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The Ultimate Showdown by CirriCore
Yamamoto Returns by goldenpurpled
Jackie chan share face by NickNinja02
Jackie Chan Adventures by NickNinja02
Fan Fictions
Float like a butterfly |Prologue| JCA FFSummary: As Jackie arrives in a small town in South Urals for excavation, he and his family are met by all sorts of supernatural creatures, from malevolent ghosts and lake monsters to dragons and mysterious winged demon. But, this time monsters are the ones who need to be saved. Characters: Jackie Chan, Jade Chan, Uncle, Tohru (belong to creators of "Jackie Chan adventures") Original charactersWarning: mentions of eating disorders, violence, substance abuse. __________________________________________________________________________________ PrologueThe sun has set, and a pale rainbow of dusk sky reflected in small salt lakes scattered across the valley. Lines of lanterns and colorful garlands stretch along the street of tiny souvenir shops and spa salons. Tourists and local residents wandered paved walkways, coming back from the evening dance party. People were too busy talking to each other, discussing house chores and high prices in the spa, to notice three small silhouettes dashing towards lilac bushes in dim light. One of these shadows stopped before a high metal fence, separating the town from heavily wooded pine hills. Street light shone on a twelve year old boy, with hair so short telling its color. Tan skin was covered in scratches, scars and insect bites. Child's blue eyes were heavy and bloodshot. Two other boys appeared from around the corner, following each other closely. The first one has ash blonde hair and the same heavy, absent stare. He was clearly the oldest in the group. Another one was a short tatar with a black eye and messy hair, fresh out of a fight. The three looked at each other silently and dove into a hole in the fence. They followed a narrow path half covered in pine needles and leading to the top of the hill. Small tatar boy directed his flashlight under his feet looking for other footprints. After a second he changed direction, turning towards a bunch of dead bushes. The rest of the group followed, gesturing secret signals to each other. Suddenly, the boy stopped. "Hey! Arthur!" blond upperclassman shouted, pushing him in the back. The boy only shushed at the others, pressing index finger to his lips. Something was moving deeper in the woods, stepping on thick branches, cracking them loudly and huffing, getting closer… The boys froze solid, having heard about vicious brown bears roaming in the woods. The huffing got closer, bushes right in front of the boys separated, and they saw… "Kazbek, holy crackers!" the blond exclaimed. Tall, chubby boy in a baggy sports costume stood before them, his long black hair all messy and covered in pieces of dry leaves and pine bark. "What are you guys doing here?" Kazbek questioned, breathing heavily. "The same thing as you, I suppose", Arthur replied, shrugging carelessly. "Yeah, no, get outta here, guys", Kazbek hissed. "Your stupid bullying campaign is going to turn around and bite your bums, I'm sure! Ellie almost broke my jaw for putting minnow in her drinking bottle, y'know!""What are you doing near Sweet's house, then?", blond asked, narrowing his eyes. "Asking for forgiveness, like a sappy little princess you are?""Don't you worry, pal!" the bald headed boy reassured Kazbek. "A little fun never hurt anyone. Now, we're just going to tal-"He suddenly became silent. The boys heard quiet weepings coming from deeper woods. The three sprinted in the direction of sound, kicking pine needles and breaking small branches as they went. Kazbek grunted, irritated, but followed the group. Soon enough, the path came to a dead end. The boys were at the edge of a small ravine, and right under their feet, there was a black maw of a cave. The boys rolled down the slope and peeked inside. The cave was empty, only charred logs lay in the middle of it. The walls were covered with inappropriate doodles and names of people who visited the cave before. But the sobbing still echoed against the walls, although it was hard to say where they were coming from. Then, as if someone wanted to give the group a hint, a loud metal bang came from under their feet! The blond grabbed Arthur's flashlight and pointed it at a large square stone slab. It had a dent on the side, suspiciously resembling a door handle. Kazbek, as the largest and the strongest, pulled the stone up, but it gave up very easily, as if it was made out of hollow plastic. The door was hiding a deep round well with a metal ladder. The boys shone their flashlights down the hole, but all they could see was a wet stone tile on the bottom. Arthur started his descent first. Stepping on the bottom of the well, he saw a narrow entrance opening into a massive corridor going even deeper underground. It wasn't a Cold War bunker, but rather something even older. The walls were made out of stone bricks, decorated with fancy torch holders. "Wowzees! I wonder who lived here?" Kazbek said to himself, looking up at the ceiling with metal vent covers, as a cloud of steam from his mouth went upwards. "Good old Baba Yaga!" one of the boys replied."More like Koshchei the Deathless," Kazbek corrected. "Looks like a castle dungeon!"Echo carried the cries again, louder and clearer this time. Bald headed boy picked up half rotten piece of torch and knocked against the holder. The ringing sound spread across the dungeon, and the cries ceased. The boy sprinted down the corridor, and just after a second, loud, blood chilling female shriek came back, almost rendering the rest of the group deaf. The boy lied on the ground, pale with horror.— What's the screaming all about, Christina? — the leader hissed. — I had a sizable heart attack here! Bald headed girl Christina coughed and pointed ahead of her. The corridor ended with a big chamber filled with desks and cabinets. Various jars stood on the shelves, filled with the most disgusting and unbelievable things: human fetuses with goat legs, snakes with cat heads, foals with fish tails. Large skeleton hung on several metal chains from the ceiling. Big, dinosaur-like head, four massive legs and huge wings. A dragon! But it wasn't the one who scared Christina. At the opposite wall there was a stuffed animal. Huge, covered in dusty, coarse, black scales, beast stood on its hind dragon-like legs. It had the head of a bald cat, ears of a bat, warts of a toad, mane of a lion, eyes glowing like headlamps, and five limbs. The fifth paw grew right on the tip of its tail. And, as if it wasn't enough, the creature had two pairs of giant wings. But not feathery wings of a bird, or leathery of a dragon. It had butterfly's wings. The higher pair was chocolate brown with jagged white stripes, the lower one was red with black and blue eye pattern. The beast had a collar on, with a gem, shining like its eyes, scattering rainbow reflections across the room. "Holy cow, guys!" Christina yelled. "Those are opals! I'm rich!"She pulled out a pocket knife. "So that's how you were going to talk to Sweet, huh?" Kazbek asked strictly, even though he already knew the answer. "I'm not very excited to go to juvenile prison!" the blond uttered and tried to take the knife away, but Christina was already standing on the top of a foldable ladder and reaching for the collar. "I think it belongs to the museum!""And maybe it is a museum's basement," Kazbek added. "It's not," Arthur chimed in. "Look at this!"He took a stone out of a box on a table, then he pulled a small shoehorn out of his pocket and slightly knocked it against the stone. The shoehorn started to change colors, turning from copper to solid gold. "That's a philosopher's-"Boom! The boys whipped their heads around to see Christina lying next to a fallen ladder. Next second, she was on her feet, wielding her knife. "That is not funny, Kazbek!" she shrieked. "Wha- why me?" the chubby boy looked at her, confused. "You pushed the ladder!""No, I didn't!""Did you take- you know what today, Christina?" Arthur asked. "The pills killed Anton just months ago, wasn't that a sufficient motivation?""You saw him pushing the ladder!" Christina insisted, walking closer, dangerously close, still with a pocket knife pointing at Kazbek. The leader quickly got behind her back and grabbed her arms, tying them behind her, and dragged screaming girl across the floor towards the exit. "We're going to breathe some fresh air until the pills wear out!""Trashy," Arthur said somberly. He pressed his steel pectoral cross against the philosopher's stone, watching it turn into gold. Kazbek reached into his pocket, looking for prepacked chicken sandwich he took from home, but the pocket was empty. He did remember the feeling of plastic against his hand seconds ago! Another cry pierced the darkness of the dungeon. Kazbek also shrieked on the top of the lungs. Arthur froze and turned around, scanning the walls. The crying person was clearly in the same chamber! "Hey, S-Sweetie! Please, stop joking like that!" Kazbek murmured. "Look, I'm sorry, what I did was wrong. L-let's just come back to the surface together and maybe forget about it, okay?"There was no response. Then Kazbek felt as Arthur tugged at his jacket. He was as pale as Arctic ice, his finger pointing at the wall where the creature was. There was a little girl, sitting, thin, bony arms around her scratched knees. Kazbek remembered her differently the last time he saw her at school months ago. Now she looked as if someone has stretched bloodless gray skin on a human skeleton. Kazbek could see each bone, but barely any muscle. The girl was weakened and emaciated, probably hadn't eaten in weeks! So that's what she was sick with, he thought. Was… As the human figure before them obviously was a ghost, sitting on the ceiling above the spot where the stuffed creature stood. The monster was gone. Seeing that her cries got the boys' attention, the apparition elongated its neck and turned it on one hundred eighty degrees. One flash of light, and, instead of a girl, there was a black chimera, hanging on metal vent covers. In a quiet, out-of-breath voice, as dry as desert sand, the creature spoke. "You… aren't… go… ing… any… where!"
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Mature Content

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Jade Chan - Glasses by XD-e-R-r-A-C-i-A-zX Jade Chan - Glasses :iconxd-e-r-r-a-c-i-a-zx:XD-e-R-r-A-C-i-A-zX 5 0 Jade Chan surprised by XD-e-R-r-A-C-i-A-zX Jade Chan surprised :iconxd-e-r-r-a-c-i-a-zx:XD-e-R-r-A-C-i-A-zX 5 0 Jade Chan and future Jade by XD-e-R-r-A-C-i-A-zX
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Jade Chan and future Jade :iconxd-e-r-r-a-c-i-a-zx:XD-e-R-r-A-C-i-A-zX 15 1
Jackie Chan Adventures BD by Ookamiokoto Jackie Chan Adventures BD :iconookamiokoto:Ookamiokoto 8 5 Hak Foo: Jackie Chan Adventure by Komodo-Fisher Hak Foo: Jackie Chan Adventure :iconkomodo-fisher:Komodo-Fisher 60 34 Valmont by Mordor-in-love Valmont :iconmordor-in-love:Mordor-in-love 193 117 Loving Rivals Cover by Soraply11 Loving Rivals Cover :iconsoraply11:Soraply11 4 5 AT: Picnic with TxS by Soraply11 AT: Picnic with TxS :iconsoraply11:Soraply11 4 8 :AT: Sweets on the beach by Soraply11 :AT: Sweets on the beach :iconsoraply11:Soraply11 2 5 I get a pat from Torhu by Soraply11 I get a pat from Torhu :iconsoraply11:Soraply11 2 4






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Here is a group based upon Jackie Chan adventures and its many fans and OC makers So please enjoy!
It is also a little surprise gift to my dearest Friend TheLastUnicorn1985. :D
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:bulletblue:Be kind, be supportive, be professional. NO BASHING and NO BITCHING.

:bulletpink:No Porn - This is not the place for that. You can draw 'suggestive pieces' but be tasteful about it, example here: :
PLEASE put a 'Mature Content' tag on you work for our younger members!

:bulletpurple:No fetish art such as bloating, expansion, or super muscular. I have nothing against those fetishes, they're just not for this club! If you have a question about this type of submission, please note me :iconthelastunicorn1985:

:bulletred:ABSOLUTELY NO ART THEFT!!!:bulletred: No stealing other peoples' OCs or other peoples' pieces!

:bulletred::bulletorange::bulletyellow::bulletgreen::bulletblue::bulletpurple::bulletpink:And MOST importantly HAVE FUN!!:bulletred::bulletorange::bulletyellow::bulletgreen::bulletblue::bulletpurple::bulletpink:

An absolutely fabulous video made by one of our members, Miss :iconjames-li:
Please enjoy!… :bulletpurple:




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