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commissioned piece. Trying out some more of this cyberpunk kind of stuff.
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- We just need a sample, they said. Just five minutes, they said. Just a little sting, they said...
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I love this. So damn cool. Reminds me of Bob Page in Deus Ex. I've just finished the third chapter of my dystopian cyberpunk story. A bunch of people have enjoyed my unique concept before. Check it out on my profile if you have a minute. It's also on
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This is cool but creepy. But I love the concept behind it. And I'm under the impression that you used photo stocks to help with the underlay of the drawing. That or you're extremely patient and drew everything by hand with custom brushes. Or possible work with magic...
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Haha thanks! Of course I used photos. I do in almost all of my paintings to an extent (usually just in the concept phase). I love creating places and worlds and concepts and I'm not worried about how it gets done (of course staying within the law)
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I thought so! I've watched a few videos by FZD School of Design on YT and I'm slowly learning the process of painting with photos as the ground work. I hope I can accomplish the same results to create environments for my story, visuals like this are just so stunning to me. Its always a good idea to use what stocks and resources you have if it helps you accomplish your goal in the end (within reason of course). Thanks again for sharing :3
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This is absolutely amazing, it reminds me of The Matrix in a weird way.
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Thanks! That was part of the inspiration! Especially for the cables plugging in to his body.
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nice perspective,really holds your attention!
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