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Lucy Heartfilia closed her door and flopped onto her bed with a sigh, she had been trying to get Erza and Gray to lighten up from being serious all the time, with Natsu away on his own new adventure with Happy it left Lucy with little to do as she didn’t want to take any jobs.

She had been trying for a while but getting nowhere and even getting on Juvia’s bad side from her constant contact with Gray, she needed a new idea and the only thing she could think of was a potion, but did she even have a potion recipe to work in such a manner.

She slipped off her bed and grabbed the few books she had on potions and began to flick through the various pages most of the books seemed to draw up nothing for her she got to her last book and began to work her way through it, if this book came up with nothing she’d have to go book hunting as a last resort.

She was in luck when she got to the middle of the book and found a potion she gave a cheer and quickly read through the ingredients.

“I have most of this stuff but there are a couple of things I need to get, tomorrow morning I’ll go shopping and grab the rest of it, hmm it doesn’t take long to brew so by the afternoon I may be good to go and use this” Lucy said as she set the book aside and got herself changed to relax.

The following morning Lucy spent the entire time grabbing the needed supplies and by the afternoon she managed to have her potion good to go, she poured it into a spray bottle and hurried off to the guild hall.

The guild hall was mostly empty, she couldn’t find Gray anywhere but Erza was sitting at a table eating some food, Lucy gave a small soft sigh, she at least could spray Erza which would be a start, she couldn’t help but feel she missed Gray before a job.

She slipped over to the table and sat down and made sure to keep the potion hidden under the table, Erza gave Lucy a nod while eating, both of them were silent for a short while before Lucy decided to just speak up.

“Say Erza where is Gray?” Lucy asked.

“He left for a job about an hour ago, did you need him for something?” Erza asked.

“I just wanted to ask him something but it can wait” Lucy said.

As Lucy mentioned about Gray she felt a presence behind her she could only think of it being Juvia as she was obsessed with Gray, but it gave her an idea that maybe Juvia could use some lightening up, as she thought about the idea Juvia hopped into the seat next to Lucy.

“Stay away from my Gray you hear me?” Juvia said in a hushed tone.

Lucy gave a small smirk and raised the spray bottle giving off a couple of spritzes into Juvia’s face, Juvia rubbed her face as Erza gave a soft chuckle, Lucy used this as a chance to strike at Erza and she got her in the face with a few spritzes.

“What the heck is wrong with you?” Erza said as she wiped her face.

“Nothing” Lucy said with a grin as both Juvia and Erza begin to giggle like everything was funny to them.

Erza while still giggling and laughing managed to take off her footwear as her feet grew a size or two which caused her some discomfort, Lucy was grinning wider as Erza’s face began to pale to a chalky white a large red mouth forming upon her face.

Juvia pointed at Erza and laughed as her heels ripped open her feet much like Erza’s grew bigger, she wiggled her toes, she was enjoying the sudden clowning that Erza was undergoing.

Lucy watched as a large red nose formed upon Erza’s face and her scarlet red hair tied itself into a pair of high pigtails, glitter appearing in her hair.

“What did you do to me Lucy?” Erza said her voice now sounded like helium had been inhaled.

Lucy was laughing so hard as she noticed Juvia’s face was also turning a chalky white, but unlike Erza with her large red mouth, a blue mouth formed on Juvia’s face, a slight buck tooth overbite formed giving Juvia a small lisp.

Erza’s clothes remained unaffected by the potion but she felt a sudden desire to dress more goofy and less serious, while Juvia’s nose began to form a large blue ball, Juvia’s hair shifted and formed a pair of large hoops as her cheeks coated in glitter.

Lucy had been so busy with laughing that she forgot to hide the bottle, which Erza had grabbed something was going through her mind as she held up the bottle to Lucy.

“Let’s spray all the girls” Erza said as she pressed the handle and sprayed Lucy in the face.

Lucy coughed a little as she felt a tingle, she realized that she was sprayed by the potion and she didn’t check if any antidote was in the book which was a mistake on her part, she felt her feet begin to grow and tear at her shoes, she noticed that Juvia’s feet had gotten bigger looking five times the size of normal.

Lucy’s face began to pale as Erza and Juvia’s body began to pale like their faces, in a similar state to Erza and Juvia a large yellow mouth formed on her face as a large yellow nose followed along behind it, Lucy’s voice began to sound squeaky as she laughed.

Lucy’s hair began to form into a large blonde beehive hairstyle, her skin turning pale like her face, the three young women of Fairy Tail now looked like a trio of goofy clowns, they now only had one thought on their mind to spray the other women of the guild and grow their numbers.
This was a story someone requested, I rarely do requests so this is just a one off, it involved Fairy Tail which is something I wanted to write a story for but couldn't think of anything and this was pitched to me so I decided to work on it.

It's a quick story but I hope the requester likes it.

Fairy Tail is copyright Hiro Mashima
© 2017 - 2021 Jbrey
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Also on a side note will you be doing more of these? I’m asking because of the ending.
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I might, since I want to do something involving Flare and Cana
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It sounds like a great idea. Keep up the great work btw
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Thanks for doing the request. It looks great. Can’t wait to see future work