As many are most likely well aware I haven't been the best when it comes to keeping up with this group. I personally haven't been keeping up with my personal deviantart as well. So I'd like to extend out an invitation for a new admin and quite possibly other co-founders. Just send the group a note if you are interested.

2/22/11 New group icon, thanks to Komodo-Fisher for the contribution!

*Since the group never had a proper introductory Blog I thought I'd write one*

Welcome to the JCAdventures group! We welcome JCA art and writings for all seasons. OCs are welcomed as well so long as it's clear that they relate to the show. You aren't required to submit any deviations as a member, but they are greatly appreciated by all our watchers. Yaoi and Yuri is welcomed. Mature works are accepted as long as they have the appropriate filter.

ALSO! No screen shots or images from the actual show. It is not art work that you made yourself.

Submitting art There currently is no limit to how many deviations you can submit. Please chose the appropriate folder when submitting your deviation(s). If you cannot find a folder or don't know which folder is best just ask yamirenamon in a note. *If we are lucky enough to have cosplay photos I'll gladly add a folder for it*


Sorry I haven't been keeping up with the group lately. I've been quite busy with college. I see that the group has gained quite a number of members and the gallery ig growing as well. I've (hopefully) fixed the submission settings to where you must put your works in the appropriate folders. I'm currently in the process of moving all the deviations to their new folders.
Also since we've got quite a good number of members I'm wondering if you are willing to participate in a contest if I hold one. And if so what theme should it be? comments/suggestions
I've been slowly but surely working on making folders in the group's gallery to help organize everyone's art. Right now I have only 3 folders. If everyone will please submit their works into the respective folders it would be much appreciated. To do so you select the folder in the top of the window when submitting anything new. Eventually I'll close off the Featured folder for members to submit to. But I'm going to keep it open for now until I've made enough separate folders to meet the group's needs. So if there's any folders that you feel need to be added, please feel free to suggest one or two.
So much for the contest. Maybe our group is too small to hold one just yet...

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