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The Octopus Was Very Scary

Ever since I got into Stranger Things, my mind has been a-buzzin' with the notion that an episodic animated version of the show would probably be a lot of fun to see. Every dark entertainment franchise in the '80s seemed to get its own Saturday morning cartoon, so why the hell not? Who wouldn't want to see the further bizarre adventures of Mike, Eleven, Will, Lucas, Dustin, and Max as they uncover more freaky goings-on around Hawkins? And for added nostalgia points, each episode could be a parody of a different freaky '80s movie - The Shining, Christine, Gremlins, Nightmare on Elm Street, Red Dawn, the possibilities are endless.

Thinking about that, I got inspired to plunk the kids into a harrowing adventure straight out of another iconic '80s movie, The Goonies. Well, kind of - the infamous octopus scene was only in the extended edition shown on television, but as I've mentioned before, it was one of my favorite underwater scenes from when I was a kid. If Lucas' wrist rocket doesn't stop this thing, I'm sure Eleven can just rip all its tentacles off or something.
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I never thought much about the line when I was a kid. But there was an octopus in the second part of the Goonies R Good Enough music video by Cindy Lauper.

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On that note, has anyone seen the promo artwork for an upcoming Stranger Things mobile game from Next Games?  The artwork has an 80s cartoon aesthetic, but also perfectly captures the six main kids' personalities.
Check it out:…
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I only recently got around to watching Stranger Things, and it already may be one of my most favorite shows of all time.
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An animated series would be awesome!
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Is Dusty trying to eat the stupid thing?
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Just trying to bite it so it'll let go. Gotta put those teeth to good use :)
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That would be adorable though! Given the size of the octopus, he'd have quite a tummyache afterwards!
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Nice "Goonies" reference! I love "Stranger Things" :D
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I really need to see this show.
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Where's Steve Harrington in all this?
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laughing Paulie They must have been in his garden.
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What is the title of this referencing?
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It's what Data says to the news reporter at the end of the movie, the line that made everyone in the theater go "Wait, what octopus?" In fact, I bet the TV version put this scene back in just so that line would finally make sense.
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awesome. Go on Lucas get the aim right. Elevens nose blood seeming through the water. she looks so badass
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Anyone in a mood for sushi?
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I saw the Deleted scene. But the Octopus was integrated into the Level pack on LEGO Dimensions.
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You are a genius! Excellent work! :squee:
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I thought that's were this came from! You did a great job with this! 
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Okay, who's the asshole that released the kraken?
I love Max's expression. It's like:

"Why did we leave California?..."
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So you finally started watching this show. As such, what are your thoughts on the "violent bully" of the show, Billy?
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cute .... although I would like to see another drawing underwater with Max
P.S. thank you for your underwater designs, I look forward to them;)
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