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1990S - And the Tiger Poster

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I really enjoy doing the research for Nineteen-Ninety-Something, because I never know where my next comic idea will come from. This one is from a YouTube compilation of Nickelodeon commercial breaks from February 1990 - I was surprised at the sheer number of "order now and we'll send your kid free educational stuff every month" ads. I remember Zoobooks, but it was far from the only one. Can you imagine being that one kid whose overcompensating helicopter parents bought every single one of these?
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I must've been the only kid who never had a "show and tell" XD Not that I'm complaining ;p

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Funny, but poor little cutie. This isn't live for her.

Stupid helicopter parents.
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This could just be my generation, but I think those Zoobooks were still around in the early 2000s. That and they were also advertised on Cartoon Network as well. Guess it was the mindset of equal amounts of education and entertainment back then.
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That kid needs some Nickelodeon like now!
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Helicopter parents?

I’m unfamiliar with that particular term.
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It basically means parents that micromanage every aspect of their kids lives, usually meaning they dont let them do things for themselves and ends up with the kid socially stunted. It entails things like, sitting in with them on interviews (for work or college) or being overly protective and not letting them go out and do anything alone, or go over to friends houses, or maybe not do anything physical extra curriculars because their baby could get "hurt."  Theres lots of different ways to show it, but its basically parents who cant step back and let kids do things on their own.
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Zoobooks were awesome!
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Oh, I remember. Nick was loaded with those mail-order ads back then. This girl could have countered the Turtle van with the Sweet Pickles van.

It was full of folded cards that had stories, activities and board games on them. I had one and they packed a LOT in there. Can't say I ever used it, but it came in handy years later when Mom had to keep a room of kindergartners busy.
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Poor kid. But that's a hilarious show & tell.

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My parents got talked into ordering the full set of Academic International Encyclopedia (1990 printing) when I was babby. They didn't have to force me to read it, I liked reading them. They've still got (most) of them.

I got Secrets Of The Universe instead of Zoobooks, but my mom ordered that more for her than for me. I think that was the only serial educational stuff they ordered.
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Hey, have you ever planned on doing a top 10 years of the 2010s,
y’know just like you did wit the 2000s when that was over?
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I remember Zoobooks being alright though. Read a big stack of them that one of my grade school teachers brought in.
Yes, the kid gets a lot of books. But, blink and you'll miss it, she also has a baby brother, so the parents are clearly planning to stock up for them both.
"Aw, no, I have to learn something, oh no, cry for help." is the spoiled part. The school work only gets tougher from there. She should be prepared.
But what does the note say?
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Probably a request for a parent-teacher conference or something
There's likely not many of those notes that go "Don't horn in on my gig."
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I think Tina's more concerned that Alexis' parents are giving her TOO MUCH after-school enrichment. To put it diplomatically.
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Oh geez, I remember encyclopedias
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one of those few things in life that remind the teacher not to be a helicopter mother herself
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That girl must have one heavy duty backpack to carry all that.
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Oh man, that's pretty funy
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