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Take It To the Hole

In a recent e-mail correspondence with my fellow hydrophile :iconshoxxe:, the conversation turned to how lately he's been itchin' to see Lola Bunny underwater (he made it the subject of one of our forthcoming art trades, too). It occurred to me that Lola is another character who often gets requested for the Underwater Babes of Toontown, and since my last deviation to feature her struck a nerve with a few of her fans, I decided to finally give the girl her due. I drew inspiration from one of my favorite underwater photographers, Mick Gleissner, whose underwater sports series features a set-up very similar to this: [link] Basketball is a lot easier when you can move uninhibitedly in all three dimensions!
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Oh, yeah, THAT was easy! :XD:
BLADEDGE's avatar
willyou do a summer pic of her?
MightyMorphinPower4's avatar
Exllcent and beatiful work on Lola here
jbwarner86's avatar
Thanks! Though personally, I like the remake better: [link]
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Thanks! If you like this, you should see my second attempt at it: [link]
SergioNekitosso's avatar
I saw )) That`s great! ))
Wilbur-Crazi's avatar
Lola Bunny is my favorite Looney Tunes character! good job on the pic! :)
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B-ball went down the hole.
NightMareDragon's avatar
Great pic,
Lola seems unhappy playing underwater.
shoxxe's avatar
So the ball is filled with... what?

(I'm asking because I actually had an UW idea using a sports ball, but the buoyancy of the thing made it hard to work around with.)

But "cool", BTW.
jbwarner86's avatar
Water, I presume. That's how Mick did it, anyway.
andynortonuk's avatar
Great expression on Lola's face.
YoliDraw's avatar
yay you draw her ^^

i know you dislike her, ^^;
luani-sehun's avatar
Ooh, Lola finally makes an appearance! Good! She was one of my fav characters when I was little...Now it makes me wonder where that little stuffed Lola doll I had went...:O_o:
Frobman's avatar
Underwater basket ball ain't that satisfying, huh?
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Her expression is supposed to be one of concentration, and I also tried to make it look like she's holding her breath. Hence, the small and slightly downturned appearance of her mouth - bulging cheeks are hard to pull off with that kind of facial structure.
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KaoriNeco's avatar
Nice job. I loved Space Jam and Lola when I was little.
torquesmacky's avatar
I know how much you despise Lola; this must have been harder for you to draw than those freaky fetish requests.
jbwarner86's avatar
I don't dislike Lola so much as I dislike Space Jam as a whole. If anything, I think she's a character who has potential - the movie just didn't use any of it.
NeoSlashott's avatar
hahaha! XD Now that makes it easier to dunk on water. No overheight required. ;)

Lola does look cute in yer style. :love:
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