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Legends Of Drakan: Scavenger

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Hey guys! Do you recognize it?
Since I created that Star Wars ship I did lots of other work which I didn't show here (but at my website).
Lowpoly mesh, ready for games. Now... feel free to guess what this is about after all :)
More stuff to come soon.
Associated with this trailer (german, english text in description) www.youtube.com/watch?v=HbiIKm…
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RustBotHobbyist Digital Artist
Lovely work!
Drakan had some really good creature design (and design in general), it's good to see someone give them some love :)
That said, screw scavengers, always messing up my steeze :D
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Disneycow82Hobbyist Filmographer
Always hated those hideous creatures, their grotesque appearance and the horrible goggling noises made. :fear:
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JBJHJMProfessional Interface Designer
Hahaha yes that's 'em damn Scavengers :D
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Metalfist0 General Artist
Hehe nice Scavenger :) 
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JBJHJMProfessional Interface Designer
For now I gave up on developing the game.
I don't have enough time, especially as there're other things that are more important to me.
BUT maybe I'll have some fun time creating other Drakan creatures... I'll let you know :)
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Dude! You made this look so life like almost as if this is what the newer version of the game would turn out to be. I love that game so much I really hope they make a third soon :D 

Funny you should mention Star Wars, since the Primitive Giant almost reminds me of the raincor
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JBJHJMProfessional Interface Designer
haha maybe there're some traces of my old star wars projects in here xD
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Well if you remember in the game, that beast that can grab and throw you across the room almost reminds me of one. Hell first time facing that creature I had no idea what I was up for and all I know is, after it took hold of me and chuck me in the area after that one blow I knew I was dead. Funny how I managed to survive attacks like that in Prince of Persia or God of War without so much damage. 
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JBJHJMProfessional Interface Designer
hmm I played Drakan (1) a hundred times... but I can't remember that one.
Maybe it was a feature of Drakan-2-Scavengers? Never played that one.
Drakan was a true game. Where an enemy actually had a chance to kill you... good times :)
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Really? I remember a lot of games I've played to the heart even thou I don't really remember them all, I remembered most of the ones I've played for Xbox and PlayStation 2 since I didn't have a whole lot games for those systems so that's why these are special. They may have been in both games perhaps but the first time seeing the Scavengers I was like, wait, these aren't on my enemy list. I know right? Most games these days make it just way too easy except for Dark Souls maybe but damn Drakan sure felt a lot enjoyable and entertaining than most other games thou the ending was a bit cheap. :no:
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JBJHJMProfessional Interface Designer
Haha for my Drakan remake I was going to have an alternate ending. ;)
Dark Souls was a "new" concept but somehow I never got interested in it. Maybe it was the consolish gameplay or lack of an interesing story, don't know.
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Yeah, one where they show you the mother Dragon and the rest of the Order. I wanted to see what they sounded like and do in the end even the summoning part. I hate how they only showed you a glimpse of her in the second one only in a story book with a narration telling you what happened than showing you it.
I only stop playing that game because its too hard :P I mean its really a lot of fun but I can't make myself around with ^^; I might just try and play it with my friend once I've finished Castlevania Lords of Shadow.
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JBJHJMProfessional Interface Designer
Interesting idea. I was planning to introduce the player to other remaining Order members.
But I didn't think about showing the mother dragon. Too bad I can't just sit down and complete that game :/
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LaurentLegacy7Hobbyist Writer
Scavenger!La la la la  I loved going up against these guys in Drakan: The Ancient Gates! Really great work you've done here!Winner 
So there is a new game being made in the works for Drakan? I'd love to play it.:squee:  Keep up the great work!#1 

Are you going to do Wartocks, Grull, or Giant Spiders next?Meow :3 
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hurrayforsocksHobbyist Artist
i miss good games
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kyriesinStudent General Artist
Well, cleave me with the Rune Blade and tell me it's only a scratch. That is amazing! :D I remember these pesky little buggers back from the first (and second of course) always sitting around until I came swinging my sword at them. To see the Drakan games brought back with graphics like this, that'd be great. Nice job. :) Can't wait to see what comes next.
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JBJHJMProfessional Interface Designer
thanks. We're currently doing some project restructuring but I'm sure it won't take forever...
I think around christmas would be a great time to release new art :)

... und Grüße aus Deutschland ;)
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