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iPhone turned 3G psd template

By jbensch
My own take on the iPhone 3G psd template. I haven't seen any templates with the iPhone turned to landscape mode. Might as well be the first, eh?

I included a flames layer...booyah!

Please, please, please - if you use this, send some love by way of credit in your deviation.
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Gracias y buen trabajo
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Me alegro de que te guste.  :)
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Use your image here...
...hope you like my idea and hope that it is alright for me to use on If not, please let me now.
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Featured here: [link]
Please share, tweet or +1 :D Thanks.
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:love: this! I shall be sending some love your way. I only want to use these in models of what I can create. If that's ok. :D
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It's definitely ok - that's why I made it. :)
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You can also use the "Dial" command to actually dial a number rather than working off of your contacts list, which also works nicely if you take the time to clearly state each individual number. Unfortunately, the Voice Control isn't very intelligent and if you mistakenly say "Call" followed by a string of numbers, Voice Control doesn't realize what you are trying to do and fails, saying "No Match Found." Oddly enough, if you say "Dial" followed by the name of one of your contacts, it does work, so there is a bit of inconsistency in the approach that leaves quite a bit of room for user error.
iPhone 3GS
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how the hell i download it? I can only dowload the image and not the psd D:
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On the upper right hand side is a block that says 'Download File' with a green arrow. Click this to download the zipped psd file. Right-clicking the image will only save the image.
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nice, will use for wireframes. Keep up good work.
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You're welcome - I'm glad you like it.
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I finally found exactly what I needed for my project...thanks a million!

I'll link you to the project when I finish it ^_^
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You = welcome! Have fun with it. :D
i like to use it but how do i install it?:P
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It's a .psd file - you need to open it in Photoshop.
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