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Breathtaking Fashion

Just a nice underwater quickie of Tina, Marion, and Patricia in the pool. I was looking up underwater fashion photos from the '90s and of course I got all inspired :)
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Could you transform them all into mermaids? :p
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I really love your art! It helps inspire me to practice more.

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do you plan to have them underwater like you did with this

The Blub Club: Episode 1 - P3

because i can see tina waking up in the morning realiziing shes underwater just after taking a gulp of water, but she realize she can breathe only the water is wet air. she looks out her window and the rest of the area is underwater. i got more you like to hear it. :)

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Love the moms and the jeans, awesome pic!

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I Have an extremely unrelated question did your see Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker and if so what did you think?

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Jeez, even 90's fashions were better than what we've got today.

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Wet milfs. 😳

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Have I seen the 3rd girl?:)

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Probably, though you might not know it. That's Patricia, Lindsay's mom, as I redesigned her for the new version of Nineteen-Ninety-Something. She's significantly less monstrous now than I used to write her - a little haughty and arrogant, but at least this time she actually loves her family.

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The entire family is much more palatable this time around. I've been thoroughly enjoying this reboot, as well, so please keep it up.

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Wow, she looks good:)

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This would be on TV, but cute :3
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Theirs an "older woman wanting to be in the now" joke in here but I can't place where(I aslos apologize if one or two of these characters are actually younger then they appear to be I'm not fluent in the comic)

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Tina (left) and Marion (center) are both 42; Patricia (right) is 36. As of 1990, anyway :)

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So I guess that would make Patricia the "baby" of this trio?

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Thank you for the fact check

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Now that IS breathtaking. ^^

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nice breathtaking fashion jbwarner86 you're underwater art is getting better and better by the day :)

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