commercial use with the only limitation: you are not allowed to sell or distribute original or slightly modified images alone or in packs. You can only distribute them as an integral part of your product. Credit if it is possible."

Gas Plume From a Newborn Star in the Orion Nebula…
by C.R. O'Dell (Rice University), and NASA


Bogie.Rug 135
by Bogie
Dundjinni Forums Objects & Textures…
Bogie-DJ Deviant Art Gallery…
Cartographer's Guild: Mapping Elements, Starting with Preset Tables and Chairs…
Usage: "I have posted most of my map elements free to use any way you want in the maps you create. I would like to be credited for them if they are a significant part of the map, but not necessary if they are only a minor part of the map. My only restriction is that they cannot just be repackaged, or redistributed or sold just as they are, as map elements."

Rug (rug.png)
by Wolfboy (via…

Shelves & Map Table
dm142.Map Table.png
dm142.Bookshelf 1
dm142.Bookshelf 2
dm142.Bookshelf 4
dm142.Bookshelf 5
by ~dm142/Matt…

Demon Offering Statue 08 Neyjour.png
by Neyjour/Christina Roberts
Usage: "For non-commercial use only. Sharing/redistribution of this file is permitted as long as you do not alter the zip or its contents in any way. Mods intended for sharing/redistribution are permitted, but you must credit me and send me a link so I can see what you've done. Mods that are shared/redistributed must also state that they are for non-commercial use only."

Fountain, Banner, & Chair
by Greytale
Greytales RPG Map Elements (
Usage: "All content within these galleries are the property/copyright of and Greg Taylor. Additional items credited to an individual or organization are the copyright of their respective owner. The content may be used for Personal/Private use only, and may not be redistributed, modified, or used for commercial purposes without permission. If you wish to modify, use them commercially, or distribute them as a free pack, please notify us of their intended use at either (greytalesnook at or post within the Commercial Request board on the Nook Forums."

Alchemist's Desk (ZEC_MadAlchemist1_Desk_cis.png)
by Cisticola/Gary…
Usage: (from DeviantArt Site) "I produce my art for my game, so feel free to use them in yours. All I ask, is that if you use them for any other reason, you just give me the credit for making them, a small price to pay."
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Fantastic maps!  I agree with Neyjour, the floors are really cool!
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These are really great!  Love all the wonderful details inside, but you did an outstanding job with the wall and floors.  Excellent!  :clap: :)