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Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them

I've been in another one of my Harry Potter moods lately, and since I draw so much fan art of the human characters, I thought it was time to give some of the magical creatures their due. Some, like the grindylow and Dobby, I chose to portray in kind of a cartoony, caricatured manner; others that are a little more threatening, like the basilisk and the Hungarian Horntail, I felt deserved a more realistic depiction. Either way, these things are so much fun to draw!
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Ooooo! Cute sketchies! I love sketches. 

These are wonderful on their own, they don't have to be related to Harry Potter. :)
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Oh know now I want a cartoon version of the movies. NO WAIT! Little cartoon extra story snippets. XD Funny ones.
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You draw the best Dobby ever - everything else looks great, but Dobby sold it for me :D
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Very nicely done! :clap:
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Nice take on Rowling's magical critters, Jesse =D
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Yes... they are fantastic but where do you find them?
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Awesome sketches, man!

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Cool Dementor!
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Simply beautiful.
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Am I such a Potter fan that I recognized them all with out reading the description?

Buckbeak rules BTW.
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Ooh, NICE!!! I like the Hippogriff the best!
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