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The Sweet Life of Spencer Sheridan

By jbwarner86
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You remember a while back when I talked about that The Kings of Appletown movie I discovered on YouTube? The one where Cole Sprouse is underwater for like half the movie and I immediately thought of Spencer from Off the Deep End? Well, it inspired me again. Which is ironic, because the movie itself is not good - it's boring and cliched and nothing you haven't seen a million times before. Have you ever read Tom Sawyer? Yeah, it's that, but in 2008 and with a bunch of underwater scenes.

Honestly, I think Spencer would be bored with it too. He's the kind of kid who values subversion as much as submersion. (Aah? See what I did there?) The movie's climax is every underwater scene you've ever seen in an action movie - oh, we're searching for the sunken MacGuffin, we've only got a few minutes, it's hard to see down here, oh no my foot is stuck, yada yada yada. If Spencer had to dive for a sunken treasure chest, would he get caught on a branch and almost drown? Hell no! He'd find it in like ten seconds and then just chill on the river bottom for fun while he waits for the police boat to get there. This kid is always in control when he's in the water. As always, the number one rule in my underwater art is "no peril, just fun" :)
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i always think that spencer reminds me of cody from rescurers down under. you shuld totally make a picture of spencer tied up and being surrounded by crocodiles

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This is cute and fun!

You should make that movie!

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He's gotten 10 year older, but aside from that, I can't think of anything.

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wackywaterartist12Hobbyist Artist

Wow x3

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swordsman9Student Filmographer

That's actually cute. I like the look of this. And Spencer seems to be enjoying the water