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SuperMarioSplatoon Group Icon (Large Version) by JBX9001 SuperMarioSplatoon Group Icon (Large Version) :iconjbx9001:JBX9001 35 19 Art Trade - Loopin (for TheCatridgeTilter) by JBX9001 Art Trade - Loopin (for TheCatridgeTilter) :iconjbx9001:JBX9001 34 11 The Other Heroes (by Simonhenricksson) by JBX9001 The Other Heroes (by Simonhenricksson) :iconjbx9001:JBX9001 17 0 That's the Monster! ('Cept It Wasn't A Cute Girl!) by JBX9001 That's the Monster! ('Cept It Wasn't A Cute Girl!) :iconjbx9001:JBX9001 151 104 This Is A Voice Actor Joke by JBX9001 This Is A Voice Actor Joke :iconjbx9001:JBX9001 58 43 Content Warning Labels + Severity Meter by JBX9001 Content Warning Labels + Severity Meter :iconjbx9001:JBX9001 50 112 Sonic Icon - Well Well by JBX9001 Sonic Icon - Well Well :iconjbx9001:JBX9001 18 7 Greatly Disturbed Tiff Icon by JBX9001 Greatly Disturbed Tiff Icon :iconjbx9001:JBX9001 34 10 The Ultimate Embarrassment by JBX9001 The Ultimate Embarrassment :iconjbx9001:JBX9001 75 60 Describing Kirby by JBX9001 Describing Kirby :iconjbx9001:JBX9001 98 91 Over 100K Page Views Special - WUT IZ DIS SHITE?! by JBX9001 Over 100K Page Views Special - WUT IZ DIS SHITE?! :iconjbx9001:JBX9001 89 103 Mar10 Day 2018 by JBX9001 Mar10 Day 2018 :iconjbx9001:JBX9001 105 22 Sludge and Splatty 2 by JBX9001 Sludge and Splatty 2 :iconjbx9001:JBX9001 96 45 WHAT A FRAUD!! by JBX9001 WHAT A FRAUD!! :iconjbx9001:JBX9001 55 39 Ink Pasta for Mario DX by JBX9001 Ink Pasta for Mario DX :iconjbx9001:JBX9001 164 207 Leaf Green (JBX9001 - 2018) by JBX9001 Leaf Green (JBX9001 - 2018) :iconjbx9001:JBX9001 81 14
These are my latest uploads on the site so far. If these catch your interest, be a pal and check out the gallery while you're here (preferably the newer stuff)!


T r i g g e r e d  B o w s e r by pheonix548 T r i g g e r e d B o w s e r :iconpheonix548:pheonix548 7 6 Super Smug Toon Link by pheonix548 Super Smug Toon Link :iconpheonix548:pheonix548 10 8 All Three Adeleines by EndangeredCDs All Three Adeleines :iconendangeredcds:EndangeredCDs 146 12 Kirby Star Acquaintances: Marx's Big Break by HeroLinkTriforce Kirby Star Acquaintances: Marx's Big Break :iconherolinktriforce:HeroLinkTriforce 14 4 Doodle Time #4: Young Link and Friends Edition! by HeroLinkTriforce Doodle Time #4: Young Link and Friends Edition! :iconherolinktriforce:HeroLinkTriforce 20 3 OC Robotto by Pokkiu OC Robotto :iconpokkiu:Pokkiu 89 4 Elline again! by TheAdorableOshawott Elline again! :icontheadorableoshawott:TheAdorableOshawott 39 8 whoopsie doodles by TheAdorableOshawott whoopsie doodles :icontheadorableoshawott:TheAdorableOshawott 40 21 I am glad to see you again... by TheAdorableOshawott I am glad to see you again... :icontheadorableoshawott:TheAdorableOshawott 27 14 Some Words of Encouragement by Nintooner Some Words of Encouragement :iconnintooner:Nintooner 292 71 Amitie by Puyo-Pop-Fever Amitie :iconpuyo-pop-fever:Puyo-Pop-Fever 13 7 KING K. ROOL Has Come Aboard to Smash Ultimate! by MAST3R-RAINB0W KING K. ROOL Has Come Aboard to Smash Ultimate! :iconmast3r-rainb0w:MAST3R-RAINB0W 658 83 Morpho Knight by zlxcoco100 Morpho Knight :iconzlxcoco100:zlxcoco100 134 22 Summer Rain Miku by Pokkiu Summer Rain Miku :iconpokkiu:Pokkiu 163 14 I can't even do this right even if I wanted to by Palkachu I can't even do this right even if I wanted to :iconpalkachu:Palkachu 59 29 Press F to Pay Respects by Palkachu Press F to Pay Respects :iconpalkachu:Palkachu 51 18
If you're a friend of mine, you'll probably see your stuff here often. As for everyone else, just maybe you'll see something you drew within this collection; if so, you're welcome, keep up the good work!

Random from Super Mario JBX Fan Art

Let's-a... WOAH! by HeroLinkTriforce Let's-a... WOAH! :iconherolinktriforce:HeroLinkTriforce 15 6 Request Sheet! - Page 1 by Palkachu Request Sheet! - Page 1 :iconpalkachu:Palkachu 26 12 [GIFT] Maria! by Palkachu [GIFT] Maria! :iconpalkachu:Palkachu 20 3 Ingnite by HeroLinkTriforce Ingnite :iconherolinktriforce:HeroLinkTriforce 27 13 [AT] Splatoon JBX by Palkachu [AT] Splatoon JBX :iconpalkachu:Palkachu 28 18 Let the Show Begin! by HeroLinkTriforce Let the Show Begin! :iconherolinktriforce:HeroLinkTriforce 21 13 Kirby VS. Minus by hanakusterart Kirby VS. Minus :iconhanakusterart:hanakusterart 7 1 Maria and Mario by piyohthegenius Maria and Mario :iconpiyohthegenius:piyohthegenius 4 0 Recording at the Starfy Room! by PeppermintCandyArt Recording at the Starfy Room! :iconpeppermintcandyart:PeppermintCandyArt 9 5 :Gift: JBX9001 by Jack-Hedgehog :Gift: JBX9001 :iconjack-hedgehog:Jack-Hedgehog 16 5 A Birthday Gift for my Great Friend! by hanakusterart A Birthday Gift for my Great Friend! :iconhanakusterart:hanakusterart 7 1 Sketches: Random OCs from random deviants by Eternal-Apprentice Sketches: Random OCs from random deviants :iconeternal-apprentice:Eternal-Apprentice 13 19 Super sadistic Dario by Iwatchcartoons715 Super sadistic Dario :iconiwatchcartoons715:Iwatchcartoons715 19 25
Fan art of my comic series drawn by other artist here on DA! It's not too big now, but once the web comic starts, MAYBE I'll see more? That's up to you guys!



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The Greatest Quotes of Our Time!

"Hey Luigi! Stick with me, Bro, and we'll win this one together!" - Mario

"I don't give my name to scoundrels! Just watch as Luigi punishes you for your badness!" - Luigi

"You might know what I'm going to do; but that's not going to help you since I know everything YOU'RE going to do! STRAAAAAAAANGE, ISN'T IT?!" - Sonic the Hedgehog

"Is mayonnaise an instrument?" - Patrick Star

"Get out." - Gladion

"You wanna see what destruction looks like? Well here it is in human form! It's ya boi Guzma!" - Guzma

"SHOW ME YA MOVES!" - Captain Falcon


"Come back when you can put up a fight!" - Meta Knight

"I fight for my friends." - Ike

"The time has come for me to clear my reputation, by assaulting this young girl!" -Schezo Wegey


"And this battle shall be the delicious mustard of that bread. THE MUSTARD OF YOUR DOOM!" - Fawful

"I'll do my best! Andross won't have his way with me!" - Fox McCloud

"Can't let you do that, Star Fox!" - Wolf O'Donnell

"Go beyond! PLUS ULTRA!!" - All Might


Can you imagine how crazy it would be if the next main series Kirby game had something like THIS for an intro movie:

Yeah, maybe it'd be too long, but honestly I just want to share this video, it's so well done!
SuperMarioSplatoon Group Icon (Large Version)
Recently I noticed the Group, SuperMarioSplatoon has had no icon for the longest time now.  Since I frequent that place for my Super Mario & Splatoon related art, I figured I'd be a nice guy and draw the icon for the Group!  This was one of the pictures I promised to do before that whole laptop crashing situation, which is why I'm uploading it right away.  Of course, the dimensions typically need to be much smaller than this, but I figured I'll let Group's Founder download this image and resize it on his end (and he is the only one allowed to reuse the drawing by the way).  Additionally, the drawing can be considered a preview to a different picture I'm working on, so look forward to that sometime this week!  With all that said, I hope they like this!

Mario & Orange (Inkling Girl) are owned by Nintendo
Art Trade - Loopin (for TheCatridgeTilter)
This drawing was an art trade that is WAAAAAAAAAAAY overdue for TheCartridgeTilter.  In exchange for them drawing one of my OCs, Maggie Arcane, they asked me to draw their Octoling, Loopin, who is specifically based on a blue-ringed octopus.  And I just noticed her pose matches that of Olivia's artwork from Pokemon Sun & Moon.Sweating a little...  Not much I can say since they are someone else's character, but I do apologize for the long wait (even if it was due to something beyond my control).  I hope it looks good enough, and let me just say, in general, it feels good to be drawing again!

The image used to recreate Loopin:  Splatoon OC - Loopin the Blue Ringed Octoling by TheCartridgeTilter

Here's what TheCatridgeTilter drew for me:  Art Trade With JBX9001 ~ Maggie Arcane by TheCartridgeTilter

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Welcome to my DeviantART page! As you will notice right away, I'm a big fan of Nintendo, so most of my artwork will be based on it and a few other select third-party franchises. You'll also be able to view my web comic series, "Super Mario JBX" here, but there are plans to upload it on my YouTube channel and possibly other social media sites as well!

I wish to be as friendly and easygoing as possible on the site, so most longtime followers know I'm a goofy nerd. But provoke me and you'll see another side of me that isn't so pleasant. I'd rather not be an a**, so please act right while on my profile, gallery, Groups, or when talking with my followers.

I try to be active as much as possible, but I've got a relatively busy life, so there will be periods of time where I won't be posting anything or will be unable to reply to comments directed towards me. I make an effort to reply whenever I can though, so please be patient!

If you've been longing for a profile that features a plethora of Nintendo fan art without "mature" content all over it, this page is for you!

*How Awesome is JBX9001?*

"JBX9001 is living proof MS paint isn't always terrible" - Palkachu

"You got a great attention to detail yet you keep it to the point, with much flair and style that shines through in a most consistent, fun and warm way~" - SeriesArtiststarter

"It's MS Paint, but jam-packed with video games and humor. Definitely a must-try for gamers and nerds alike." - PeppermintCandyArt

Want to play video games with me? Then GETTA LOAD OF THISSS!:…

Other Sites you can find me on:



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Puyo Nexus Forum:…

Would you guys like to see me draw anime characters as well as video game characters? 

79 deviants said HECK YEAH HOMEBOI! *Sings "The Day" out of tune*
8 deviants said Naw, stick to being video-game exclusive... ...*Still sings "The Day" out of tune*


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Yep, thanks to Palkachu!:D (Big Grin) 

It's been great!  Feels good to finally be back on my laptop!  And the best part is, I managed to keep all my personal files, so I'm not back at square one!Red Link Shows School Spirit DJ Octavio - Party Time! Red Link Shows School Spirit 
TheAdorableOshawott Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh, how nice! :D

Hey, that's good to know! I'm glad that you kept your files there. Hope is the last thing that you lose, and I was pretty sure you would keep your files. :dummy:
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Yeah, it's a miracle!
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How come?  It's just showing how to make ramen.
JTGX2000 Featured By Owner Edited Aug 2, 2018  Student
It's not just showing how to make ramen, it's showing MORE THAN how to make ramen, maybe u didn't watch this video until the end
JBX9001 Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Can't say I did, sorry.
PrincessSofia254 Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2018  Student Artist
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You didn't have to, I'm not interested.
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