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Snake Charmer

By jbrown67
Painting for fun this week.
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© 2013 - 2021 jbrown67
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wow this is incredible.
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Finally, we get to see the mighty Jormungandr in action.  This is a really good painting because you can hear the people yelling, "We're under attack! Run for it!" but with a snake that big, is anywhere safe? Keep up the good work.
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This snake is clearly having a lot of fun!
list this one with the Kaiju groups.
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"OK, who was the idiot that left the Pym Particles flask open!?"
CheeseburgerTom's avatar
We're gonna need a bigger flute!
jbrown67's avatar
Haha! Yes, definitely!
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Somebody ain't doin' their job right.
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Haha! Maybe I should name it "snake charmer... or lack thereof"
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Reminds me of Dragon's Dogma. Awesome art btw.
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Th-th-that's a b-b-big, EXTREMELY. HUGE. SSSSNNNAAAKKEEE!!!!

awesome work and like how it's terrorising the village
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imagine the ecosystem that would be able to feed that thing!
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haha! Thank you
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Awesome snake :)
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