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Play It Loud...And Sweet

By jbwarner86
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Still on my current big Wreck-It Ralph kick, I had the creative impulse to flex my meager photo-editing skills - what would an actual '90s-era advertisement for Sugar Rush look like? I aimed for that grungy in-your-face attitude that '90s video game ads all seemed to be swimming in. Based on the stuff I remember seeing in the pages of Disney Adventures as a kid, I'd say I nailed it :)
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Very nice! It honestly DOES look like something that you'd see in an issue of Disney Adventures.
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The only downside to this, as well-done as it is, is that it's TOO well-done, and I'm now imagining the number of compromises that would need to be made to get Sugar Rush to fit on an N64 cartridge. Like, y'ever play the N64 ports of the Cruis'n games? They're MAJORLY stripped down from their arcade counterparts.
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Counterpoint: Cruis'n USA's port was rushed at the last second by Midway. Cruis'n The World was handled by Eurocom instead, who did a much better job porting it.

Resident Evil 2, a game taking up 2 disks on the PS1, was crammed into a N64 cartridge with next to no loss by Angel Studios (now known as Rockstar San-Diego). If they're the one handling the port, then it could theoretically fit on it.
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This is exactly what this game's ad would've looked like back then. Great job!
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That's "meager" photo-editing skill? o_O
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Oh man, this genuinely looks like a real thing. Nice job!
You nailed the look, and I think the text scroll on the right has enough non-quite-murderous promises and "today's theme is X" to qualify. As does the uselessly tiny actual footage pics!
All it needs is a "grasping hand of the fallen" and a pool of blood, but that might just be flashbacking.
Felix: "You can't bleed whole candy canes! That's not how the circulatory system works!"
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!!! i really like how this looks honestly! 
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Wonderful work on this!  It looks like an actual ad from that era.
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Great job! It's a great tribute to my decade! ;) (Wink) 
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Yeah, see, if they really wanted that to be accurate to '90s advertising, it would've needed way more blue filters and Dutch angles and fish-eye lenses :)
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With all the fake commercials Disney made for the movie, it's like they get weaker and weaker going from each game. Not to say I don't like them, just an observation they could've done better. Felix's is great with its distorted audio, stock footage and worn out VHS quality, but Sugar Rush and Hero's Duty are both just same footage from the movie, not done in an "as we see it played onscreen", including what you pointed out (plus being too clean).
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Haha, it looks exactly like an ad
Wow! That's an awesome poster.
Ooh, sweet! This looks kinda legit!
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Heh, ingenious. You really are a 90s kid.
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I would so buy this game!
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God, that brings back memories of reading Disney Adventures, Nickelodeon Magazine, and various gaming magazines and seeing those sort of game ads. Though I don't think the 'E' for 'Everyone' rating was around in 1997, I think that used to be 'K-A' for 'Kids To Adults'.
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That is incredible! Makes me miss the video game advertising of the 90's...
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This looks so awesome! 
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nice wanted poster for the sugar rush racers from sugar rush this looks like a great video game and a movie if the sugar rush racers decide to get a movie of their own 
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