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Multifandom tarot card deck collab! Open 8/22Welcome to the multifandom tarot card deck collab!I have created a tarot card PSD for everyone to use for this collab. But if you don’t have photoshop, there’s a png of the tarot card at the bottom of this post.To claim a card, tell your username and what fandom you want.,Rules:Up to two cards per a person One fandom per a cardNo fighting over card or fandomsNo OCs allowedNo AI generate artIn the event of someone were to drop out of the collab for any reason, then another slot will be open for everyone.You can redo/remake your entry. You need to tell me first. Taken Fandom:PokemonLobotomy corpOmoriOK K.O five nights at Freddy’sBrutal LegendThe Owl HouseSonicSteven UniverseDead by Daylight Ghost and palsCupheadUndertaleRubbadubbers Card list:The Fool: @SammylovsherBF | UndertaleThe Magician: Mackncheezoffical | five nights at Freddy’sThe High Priestess: Maddygirl13 | Dead by Daylight The Empress: UserName | FandomThe Emperor: Cyberwolf7777 | Brutal LegendThe Hierophant: UserName | FandomThe Lovers: Basil_Simp | The Owl HouseThe Charoit: UserName | FandomStrength : @kyia7330 | OK K.OThe Hermit: UserName | FandomThe Wheel of Fortune : UserName | FandomJustice: Ventune | Lobotomy CorpThe Hanged Man : Basil_Simp | OmoriDeath: Thisanemoslime | Ghost and palsTemperance: UserName | FandomThe Devil: @TunesLooney | CupheadThe Tower: UserName | FandomThe Star: @FuntimeTails17 | SonicThe Moon: @Os-a-lot | Rubbadubbers20. The Sun: @kyia7330 | Steven Universe21. Judgement: @Maddygirl13 | Pokemon22. The World: UserName | Fandom Deadline: Nov 5thIf you have any questions, please let me know.PNG Template:, PSD:Message me for it
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Top 10 Jackie Chan Adventures Characters Meme by Frie-Ice
Daughter of Dragon Chapter 1Chapter 1 The Chan Clan In New York life flows peacefully people walk and live their life without problems but deep down something is secretly plotting an ancient and powerful evil that tries to return and dominate the whole world, but there will be those who will try to stop it, destiny for a young student is about to change forever.Alexia Pov. I headed to China Town with my suitcase, couldn't book a taxi due to the crowds so I had to walk, no wonder New York is considered "the big apple" I've never seen so many shops in one street and a bunch of people all on the sidewalks, but honestly Tokyo, my hometown, has nothing to envy to this city because it is the best in the world at least for me.It took me a full hour to find the neighborhood but in the end I discovered that "certainly China Town a street only for Chinese curiosities" I took the address of the "Uncle Chan's curiosity tent" that I kept in my pocket and checked in which street of China Town was a "fourth district, of China Town named 14" I put the address back in my pants pocket and left.My name is Alexia Munfrin I am 18 years old, fair complexion and short black hair with blue eyes, I am neither too thin nor too fat I have a fairly trained slender body and I am about one and a half meters tall and I am an American-Japanese of my father who was from Washington, I live in Japan in Tokyo, I am in New York because the school has started an intercultural project and I have chosen as a project to work in another state, I will have to spend three whole months in New York as a worker in a shop chosen by my institute, in this way not only will I have extra credits and then graduate but I will have the opportunity to work in the commercial field and also earn some extra money.It didn't take long to find the shop in question but I was disappointed seeing that it was just an old Chinese curiosity shop "okay" I said to myself "who knows maybe it's not so bad inside" I tried to convince myself, but as soon as I'm I walked in and saw a skinny old gray-haired gentleman with a pale complexion and wearing slightly baggy pants and a white shirt with a yellow jacket he was with a boy of about thirty or older and a girl of about ten.They were openly discussing something I didn't quite understand what it was, but I took courage and walked over to the counter and said "hello Mr. Chan" the old man turned to look at me and was surprised for a moment but then with a big smile he said "a customer hello to you, Jackie! show the young lady the best items in the shop" "no .. I" before I could explain he put various objects on the table "choose the one you prefer, let's start an authentic vase from the Ming dynasty or this and .. "I tried to stop him and let me explain, but just at that moment three guys entered the shop and they looked like three gangsters" welcome to uncle's tent, how can I help you "a boy dressed in white with red hair he came over and said "you and Jackie Chan the famous archaeologist?" "Well, let's say I'm interested in past civilizations" "we learned that recently he found an ancient shield in palaces Ludvic and our boss is interested in buying it " I don't know why but something tells me that he is not an art collector I thought "I'm sorry but I already donated it to the university" I immediately noticed his suspicious look, the red said "fine in this case" the others two left three precious vases against the wall, but Jackie grabbed them with agility, this was just a diversion, because they grabbed me and the child and pinned us to the ground "for the sake of his family I advise him to retrieve the shield "he said stroking my head" tomorrow at this time "I bit his hand making him yelp in pain and then I kicked the horse of the biggest and strongest making him fall to the ground, red gets angry and I try to slap me but Jackie he stops his hand grabbing it, before he could challenge him, Jackie gave him a dirty look, at which point the red man frees his hand and gives up but said "well see you tomorrow" then he turned to me and said " you will regret what you did brat "the three sene left with the oldest still a little sore.Later I introduced myself to them "hi my name is Alexia Munfrie I am the student of the intercultural project she joined" the gentleman called Uncle Chan or just Uncle said "this is impossible according to the calendar, the student has to arrive on Tuesday" Jackie context "but uncle today and Tuesday" the uncle checked and as soon as he saw that it was true he just said "aaah" I was a bit uncomfortable because of this whole situation but basically I don't have much choice, at that moment the uncle he approached me and gave me a broom and said "very well you can start working right away" I nodded and I gave the broom to clean the shop, at that moment Jackie came out of the shop but first asked his uncle to hide the shield do not let anyone find it, I was more confused than before about what we were talking about but above all why look for an old artifact, which had a particular value?I stayed at the tent sweeping the dust off the floor, it was very dusty, who knows maybe I became the cleaning lady, honestly I would have preferred to work at the cashier or take orders, but to my bitter misfortune I discovered that the shop did not even have a customer and therefore reduced pay, provided there is pay. I finished after I don't know how long and opened it to go to Nintendo pause, I took out my console and started playing, while I was playing I noticed that the baby was gone, but I don't worry much, maybe it was went with Jackie and her uncle.Get out of my mind when a giant big man walked into the shop and said "the shield?" he was looking for the shield too damn it must be another one of those bad guys, thinks Alexia thinks what can I do "the shield !?" he said nervously calmly I told him "but of course you must be one of those who wanted to buy it wait here" of course I had no idea where it was but at least I had gained some time to call for help. I ran to my uncle's room and closed the door behind me "what's going on?" "That a big man out here who wants a shield" "the shield is not important" said his uncle, at that moment the big man was behind the door and the background with half the wall "the shield" approached us with a heavy step, shit! I thought about how huge and impossible it was to break down in a hand-to-hand confrontation "went an ancient Chinese proverb that says when you have no way out, run !!!" I scream, I follow him on the fly and the big man follows us without giving up a moment. we managed to sow with luck and we hid in the bathroom "Uncle where is the shield?" "In the library, but as I said the shield is not important" "anyway we can't leave it here" carefully I left the bathroom and thanks to my uncle's directions I found the library and there the supposed shield was pure gold with various signs above it it with a strange stone ornament with the design of a chicken? strange, I turned around but there I found myself with the big man again "give me the shield" damn what do I do! I thought about looking for a way out of this situation.aI looked up and saw the little girl upstairs with a large vase pointing to the giant's head, I understood what to do, with a smile on her face I asked him "Excuse me, are you sure it's the right shield?" looks at me confused "yes" "you know we have many other ancient shields with decorations like this one, you are really but really sure it's just the right one" I noticed the confusion and doubt in his gaze that my plan was working "I would not like that his boss gets angry if we say that the case is not the right one, if he wants I can show him some others "he almost seems to believe it, which made me smile I distracted the big man enough, just enough time to allow the little girl to throw the vase full of water on the giant's head making him fall to the ground stunned and disoriented "or sorry I was wrong, it was just the right one" I said while trying to recover, this was the time to escape "let's go baby" "I'm Giada" I have it taken by the hand and we recovered the uncle and we went up to the ceiling "soon we must not let him take the shield" said Jade "I told you that the shield is not important" he repeats again, we went up to the ceiling when or I perceived them a presence as if there was someone else besides us, someone watching us "guys maybe it's better than ..." before I could even finish the sentence a group of black ninjas literally came out of nowhere and we surrounded "ninja this story is absurd" I said to myself, that big man was with them and said "deliver the shield" like shit and now what are you doing? There is no way out.Jackie Pov Thanks to Captain Black I was able to reach the uncle's shop where I saw the uncle and the girls in trouble "better get in on the action" Go up the emergency stairs just behind Tohru beckoning Alexia to throw me the shield she understood but first she said "do you want the shield? well take it" I throw it like a frisbi towards him, I jump over the shoulders of the big man and I intercepted him grabbing him at the first blow "Chan" exclaims Tohru I landed like a cat on my legs, but I I realized I was surrounded, well I had no choice but to face them I put the shield on my wrist to use it for self defense but from the fiery gaze of the ninja he told me that I would end badly, in fact the ninja attacked me one after the other and I am finished on the ground, at that moment I had only one choice "uncle!" I threw the shield at him and he grabbed it in time even though I saw it was about to fall from his hands but luckily it didn't happen.Alexia Pov "Uncle get out of here early" she nodded, the three of us ran to the elevator when a ninja grabbed the shield from his uncle's hands and managed to snatch it from his hands, I threw myself on him and grabbed the stone decoration came off, the decoration was in my hands !? damn it broke it! I thought, the ninja is next to the big man and handed him the shield, he smiles triumphantly and with the transmitter I call his friends "I got him" there a plane came for him, on the helicopter I saw the figure of one of those baddies was the red, I throw a ladder to which the big man clings and they ran away, when I turned I saw the ninjas disappear as if they were made of smoke I opened my eyes in complete shock "but how is it possible" I thought in disbelief it was like they weren't real.Shortly after the arrival of a helicopter with a bald man dressed in black named Augusto Black or Capitan Black, it took a while for him, but I'll explain the situation we found ourselves in and the events that were happening, we learned that that big man and those three are called Tohru, Finn (the red man dressed in white), Chow (the one with the yellow glasses) and Ratso (the robust, pale gray man) and they are part of a criminal organization called Hand of Evil led by a man named Valmont and for a long time in search of particular objects for a mysterious purpose "Jackie I'm sorry I put your family in this situation" "no don't worry but now the Hand of Evil has the shield" "ouch ouch ouch veil said that the shield is not important, the talisman that was embedded in it yes instead and in that talisman the real power" "don't worry Jackie we'll take care of recovering it" I approached with a sly smile and exclaimed " not be necessary ". take the talisman I put in my sweatshirt pocket "he peeled it off when the ninja tried to take the shield" Black took it and said calmly "thank you all, Section 13 will take care of keeping it safe""Ouch, first you have to understand what this talisman is for and what power it has or maybe some of you know something about magic, no, well I'll take care of it" said the uncle to Black taking the talisman from his hands "Captain Black can allow my uncle to find out exactly what it's for "" uh since you seem to know more than we do about these magical things I'll let you but I wish we worked together to capture the Hand of Evil "Jade gets excited and says" yes Jackie will enter Section 13 to defeat the bad guys "but Jackie said" no Jade we'll help if need be we won't go into Section 13 and don't think I'll get in trouble again or I'll send you back to Hong Kong right away "Jade I don't look happy at all, I smiled at the current situation and I thought this will mean my stay in NYC is not going to be as peaceful as I thought but basically it will just make it more exciting for me, even though there was still one thing I couldn't understand, those ninjas disappeared into null a as if they were smoke even if it was a smoke bomb they left no traces but instead it was as if they had never been there I wonder who or what they were?Third Person Pov. Tohru handed the shield to Valmont, a man Jackie's same age with long blond hair tied in a ponytail with light eyes, wearing a green coat with matching pants and black shoes. But his eyes were disappointed when he saw that the talisman was gone.
Bio: Shuang BaoshiName:Shuāng BǎoshíSpecies:Half-humanHalf- Ice DemonAge:17Hair:White (In Demon Form)Black (In Human Form)Skin:Pure White (In Demon Form)Tan (In Human Form)Efficiency:Chinese-AmericanParents:Lanfen Bǎoshí (Mother, Deceased) Bai Bīng (Father)Like:WinterAnimalsIce sculpturesDragoPeaceAnime/MangaVintage 90’s cartoonAncient ArchitectureDC ComicsDislikes:Extreme HeatFur ClothingSummerChaosMarvel ComicsModern ArchitecturePersonality:She is kind and generous. She doesn’t know how to feel about being part demon. She thinks that humans do more damage to the planet than the demons did. She is a bit too trusting.Friends:Drago: They have been friends since they were kids. Since they were both half-demons they got along. They had crushes on each other but acted on them because they thought it would ruin their friendship.Natural Acquaintances:Strikemaster Ice: He flirts with her, but she ignores him.DJ Fist: She respects his knowledge of metalwork.MC Cobra: She likes his style.Enemies:Shendu: She hates him because of the way he treated Drago.Chan Clan: She thinks they are too quick to judge demons and half-demon for what they are.Power/Abilities:Ice Magic: She can summon ice out of thin air and turn it into anything she can think of.Transformation: She can turn into her human form and her demon at will.Tai Chi: She spent years learning Tai Chi from her mother.Weaknesses:Extreme Heat: She is used to the cold and sweats extreme amounts of sweat to a point that she can pass out.
The Chans vs Top Dollar by ChowFanGirl12

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0222-1 (44) by dayada09 0222-1 (44) :icondayada09:dayada09 2 0 jackie chan adventures drago thunder demon 1 by Artmaster6778757 jackie chan adventures drago thunder demon 1 :iconartmaster6778757:Artmaster6778757 13 0 Jackie Chan Adventures BD by Ookamiokoto Jackie Chan Adventures BD :iconookamiokoto:Ookamiokoto 8 5
You're Only Daini Rate
You’re Only Daini Rate
A Jackie Chan Adventures Fanfiction
Written by Olmo in April 2016
Hello everyone. I’m happy to announce that the fledgling storyteller in me has been properly inspired after all these months. My educational responsibilities have eaten my time and energy, but now I have no excuse to neglect my inspirations.
When out of curiosity I watched in Youtube the video about a work of :iconunoservix:, "Trixie - You're Only Second Rate", I regained my interest in the original song: the infamous "You're Only Second Rate" sung by Jafar in The Return of Jafar. That song is one of my favorite Disney villain songs. Then it occurred to me that perhaps it could be applied to one of my favorite JCA villains: the also sophisticated and witty Tarakudo. But for whom he would sing that? As tempting as it is for me to make him humiliate several specific characters
:iconolmojv:OlmoJV 1 2
Secret Agents Jade Chan and Blunk the Passling by OlmoJV Secret Agents Jade Chan and Blunk the Passling :iconolmojv:OlmoJV 6 3 Hsi Wu the Sky Demon by TheBig-ChillQueen Hsi Wu the Sky Demon :iconthebig-chillqueen:TheBig-ChillQueen 20 22 Blank Jackie Chan Adventures Meme by brecelet Blank Jackie Chan Adventures Meme :iconbrecelet:brecelet 54 30 Jackie Chan Adventures: Hsi Wu by Vincent-Covielloart Jackie Chan Adventures: Hsi Wu :iconvincent-covielloart:Vincent-Covielloart 291 23 Shadowkhan Jade by WraithHtes Shadowkhan Jade :iconwraithhtes:WraithHtes 42 3 Jade Chan by WraithHtes Jade Chan :iconwraithhtes:WraithHtes 54 36 New Teacher Page 22 by Demorta New Teacher Page 22 :icondemorta:Demorta 27 25 Ultra Hot Sexy Pin up Teamup Meechi S and Lily B by alaer Ultra Hot Sexy Pin up Teamup Meechi S and Lily B :iconalaer:alaer 36 4 The Enforcer Rangers by Amber2002161 The Enforcer Rangers :iconamber2002161:Amber2002161 6 4 Jade and Paco in the tropics by asrialfeeple Jade and Paco in the tropics :iconasrialfeeple:asrialfeeple 76 16
Relics of the the twelve
Chapter 1 The relics of the twelve
6 months are gone after the fight between Shendu and Drago. The city is rebuilt even section 13 is new. The Ice crew are in lock up in a juvenile center just outside of town, the Enforcers and hak Foo turned to the good side and are section 13 agents while Finn, Rasto and Chow working at administration, Hak Foo is the trainer of the new recruits.
El Toro is teaching Paco the rules of Mexican wrestling, Viper already turned to the good side and is helping section 13 with a few missions, Jade is the last year of elementary school, Uncle is running his shop, Tohru a new full chi wizard and is helping Uncle in his shop and Jackie is an archaeologist. It's the night of Chinese new year, the Chan clan just celebrate it a few minutes ago.
Now it was 00: 30am in the morning, the chan clan is sleeping but not peaceful, everyone sleep is restless and turns from side to side except Jade. Jade dreamt she was defeating Drago and the Ice crew by herself before...
:iconalana-fox:Alana-Fox 8 27





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