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1990S - The Clod That Failed


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Trends come and go, but gatekeeping nerds will always be insufferable in any decade. I have a few characters in Nineteen-Ninety-Something who exist only for purposes of catharsis, and Zeke fits that bill nicely - the little lumpy smelly misogynist who loves to talk shit about everyone else's tastes in entertainment. I've known blobs like this in my life. Some of them have hung out in my comments sections before, backseat-writing for years despite clearly not digging what I'm putting down. To which I have to defer to Matt Groening about one of the best parts of being a cartoonist: "It's vengeance!"

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It's all right not to like something. But going on an "X sucks and you suck for liking it" tear like this guy here and trying to ruin shit for everyone else? Yeah...

joseph337's avatar

One way of getting rid of crazy kids

henpitts's avatar

The last 4 panels, so satisfying.

kingofswing617's avatar

I'm sure you piss off your parents just fine all on your own

ClassyCthulhu's avatar

Glad we get to see more of Tabitha, she's definitely one of favorite characters you've made.

PLCTheCd's avatar

Gotta love her throw, someone give her a bonus.

vidgamer123's avatar

Ah, the pre-Internet era of trolls and angry teens.

NeoPrankster's avatar

I gotta wonder if Zeke is related to John Kricfalusi because his grunge-bashing reminds me of those Thomas Payne diatribes from Wild Cartoon Kingdom.

Wallaroo's avatar

Geez. A miserable whelp like that needs to be put down hard

to end his pointless arguments. And that Goth Girl needs some

Clorox to wash her hands with after getting rid of such a grimy

and putrid piece of humanity.

Strawberry Bleach

Darigaaz-the-Igniter's avatar

Nice shot. I give that 5 points. But yes, wash your hands.

DragonKnight92's avatar

The black album is what got me into metal in the first place, so I definitely have to disagree with the guy.

JeremyGU's avatar

❤️ Tabitha ❤️

I am not an expert on Metallica, but after this strip I decided to try and listen both The Unforgiven and Enter Sandman, and before they even started singing in the first song I knew one thing: Zeke is stupider than I thought. And a hypocrite, dissing Metallica while wearing one of their shirts.

torquesmacky's avatar

Is he compensating for his size? He's incredibly short.

Also, when she washes her hands, I bet she doesn't take her gloves off.

I worked in a comics shop and in radio. I've known so many little trolls like that.

henpitts's avatar

I quit listening to the latest music after the '80's. The curse of getting old. Now I'm curious about "enter the sandman"

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Thanx Dude. Never heard of this. Seems to me this would have irritated my parents plenty. I luv it. 😆

Kuruttra's avatar

I loved how she threw him out, makes me like ehr even more ^^

swordsman9's avatar

Honestly, Metallica hasn't really forgotten its roots. They really just try to change with the times. Which shows how flexible they are. In terms of music, I mean obviously their stuff from the 90's clicks with me. As for anything after that, I'm a little indifferent

Also, I wonder if that guy is okay after getting hit by a truck XD

maxvision92's avatar

He'll be fine; that same truck totaled Kevin's car, and he's no worse for wear afterwards.

Toon-Resurrection92's avatar

Maybe he got isekaied into a world where rock rules over the corporation’s.

maxvision92's avatar

Oh god, Ironheade is so fucked if he is who the gods send them as their champion.

ManiacalDude's avatar

As opinionated as I can be sometimes, I'm trying my hardest to avoid becoming this kind of douchebag.

On another note, when it comes to Metallica, I like both their 80s work and their 1991 album, but I'm a little unsure about everything after.

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