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I Blinded Me With Science

And now for a particularly large entry in my MST3K Top 25 countdown, I present number 21 - a king-sized acid trip of a movie, 523 "Village of the Giants"!

Synopsis, from the MST3K Amazing Colossal Episode Guide:
"Another movie by Bert I. Gordon, maker of The Amazing Colossal Man and Earth vs. the Spider. This one is mid-1960s vintage, and in color. It tends more towards wacky than Gordon's earlier efforts, but it's still concerned with big things: big ducks, big cats, and mostly big delinquent teens with their big bouncy breasts. The teens eat some formula concocted by a young genius named Genius (played by Ron Howard), and they get real big and dress in revealing clothes and dance in slow motion. Being delinquents, they declare martial law and demand fried chicken. Head delinquent Beau Bridges is particularly annoying, almost as annoying as head good teen Tommy Kirk. Genius mixes up an antidote and sprays it at the big teens from the back of his bike. He looks like a low-budget mosquito spraying program."

Hey, 200th Deviation!
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I've seen the Amazing Colossal Man.

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I know Beau was Jeff Bridges' brother, and Jeff narrated one of my favorite true movies, Raising the Mammoth.

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I DL'ed the original, didn't get the MST3K version.

Wish I did, though.
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I have both copys
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Mike: Look at him, the little kid plotting against us with Willow.
Crow: I liked Willow!
Mike: You like... Kevin Pollak? You like that?
Crow: Good point.
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"By this time my son's lungs were aching for air!!"
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Yeah I remember I rent that movie at my video club archives... it made me laugh all along.

BTW your drawing is very cute :)
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"One of those could take out the whole town!"
"Men shouldn't shimmy"
"I'd back away if Tommy Kirk was wearing little shorts"

I must admit, this is the most fun of BIG movies. It's annoying and stupid, but in a fun sort of way.
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i saw that episode on youtube, really funny to watch, though i didn't like that giant tarantula in the basement scene, i really not a fan of spiders or tarantulas, i hate those bugs. the ending where those tiny people are heading for the town to get the goo stuff while the teens run to their broken car in their oversized cloths was funny as hell, i couldn't help myself from laughing my ass off, tiny people that want to be giants, funny in my books.
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Hahaha I liked how you made the Tommy Kirk character look HOT!!!
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I put this about the same spot in my top episodes too. I really like this picture. The composition, design, staging, and poses are really nice.
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(wicked witch of the west theme): Opie Opie Opie, Opie Opie Opie (lol love that bit)
lion-dance's avatar
Those're great! I wanna jump on those!
seriously headache of a movie, that kid was like white-hot rebar in my spine.
nice stinger in this one, I really miss the guy
Gulliver63's avatar are totally the bomb for this one. Have you ever seen my favorite, "Attack of the Puppet People?"'s being re-released as a DVD. I'd love to see what you'd do with that one - I've got a pencil sketch of the Futurama gang with that movie as it's theme...
Holy maraccas!
YES! My favorite MST3k episode, tied with Santa Claus and Horror of Party Beach!
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This was the 1st MST3K episode I ever saw. And so far my favorite! I never thought someone made a piece of artwork out of it!
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This being the first full MST3K I've watched in my life, I've learnt even more what made this series a winner. And this entry also taught me something, practically the movie's soundtrack:

"That which does not kill you makes you more musical!"

Oh, and Tom Servo's "Mom" making a cameo had me rolling! ;P
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Good episode to start with! Now you just need to locate all the episodes that they used for the Frank montage...

"Be careful what you wish for!"
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I do remember watching this episode a long time ago when it was on comedy central, but I never knew Ron Howard was in it! I've forgotten quite a bit about it but wasn't Toni Basil in it as well, or was I misinformed?

I miss MST3K already.
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Lol, I remember that. I was totalliy disapointed that they didnt eat anyone. oh well, good work!
Slendercell-2's avatar
but they were considering crushing people
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