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These are my latest uploads on the site so far. If these catch your interest, be a pal and check out the gallery while you're here (preferably the newer stuff)!


Kick, Punch, it's all in the mind by Palkachu Kick, Punch, it's all in the mind :iconpalkachu:Palkachu 32 19 [AT] Puppoppies - Lloyd by Palkachu [AT] Puppoppies - Lloyd :iconpalkachu:Palkachu 16 2 Corrin Sketch by Miracely Corrin Sketch :iconmiracely:Miracely 7 9 Lifelight Will Change by Palkachu Lifelight Will Change :iconpalkachu:Palkachu 35 12 .:*An Evening At Bluefin Depot*:. by AmyRosers .:*An Evening At Bluefin Depot*:. :iconamyrosers:AmyRosers 159 23 Sonic and Lilac: Freedom Fighters by Digi-Ink-by-Marquis Sonic and Lilac: Freedom Fighters :icondigi-ink-by-marquis:Digi-Ink-by-Marquis 305 32 Ayumi Excited Icon by Magical-Icon Ayumi Excited Icon :iconmagical-icon:Magical-Icon 68 5 custom amiibo: classic/pixel sonic by WinderBlitz custom amiibo: classic/pixel sonic :iconwinderblitz:WinderBlitz 230 35 Joker from Persona 5 comes to SMASH BROS by MAST3R-RAINB0W Joker from Persona 5 comes to SMASH BROS :iconmast3r-rainb0w:MAST3R-RAINB0W 532 128 Ready for ULTIMATE! (#DrawYourRosterUltimate) by MAST3R-RAINB0W Ready for ULTIMATE! (#DrawYourRosterUltimate) :iconmast3r-rainb0w:MAST3R-RAINB0W 400 18 .:*The Ultimate Fight*:. by AmyRosers .:*The Ultimate Fight*:. :iconamyrosers:AmyRosers 162 32 Everyone is Here... by pheonix548 Everyone is Here... :iconpheonix548:pheonix548 32 4 Wish Maker by Miracely Wish Maker :iconmiracely:Miracely 19 11 Triforce Slash by pheonix548 Triforce Slash :iconpheonix548:pheonix548 16 3 Super Disruptor by UB25Artist Super Disruptor :iconub25artist:UB25Artist 3 11 Plucky Lil' Dinosaur by pheonix548 Plucky Lil' Dinosaur :iconpheonix548:pheonix548 18 8
If you're a friend of mine, you'll probably see your stuff here often. As for everyone else, just maybe you'll see something you drew within this collection; if so, you're welcome, keep up the good work!

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Finals week. And this time it's my "final finals week". I pass these and I graduate from college. Naturally I'll be gone for this week, so wish me the best of luck guys!
In case you've noticed I've deleted the newest drawing, don't worry. I just need to make some revisions due to... "An unfortunate revelation"...
Okay guys, listen. If you disagree with my opinion on who I'd like to see in Smash, that is totally fine. Opinions vary, and I wouldn't hate on anyone else.

If you inform me of news that's not in my favor regarding this, I'm okay with that too. I'll be bummed, but hey, the truth is the truth.

But DO NOT come out of nowhere when I'm asking someone else for verification to prove this with an attitude and not apologize for it. You might as well get out and go fuck a cactus, because I don't appreciate people who don't know their place.
Feel like sharing this because I liked it, plain & simple:

So, I'll be adding a new section to the Journal bios for my OCs; Goombatt's Tattles on the rest of the cast!  It won't add anything to the other characters,it's just for fun (though naturally that means Goombatt can't really Tattle on himself).

P.S. If you're participating in the OC contest, there's no need to replicate this; if you win the contest, I'll handle that part myself!
Super Mario JBX Logo by JBX9001

So, here we are in the last month of 2018!  Time certainly flies, doesn't it?  Anyways, I've got a little something for you creative people out there (specifically the ones interested in the web comic I've been developing, Super Mario JBX).  That's right a contest to create a character for the comic series I plan to make a reality!  What's the incentive?  Well for starters, if you're a big fan o' mine and you've always wanted me to follow your own content, this is your chance to earn my attention!  Those of you I already watch back might be looking for a little more, but first, here's how it's gonna go down!

Basic Rules

  • Your OC can be based on any Nintendo franchise or a third-party I plan to actually feature in the comic; Sonic the Hedgehog, Puyo Puyo, and Mega Man are three primary examples of such.
    • They can be based on two franchises at the same time if you want (like Princess Takoyaki, who is based on both Splatoon and Kirby); but those are typically harder to make as it'll take more thought for such characters to be believable.
    • Using two characters as a pair for your single submission is acceptable.  After all, it is quite a recurring theme with official characters (think something like the Ice Climbers or Mr. Shine & Mr. Bright).  Trios will suffice as well, but no more than three-in-one!
  • They cannot take a primary antagonist role; side villains are okay, but nothing that would require major changes to the story.
  • You can't use an OC you've already made for this contest.  Not just because that's a cop-out, but if you win, then the character becomes mine and by entering this contest you accept these terms (and may not use the OC for anything else; you will of course still be credited for the initial concept).
  • The deadline is December 24, 2018.  Any entries after this day won't be considered.
  • A biography alone is not enough; you MUST draw the character.  Yes I'll be redrawing the winner, but the OC has to look appealing enough for me to want to do such a thing.  The quality bar won't be too high, I just want to see clear effort in their design.
    • If you really wish to enter despite not being able to draw, you may enlist the help of someone who can draw them for you.  I am not responsible for convincing them to join in this situation, and you must abide by whatever terms this third-party requires (and they get part of the credit).  It is still up to you to write the character's bio.  Oh, and you can't ask me or people already entering the contest on their own.
  • Make sure to announce in this Journal that you want to participate; otherwise I won't take your submission.
    • If you're outsourcing the artwork, the artist you've asked for help must confirm this in the Journal as well.

Tips to Success

  • The more details, the better.  Consider how I write my character bios, and the amount of detail I place in them.  You're more likely to win the contest the more I can get an idea of what the character is like.
  • Stick with something you're familiar with; otherwise, if you wanna do something like make a Puyo Puyo based OC but only know about the stuff I've mentioned so far, I'd do a bit of research first.
  • Coloring the character is more viable than leaving the drawing in black & white; the only exception is if that is the intended color palette for said character.
  • Be careful with the personality; we all know not to make any Mary Sues or Gary Stus.  Try to balance out their positives with a couple of flaws (which don't necessarily need to be anything traumatic, just something to make them a little more human.  Even if they're non-human, eh...I am a dummy!).
  • They can be affiliated with one or more of my OCs if you want, within reason.  Hopefully you know enough about 'em to write an accurate character dynamic.  If done right, you'll be well ahead of the curve (but remember this is optional)!
    • If your character has a crush on one of them, keep it PG.  You'll be disqualified for anything too dirty; you all should know this by now.
  • Speaking of which, be careful with how you design your character.  If they're supposed to be hot and all that, just be reasonable; this is Super Mario JBX, not "Pervy Waifus XXX".Sweating a little...
  • I won't be considering dark/alternate counterparts of official characters.  I know Dario counts as one of these, but since it's a concept anyone can use, I prefer this type of character be created "in-house" (as people have their own ways of characterizing this archetype).
  • You might want to consider sending me a rough draft of the character's bio via Note, especially if they're connected to one of my OCs.  I'd hate for you to create someone awesome, but then I already have that type of character planned out; there's still more to expect!
  • Do note that if you enlist a third-party to draw your character for you, you'll be at a disadvantage, regardless of that person's skill level; I want to encourage you to draw on your own!
There's no second and third place for this, so do your best if you plan to participate.  The winner will get a watch from me if I already don't, but I retain the right to reconsider if you start to pick up "bad habits" later down the road.  The OC will of course be redrawn in my style and you'll be credited for coming up with them.  If there's too few participants though, then the contest will be considered a dud and no one wins (but I'll at least fave [almost] any submitted works for your trouble).  If you have any questions, ask in the comment section below.

Current Participants


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Welcome to my DeviantART page! As you will notice right away, I'm a big fan of Nintendo, so most of my artwork will be based on it and a few other select third-party franchises. You'll also be able to view my web comic series, "Super Mario JBX" here, but there are plans to upload it on my YouTube channel and possibly other social media sites as well!

I wish to be as friendly and easygoing as possible on the site, so most longtime followers know I'm a goofy nerd. But please act right while on my profile, gallery, Groups, or when talking with my followers. I can be pretty harsh if I have to be.

I try to be active as much as possible, but I've got a relatively busy life, so there will be periods of time where I won't be posting anything or will be unable to reply to comments directed towards me. I make an effort to reply whenever I can though, so please be patient!

If you've been longing for a profile that features a plethora of Nintendo fan art without "mature" content all over it, this page is for you!

*How Awesome is JBX9001?*

"JBX9001 is living proof MS paint isn't always terrible" - Palkachu

"You got a great attention to detail yet you keep it to the point, with much flair and style that shines through in a most consistent, fun and warm way~" - SeriesArtiststarter

"It's MS Paint, but jam-packed with video games and humor. Definitely a must-try for gamers and nerds alike." - PeppermintCandyArt

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