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I'm jumping on the bandwagon!

The first 20 people to post a comment will be featured! I will choose three of my favorite deviations from your gallery and post them in this journal!

This is just a fun way to share some of your awesome art! I won't even make you feature me in your journal, but you're welcome to if you want.

1. SageFillyLuna
Wet Paws- digital color final by SageFillyLuna Lonely Admiration by SageFillyLuna Something With Tentacles.... by SageFillyLuna

2. Sahfire14
Book cover, Imagine by Sahfire14 A heart is like a piece of paper by Sahfire14 Yakina, Indescribable by Sahfire14

3. Ueoomy
:thumb318498318: :thumb318223856: :thumb319700020:

4. HatsuNeru
Original Character 2 Liselotte by HatsuNeru :thumb305183919: Original Character 1 Amaya by HatsuNeru

5. VoodooWolfStudios
Wood burnt dragon 2 (new picture) by VoodooWolfStudios Pheasant Doll Front View by VoodooWolfStudios Beijing Olympics Dragon by VoodooWolfStudios

6. porchlord
:thumb318874261: octopi hat by porchlord elephant  pachyderm deity unfinished by porchlord

7. enc86
Papercraft  AT ST by enc86 Well, There goes the neighborhood, Zaphod by enc86 :thumb283038727:

8. xxsavemysoul

9. Amierion
:thumb314787029: :thumb274573035: :thumb315054807:

10. kareldeg77
:thumb318579253: :thumb318194632: :thumb315295909:

11. Reganismyfirstname
:thumb309971464: :thumb308308198: :thumb305756545:

12. Nightmare-Chicken
:thumb319555455: :thumb313981069: :thumb312479051:

13. LupineKnight
:thumb317681235: :thumb317517244: :thumb317499783:

14. PeppermintD
:thumb308381487: :thumb311124258: :thumb312792983:

15. TheJoanaPADJ
Think Blue by TheJoanaPADJ Summertime Happiness by TheJoanaPADJ Mon Cherry by TheJoanaPADJ

16. MindHierarch
Ultermech color by MindHierarch :thumb302966723: Steven color by MindHierarch

17. prongs65
2 of me!!!!!! by prongs65 SMILE! by prongs65

18. Aquamarine1997
Save It 'Til The Morning After by Katith-The-Greatith Well Hello Beautiful by Katith-The-Greatith You're So Vain by Katith-The-Greatith

19. hkepoetry
Masks and crowns by hkepoetry SAI textures 'doodle' by hkepoetry Yoshi Skyward Sword by hkepoetry

20. alex-pol
Guen by AlexLehner If I could fly like a king in the sky... by AlexLehner Acrobatic motorbiking by AlexLehner

21. RobWake
Rabbit Moon Cover by RobWake Inside-out World by RobWake Ben by RobWake
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I guess it is too late for me now, isn't it? =/

Great idea btw :D