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Ban bear farming

By JBVendamme
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In bear farms , asian black bears are enduring a shocking lifetime of suffer and torture:


Please take a minute of your time to sign petitions post those links around..



I would love to see a little wave of compassion for those poor guys..

Thanks, have a good day!
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:mad: Same thing here, JBVendamme. Fella Waiting (Reactions) After learning about this, Those kind of people REALLY test my patience when it comes to going against conservation efforts and the reduction of twisted (and sometimes convoluted) animal cruelty. Magnifying Glass Cool character design, though. 
I love your shapes and texture.  Great work all around!
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Awesome work! We loved it so much that we made it part of our Art Inspiration of the Day -…
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Beautiful, I love your exaggerative style...
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I love your style. You've practically got all the Jungle Book here.
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the fur looks so realistic. :) amazing! :)
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hi!our work is featured in my journal,hope you don't mind:)
have a good day!
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this is awesome...
Thank you for spreading awareness on this horrific issue, and your art is amazing!
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Why cant i see the comment i just posted??
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Doberman, i've been trying to contact you, i want to buy your art & commission you to create some artwork for me. You keep complaining you're unemployed, maybe its because you dont answer your emails!! Since youre one one the preferred graphic designers i want my time line is running out to choose. So if you read this message me back and lets get started.
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During a trip to a Humane Society in the Summer, I learned about these lovely creatures. D: >
It's so horrible that people shove them in those tiny cages, and then rip bile from them and sell it.
I'm so happy there is a safe haven for them.

And good job, spreading the word! They really need to be rescued. :heart:
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Awww that's too cute!! :D Awesome!
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as an environmentalist, I will sign and post the petitions to facebook
yesterday I saw a reportage about this cruelty in vietnam and in the last minutes they were talking about the centre of Animal Asia, that saves a lot of bears, it was touching to see the bears and also 2 adorable puppies to live happily there
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I love that there are more people aware of this!
This is so adorable!
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haha amazing! :D
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Hes so cute and fuzzy! Great job
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awesome as always
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your awesome, man! I just cant understand how so much people can band together to do such a cruel thing. I mean I could get like 3 screwed up people. But, So many people buying it and makeing the biz thrive ...I cant rap mind around the guilt I would have. I feel guilty for the human race O_O
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