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Chaos is Everywhere

By jbwarner86
Folks have been asking me to do an MLP comic for a while, and to be honest, I was really eager to try one too. I was just having trouble deciding what it’d be about. Then, as I was watching a YouTube compilation of all those Allstate “Mayhem” commercials, it hit me. Much like a piano. :P
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Discord should rarely use contractions.
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I'm laughing so hard on this one.
FreerunCloud's avatar
this. is. GENIUS!!!
Darlaimerner's avatar
Discord this was not a good way to make an Allstable ad
SwirlyPenHP's avatar
I laughed so hard, I scared the cat XD
Dragonstar1278's avatar
lol this is great.
great comic!!
ok... how much do we have to bug allstate till they do a comercal like this, cause this is awsome.
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😱I love these commercials!!!
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Thank you for finding this ^^ and sorry for posting this. Thought it was real.
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Wow, i even heard it in the guy's voice.
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This is brilliant.
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mmm, I remember those commercials!
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She'll be okay. She's a toon.
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pfff she shouldnt even have been able to survive that lmao
Cartoon-Eric's avatar
Like I said, she's a toon.  Haven't you seen "Who Framed Roger Rabbit"?  You can drop anything on a toon's head they'll shake it off.  But you break their hearts they go to pieces like you and me.
CinnamonAurora's avatar
pff i know, you are taking it kind of too seriously? of course she cant die, dude, im mostly joking
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