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Summer of 2004: Kaiba Brothers

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I know. This one isn't even in my preview book. ^^; Please forgive me! This was spontaneous. I drew it, inked it, scanned it two days later and begun coloring it right away. ^^; Tis my summer pic of the year. Kinda easy yet not so easy, since the last year I did this setting on an oekaki, which is a smaller canvas. This pic took longer than planned, and I refuse to do white sweaters again! :shakefist:

Tis Seto Kaiba and Mokuba Kaiba from the anime Yugioh. I got into a Yugioh fanart drawing spree right after my WHR drawing spree. ^^; Eh...Seto's hair is soo hard to draw! Yugioh's creator sure had a crazy style, especially when it came to drawing hair. ^^;;

I blame my online buddy Jenna for getting me into Yugioh. Otherwise, I'd still think Yugioh is a weird anime and Seto's the most annoying character. But, no. Jenna's obsession slowly creeped into me and now I can't help but like the guy. Tis a love/hate relationship I got with this character, he's interesting and sorta tragic, but at the same time I can't help but want to deck him occasionally. If I were to write him in fanfiction I'd make him the cynical smartass, but at the same time make him suffer through ridiculous goofy trials. XD

Now Mokuba can be an annoying brat too(especially the first time I saw him), but he really is adorable. Damn his cuteness! And he's so adorably loyal to his big brother, that I can't help but smile at their interaction and want to eat the boy. :giggle: So I couldn't help but draw them together walking on the beach. ^^

'added their matching duel necklaces. *sighs* dunno if I'm happy with them tho...Ah well. *toasts* To politically correct fanart! :D :relaxed:

Hope ya enjoy this simple pic. ^^ Not sure when I'll have my next pic up, or which one I'm more done with either.... :confused: But I am working on them! So no fear!

Seto Kaiba & Mokuba Kaiba © Kazuki Takahashi.
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Very well drawn. 
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Also, anyone got the figures for how easy it is to get kidnapped from the beach?
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VampirePrincess25513Student Artist
This is awesome!:D I love how you did Mokuba's hair! I love little Mokie! He is so cute! (And I love his brother too!XD)
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SetoKaibaxHobbyist Writer
So cute
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jakrocker17Student Traditional Artist
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JoJoNeonHobbyist General Artist
aaawwwwww ^^
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banetteloverHobbyist General Artist
I really like this. I went to favorite it and I was shocked cause I apparently had done so before, so consider my favorite x2, ok?
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DragoniaXHobbyist General Artist
wow nice pic ♥-♥
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SamDeanCastielLoverStudent Writer
Aw! I lovez it! :heart: It's :iconadorableplz: :icononionbunnyplz:


Top 5 favourite Yugioh Characters: :iconsetokaibaplz: :iconjoeywheelerplz: :iconmokubakaibaplz: :iconjackatlasplz: :iconyamibakuraplz:

Favourite Dragon :iconblueyeswhitedragonplz:

Yaoi :iconnosebleedingplz: <------ Is a Fan girl

I support Puppyshipping :iconsetokaibaplz: + :iconjoeywheelerplz:

Hellsing :heart:

[] Single

[] Taken

[xxxxx] Mate of Alucard :iconalucardrapefaceplz:
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AW! So cute! I feel the same way about Seto, and Moki just rocks my socks! LOVE that kid! ^U^ Rock on! This was SO SWEET! *U* Loved it! Happy New Year!
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aaww thats soo cute
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so cute
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fullmetalroxHobbyist General Artist
gii the kaiba bros are my fav and i agree seto's hair is to hard to draw just like every other charaters hair for me awsome job
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jbramx2Hobbyist Digital Artist
thank you!
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I love it! I've always had a thing for Seto; even when he does act like a jerk.
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jbramx2Hobbyist Digital Artist
*nods nods* thank you! :D
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no prob. Happy to give credit where credit is due.
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Element-GirlsHobbyist General Artist
I love the brotherly love in this picture!!!
it's so beautiful!!!
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jbramx2Hobbyist Digital Artist
lol, thank you! ^^
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ficklegoddessHobbyist Digital Artist
Wow, I love the coloring on this. Especially Seto's hair. You did a fantastic job. Mokuba's expression is great also, it's just got such a sense of joy and the positioning of both chars is perfect -- I especially love how Mokuba's tugging at Seto's shirt and Seto's not quite smiling down at him.

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