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Pokemon Comics - 7.10.05



"Pokémon Comics" is no longer a daily endeavor, but I still keep coming up with ideas for it. Like this half-page Sunday strip from 2005, for instance.

I'll admit it - there are a ton of things at work in this strip that generally don't happen in the "Pokémon" universe. It uses timely referential humor. It quotes a copyrighted song not owned by Nintendo. It focuses on an area of the characters' world that the anime usually doesn't show (i.e. the bathroom). And on top of all that, it shows May in a towel. And yet, I still think it works. With the typical sibling rivalry that goes on between May and Max, it seems like the rise of YouTube in 2005 would only present more opportunities for one to humiliate the other.

Lyrics to "My Happy Ending" are (c) Avril Lavigne and Butch Walker (just to cover my butt, y'know)
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