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Risukuma Icon - AMITIE SPOTTED!!

By JBX9001
You all know the drill (or at least most of you do); busy week means no time to actually draw, which means I'll be uploading another icon to keep things going.  This time around I made an icon for Risukuma, another Puyo Pop character who I haven't drawn yet (icons don't take very long for me to make, after all).  While he is usually a calm and laid-back scientist, he tends to lose his cool whenever he gets very serious about his experiments, or as implied by the name of this icon, whenever he sees Amitie!  And the "Pedobear" jokes pretty much tell themselves at this point...Sweating a little...  At least he doesn't act like that to Ringo (who he is often hanging out with alongside Maguro), so it seems he's specifically into Amitie; not that it makes the situation less creepy!:o (Eek)

Use this icon all you want!

Risukuma is owned by SEGA/Sonic Team
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Me, a RisuAi shipper: a c c u r a t e
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Ehhh, not really seeing the relevancy here...

Eh, me neither. I just ship 'em.

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Amitie is Mad saysplz Go home, Risukuma! You're drunk!

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Risukuma: *deranged bear noises*

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When u see a thot
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Considering the icon's title, that could be implying Amitie is the thot in question...:(

That's probably not what you're going for though.:dummy:
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lol yeah, it's just meme when you see a eye glow
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Yeah, it's Puyo Puyo!
Sorry that's what I meant.
What happens in the game😅😂
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Ah, well specifically they're called "chains", so that's why I was confused at first when you said "combo".
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You know, I wonder if Risukuma and Witch get along? I mean, they're both potion brewers, and scientists. In Witch's case, in a manner of speaking, I suppose.
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I guess they might get along; they haven't shown the two interact much yet, but they do have a similar theme (with the differences being Risukuma practices traditional science while Witch creates magic potions).
Yeah, it's quite surprising that Risukuma and Witch haven't really interacted with each other as far as I know.

I imagine the two would teach each other about their work, Witch teaches Risukuma about magic (although HE'S quite skeptical of the whole concept) and Risukuma teaches Witch about the wonders of traditional science (which SHE finds somewhat boring).

What's more, I also imagine that with the two of them being so skilled in potion-making, they meet up every once in a while to have a big party with their potions, and end up nearly drunk the next day.

Along with that, I can see Witch initially trying (and failing spectacularly) to dissect Risukuma, but she eventually gives up on trying after many foiled attempts, courtesy of Ringo and Maguro.
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Sounds about right!

And oh gosh, you mean like when Klug accidentally got drunk off of Witch's potion in Puyo Puyo!! 20th Anniversary?!  I recall the worst thing he did while in that state was remove his shirt in front of Feli of all people, then suggest she do the same!  I can only imagine the terror that were to occur if Risukuma and Witch (ESPECIALLY the former) were to go crazy with the same stuff!:frightened:

I can see that happening, actually!
Yeah, I just feel like whatever Risukuma CAN'T prove or work with as scientific would be passed off as HOOPLA! (If you get the joke, you get a Puyo cookie!) to him. Likewise, Witch would probably find "real-world" science unbelievably boring to look into, at least when you consider that she works with MAGIC on a daily basis.

Oh, yeah...THAT happened to Klug. Also, YES. That is EXACTLY what I was referring to for Risukuma and Witch, BTW! Well, more so with Risukuma, who'd keep taking off his shirt, and Witch who'd be whooping and cheering!

I mean, Ringo and Maguro are some of his closest friends. I can imagine them wanting to keep him out of harm's way from Witch's wacky (and somewhat dangerous) experiments.
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"Sounds like a lot of hoopla to make over a little Puyo, doesn't it?  Heh heh heh- WROOOOOOONG!!"

The denizens of Primp Town (or Suzuran, either way), will never be ready for THAT!:o (Eek)

True; sorry for the late reply, by the way; been busy (during spring break!I think I've fainted.)
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Risukuma Icon - AMITIE SPOTTED!!:iconsaysplz: AMITIE! Found ya! *Notices Amitie with Arle and mistakes Arle as Amitie's big sister* Well, if it isn't Amitie and her big sister!
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Arle Icon - Seriously?<("Huh?  I'm not Amitie's sister...")

Cutie Amitie Icon<("Wouldn't that be so cool though?!")

Schezo Icon - I AM NOT A PERVERT!!<("Back off bear!  ARLE'S MINE!!  ......UH, I mean, her power is mine!")
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