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1990S - Dream On

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Published: February 23, 2020
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This is why I relish the opportunity I gave myself by rebooting Nineteen-Ninety-Something. The original version of this strip was just stupid - you remember, where Aerosmith randomly show up on Aaron's doorstep and ask for directions? Just like that arc where Joel goes to work at the McDonald's in Russia, it was way too goofy way too early. Finding the tone of this strip was a constant struggle for me back then. I like this better, where Aaron is clearly in dreamland and everything has an excuse to be over the top.

This is also another strip where the pop culture reference seemed to go over a lot of readers' heads. Aerosmith were the musical guests on the February 17, 1990 episode of Saturday Night Live, and they guest-starred in a Wayne's World sketch where Mike Myers delivered the classic line "Aerosmith is in my breakfast nook! No way!" Honestly, it seemed like a big deal at the time. Of course Aaron's subconscious would crank it up to eleven :)
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NeoPranksterHobbyist Traditional Artist
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MarkFanboyHobbyist Traditional Artist
Ahhh, classic rock just the way I like it! Wish I had dreams like this again. 
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NRGComicsProfessional Writer

LOL We've all been there.

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Imagine walking into your bedroom and seeing Joan Jett circa 1990 lying there....

...and then remembering her actual sexual orientation, and walking away sadly.
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Technically, she's never outright confirmed it, so you might still have a shot :)
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SheTheTDEHobbyist General Artist

I know how he feels. Of course I usually feel this way because of an imaginary seemingly inexhaustible fortune but I now it's the same feeling.

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The irony of good dreams vs. bad dreams. You're relieved when you wake up from bad ones, but wish you could stay in the good ones.
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I know these dreams... they are mean!:happybounce: 
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QwertyChrisHobbyist Digital Artist
One thing I did enjoy about this particular strip is how the speech bubbles aren't totally jam-packed with words. I know it's often to build up to the punchline depending on the gag in mind, but it sometimes feels easier to enjoy a comic strip when it isn't so dialogue-heavy.

Oh, and now I've got that song stuck in my head. Thanks a lot :XD: ;P
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RobDemersArtHobbyist Traditional Artist
I actually prefer this version better, it's really cool to see all those musicians in your art style. Since it looks like Joel won't be going to Russia this time, I will kind of miss the Olga character from that story arc. She had a good design and a fun backstory.
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I’ve commented on this before, but I’m a little taken aback at how comfortable your characters are being in their underwear in front of their parents.  If my mom ever saw me in my tighty-whities, I’d run from the room.  
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I think it's groundwork to have Hippy Girl and Aaron naked at the Woodstock 94 that the calendar never gets to. :shakefist: Or Denise tries to support a nudist camp and only Aaron shows up- for the usual wrong reason, but he's willing to go along with it.
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Void-WolfHobbyist General Artist
That's rockin awesome
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PsychoDemonFoxHobbyist General Artist
Now why can't I have dreams like that?
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KinggigasmonHobbyist Traditional Artist
Aerosmith was where Aaron eats his Nut n' Honey everyday. 
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I love the song Walk this Way
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