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Ancient Mesopotamia

Personal project, this is a redo of a painting I did three years ago as a commission. View here:…. I used the same basic description with some very slight changes. Amazing to see the improvement. Painting is available for your personal use in a full resolution file, please email Also if you are interested in purchasing the rights to this piece or for any other questions, send me an email .

2013-11-25 Updated with a larger size.
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These details..incredible
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I just realized how AWESOME Mesopotamia was. We're talking about the fucking origin of human civilization, the seed from which all other cultures sprung. That's some fantasy sci-fi shit
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Not exactly. Egypt and the Indus valley civilization sprung at a similar time. China and the Americas developed 100% independently.
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hey, im going to use this is a presentation for school. is that ok?
may I used this for a not-for-profit documentary I am working on?

you can find out more about me by contacting me at golden path net / contact if you have questions
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Hey, do you mind if I use this for a school project as long as I give you credit? : )
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Okay, thank you! It's a really pretty drawing, by the way. I love the detail. ^^
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"No one will ever live in Babylonia.." -Isaiah 13
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Oh man I love this piece! I never realised it was by you until I looked at it again today :)
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Thanks man! 
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so rarely you can find an art on Ancient Mesopotamia these days) Great work! =)
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Magnificent work! :)
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Insanely detailed city... astonishing work!

but what I find most interesting is the human activity displayed in your work. It is often easy to miss, though, it does make the city not a bundle of well-distributed, exquisite constructions any more, but a real living one. 
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Amazing piece of art, especially the work with the shading, colors, bridge, and - of course - the ziggurat. I wish I could draw buildings this well. (This also makes me long for the Assyriology course I hope to attend this autumn!)
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Awesome, I'm proud to be from this great civilization  
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This is gorgeous the detail is fantastic! 
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Absolutely beautiful.
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Let's plant ALL the palm trees!!!
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