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About Traditional Art / Hobbyist Joshua BurnsMale/People's Republic of China Group :iconone-planet-at-a-time: One-Planet-at-a-Time
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Joshua Burns
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
People's Republic of China
Current Residence: Inner Mongolia, China

I'm a NZ-born astrophysics graduate but I'm also interested in East Asian calligraphy and painting. I'm currently teaching English here in Inner Mongolia.
I want to become much better at calligraphy so I'm happy to receive any and all comments and feedback.

はじめまして、私は助守和(ジョシュワ)です。 ニュージーランドで生まれて、大学で天体物理学を勉強しました。私は今日本で英語を教えています。書道にも水墨画にも興味があります。^^

Nau mai. Haere mai. Tēnā Kōtou. Ko Joshua tōku ingoa. Nō Kirikiriroa ā Aotearoa au.

:iconreadcplz1::iconreadcplz2::iconreadcplz3: Dinosaur Stamp by Leafbreeze7 STAMP: Glasses by Emotikonz So Many Books by LaPurr stamp - don't judge a book... by Daeg-Niht

Contact: (Say you saw me on deviantart)
QQ: 1465746422
Skype: j.burns272


Battle Report Game 3
Battle Report: Street Brawl

The Killer Krocs – Lizardmen
The Woofang Clan – Skaven
The Twistfire Coven – Possessed
Assorted Dead Guys – Undead

Opening Moves:
The Skaven split into two groups, one lead by the assassin and sorcerer and the other by the black skaven. The main group headed for the large building in front of them while the black skaven lead their group to take up a defensive position near the island.
The leaders of the undead made for the cover of the building in front of them and sent some zombies and wolves to scout for enemies.
The lizardmen saw some zombies heading their way and decided to close the distance.
The possessed moved toward the skaven by the river hoping to catch them by surprise. One of the skaven started hearing voices and offers of camembert. This was enough to get the verminkin to attack his fellow rodents.

The skaven turncoat was quickly cut down by his former allies. The rat men then turned their attention to the possessed, actually managing to make climb checks (right when I was banking on them not being able to.) The cult magister attempted to lure another rat who responded by stoning the magister and sending him out of action. I think we can call that a no.

On the other side of the table, the skaven sorcerer cast black fury and charged a zombie, which soon turned into four. After a flurry of scraping, biting and screeching, the remaining four zombies shambled on to the rest of the skaven.

The other skaven from the sorcerer’s group found themselves surrounded by zombies, ghouls and direwolves. It wasn’t long before the skaven routed.

The lizardmen also found a zombie and ate it.

The Battle of the Barn:
With the skaven out of the picture and the possessed on the far side of the table, the vampire turned his attention to the lizards that were busy eating his zombies. A couple of zombies were sent out to lure the kroxigor out of harms way. Everything else was moved into a defensive position.
The necromancer used his Re-animation spell to keep the kroxigor occupied with a game of wack-a-zombie. This worked well, until the skinks climbed into the barn the necromancer was using as a safe haven and killed him.

The melee ensued around the barn. The totem warrior almost took the vampire out of action. The kroxigor arrived too late to save the saurus hero.
In the end though, things weren’t going well for the undead and they routed as well.

And Then There Were Two:
Seeing as they were next on the menu, the possessed set a defensive position in a stone building with the beastman in the street to take the inevitable charge.

The kroxigor took the bait but only one possessed was able to counter charge. The beastman and possessed managed to take two wounds off the kroxigor (and inflict several critical hits) but the last one eluded them. In return the kroxigor smack the possessed down, forcing a rout test on the possessed.

Victory to the Lizardmen!

1.    That bloody Kroxigor! Was actually tar-pitted well by zombies.
2. Daggers always hit and at this point are accounting for more kills than swords.
3. My possessed need some bows.
4. Fear causing models, such as undead, can be a real problem in close combat.
5. Double-team heroes and henchmen if you can. Henchmen knock your enemies down so the heroes can get the kills (and xp!) This was attempted a lot this game.
6. Based on the above, it may be better to have heroes with low initiative. I see a use for double handed weapons now.
Battle Report Game 2
Game 2: The Pool – Pirates Fishing Trip
Set Up:

A water-logged graveyard with 5 pieces of wyrdstone in it sat in the centre of the battlefield.
After that nasty business with the lizardmen, the pirates just wanted to relax with a fishing trip in a graveyard. The skaven set up in some buildings opposite the pirates and the lizardmen were in the middle, next to the forest.

Opening Moves:
As the lizardmen advanced to the glowing pond, they noticed a small cannon in the buildings on their left and some large rats falling out of buildings on their right (the skaven player lost four members OOA due to failed initiative checks and falling.) The sight of the vermin sent the Kroxigor into a rage; the Skink priest encouraged this behaviour and ordered the warband to advance on the skaven.
The pirates raced each other to the graveyard.

The skaven responded to their newfound threat by throwing rocks at it. When that didn’t work, the sorcerer cast black fury and attempted to kill as many skinks on the flanks as he could before the Kroxigor showed up.
The remaining verminkin then tried and failed to hold off the kroxigor in the woods. The assassin adept then involuntarily caught a crossbow bolt from across the river and decided enough was enough.
The pirates went fishing.

With the ratmen out of the picture, the Skink priest deliberated about how to deal with the pirates. The loud noises from their previous encounter with a swivel gun must have left them spooked or bewildered because they worked hard to stay out of its sights.
The pirates went fishing.
The Skink priest had his plan ready and the lizardmen moved into position.
The pirates went fishing.
The trap signal was sent. The remaining great crest attempted to climb into a building and knock the swivel gunner out. The kroxigor moved to the graveyard ready to charge across it. The Saurus brave charged down the centre at the pirate captain… Who then shot the brave in the face with his duelling pistol.
The lizardmen decided they didn’t like black powder weapons and withdrew from the area.

The pirates went back to their fishing.
Battle Report Game 1: Treasure Hunt
A report from my first game of Mordheim.

Battle Reports: Week 1

The Killer Krocs – Lizardmen
The Woofang Clan – Skaven
The Caledonians – Pirates

Game 1: Treasure Hunt – The Texas Kroxigor Massacre
Set Up:

There were three pieces of wyrdstone on the table: one at the top of the 3-story building, one at the top of the alchemist’s tower, and one in the butchers.
The Caledonians deploy as close as possible to the tower, the Killerkrocs in a corner covered by rocks, and finally the Woofang Clan deployed on the opposite edge

Opening Moves:
The Skaven got first turn. One Hero made directly for the wyrdstone piece in the 3-story house. He also received a dusting when a cannon ball hit the building as he climbed it but was otherwise unscathed.
The rest of the Skaven split up, the majority heading for the pirates.
The Pirates moved to position themselves between the butchers and the tower.

One Cabin Boy climbed the tower to get one piece of Wyrdstone. A Crewman and the 1st Mate moved to cover him. The other moved to cover the swivel gun and the butchers.
The Lizardmen moved into cover to stay away from the swivel gun and the Skink Priest cast Tinci’s Rage on the Kroxigor.

Things Heat Up:
The pirates attempt to lure the Lizardmen into the sights of the swivel gun. This does not go well. The Swivel gun gets line of sight to the Kroxigor and promptly explodes (although salvageable) and the captain misses with hi duelling pistol. However, the pirate gunner with a blunderbuss takes a Great Crest OOA and secures the wyrdstone in the butchers.

In return the Kroxigor rams his halberd into a crewman so hard he flies back and almost hits the swivel-gunner.

Meanwhile, the skaven make their move on the tower. A flurry of stones and rusty blades bring down the crewman and mate who are trying to cover the cabin boy who is stuck on the third floor of the tower, just under the wyrdstone.

With four members out of action, the pirates decide to cut their loses before the kroxigor finishes the rest of them off.

And then there were two:

With the humans gone, the main skaven forces attempt to hold the tower while some flankers tie up the Saurus warriors well away from the rest of the action.

Meanwhile, the Kroxigor murder-machine, having run out of humans to eviscerate, decides to take his frenzy out on the rat men at the tower. As is tradition.

The skaven attempt to counter this with the assassin adept and warlock. A plan that quickly backfires and leaves the assassin out of action. Deprived of their leader, the skaven make like rats and leave.
Victory to the Lizardmen!
I don't often do this, in part because I don't think I'm good at it, but a friend on DA has been having some trouble.
:iconwoohooligan: has been making interesting comics here for some years now, and has recently made the move to working on his comics full time. At the start of the year, he set himself the goal of making $2,000/month by the end of the year. You can read more about it in his goals page:… He lays it out there better than I could here.

Right now, he's asking for help expanding his audience and I see no problem with trying to help out there, especially since I like his comics.

Why not have a mosey over to :iconwoohooligan:'s page and his website ? You might find some interesting comics (admittedly, a few are NSFW.)
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