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Camryn ala NORVANDELL by JBourlett Camryn ala NORVANDELL :iconjbourlett:JBourlett 3 0 7 Swords - Painted by JBourlett 7 Swords - Painted :iconjbourlett:JBourlett 31 14 Jacki Lantern by JBourlett Jacki Lantern :iconjbourlett:JBourlett 17 9 Hulk Cut by JBourlett Hulk Cut :iconjbourlett:JBourlett 12 5 Huntress by JBourlett Huntress :iconjbourlett:JBourlett 14 2 Ms Danvers, if you're nasty by JBourlett Ms Danvers, if you're nasty :iconjbourlett:JBourlett 11 1 The Black Widow by JBourlett The Black Widow :iconjbourlett:JBourlett 31 5 Biz card by JBourlett Biz card :iconjbourlett:JBourlett 0 2 Seven Swords - Alania by JBourlett Seven Swords - Alania :iconjbourlett:JBourlett 7 5
The Mighty Seven Swords
The Mighty Seven swords
Seven companions, united in cause,
did come to the darkened cave.
For within its depths dwelt a horrific beast,
That held all local towns enslaved.
An unlikely party of elf, man and dwarf,
They descend down, deep in the gloom.
Over rocks, and bones, and fallen weapons,
They creep forward to an uncertain doom.
Then, the once small pathway opens up
Into the expanse of a cavernous hollow.
Before our heroes, lumbers a monstrous wyrm,
Who seeks only to rend, tear, and swallow.
The deadly hydra's girth fills the large room.
It's claws appear as large, sharpened knives.
Fourteen eyes look hungrily over our band,
Anxious to deprive them their lives.
With the roar of a dwarf, and the twang of a bow,
The battle is joined with a crash.
They strike and they tumble, they block and dodge,
Blades bite, magic flashes, claws slash.
Seven heads for seven heroes, each with a task,
The outcome is never in doubt.
One by one the heads drop, to the hard granite floor,
'til only
:iconjbourlett:JBourlett 3 16
Alania by JBourlett Alania :iconjbourlett:JBourlett 24 15 Bio page: Sharrd by JBourlett Bio page: Sharrd :iconjbourlett:JBourlett 25 33
Alania's Bio
Name:  Alania
Aliases: Alania Gerwynndon, The Hell Cat,
Race:  High Elf
Occupation: Thief, Pirate (former), blacksmith's apprentice (former), Princess (former)
Known Relatives: King Arroth Gerwynndon (Father), Setrine Gerwynndon (Mother), Derreth Gerwynndon (Brother Elder), Diendal Gerwynndon (Brother Younger)
Height: 5' 3"
Weight: 103 lbs
Eyes: Aquamarine
Hair: Blue (dyed) Blonde (naturally)
Alania Gerwynndon was born, the only female, and the second of 3 children to the royal elvish house of King Arroth and Queen Setrine Gerwynndon. Her older brother Derreth was being groomed to be king almost from the womb. Her younger brother Diendal was set to take over the royal guard someday. For Alania, the task was to be accounting, and affairs of the house.
Not content to sit idle, a restless spirit even in her youth, Alania soon began to explore the world around her. She became fast friends with the stable master's son, Jherrod, and was at odds more often tha
:iconjbourlett:JBourlett 0 3
Seven Swords by AH by JBourlett Seven Swords by AH :iconjbourlett:JBourlett 49 23 My Desktop ala Dapper Dan by JBourlett My Desktop ala Dapper Dan :iconjbourlett:JBourlett 0 2 Godam Cover colors by JBourlett Godam Cover colors :iconjbourlett:JBourlett 4 5

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United States
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Personal Quote: There is no greater feeling than doing what you've been told can't be done.

It's been long enough I think...

Fri Apr 2, 2010, 10:03 AM
Seriously, who the hell knows.

I was just killing 15 minutes and thought I would pop on here, and just remind people that I am still alive. Don't make that face... you know who you are. Anyway, I noticed that I hadn't updated this thing in over 2 years and having set that record sufficiently, thought I would change it. Nothing to share really. No art, no writing, no dirty limericks. I'm just hanging out and seeing what other curveballs life wants to hurl at my head. Pretty good at dodging most of them. Only one that really seems to keep stinging. But that is a whole lot of whatever.

Allright then in defference to the OTHER musical Elvis, peace, love and understanding to those of you that read these things. To those that don't...Well, it really doesn't matter does it?

I will be in Anaheim, San Diego and Chicago this year. Should grab a beer...just sayin'

  • Listening to: The Black Keys
  • Reading: Without Fail
  • Watching: Boondock Saints II
  • Playing: A game with everchanging rules.
  • Eating: Chicken
  • Drinking: Water


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