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Dual Monitor Red Weave Flames

Killer title, eh?

My last entry in the contest.

I really like making the dual or 3 monitor wp's - the extra width really works with least in my own opinion.

I have an ACTION PACK planned for this as well...but thought I'd just submit the 3200x1600 version for the contest...

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Lovin' those flames... you do such an artistic and pleasing job. I can stare at that for hours... much like the real thing... 
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awesome... i'll use your pic in other tones for a bike's decal here at my job... i'll send you the pic of the bike next week when it's done!...
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Thanks. I'd like to see it. However, the walls are for personal use only - I don't typically allow them to be sold or resold without permission first.
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Well... the thing is that my partner found your image on google last year, and today a guy came with a motorcycle to make him some decals. And searching the files on the pc i found that image again and show it to the customer. And looking in google i found it again until i came with your profile. But don't worry i'll upload the work when it's finished so u may see it. Next time i'll ask you first! sorry!...
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No worries - a lot of my stuff is on other sites. You didn't know. Unfortunately the resolution of the walls make for lousy prints. Let me know if you or your partner are looking for anything custom, I can make any size/resolution you need.
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no need to worry about the resolution... I already take notice of it. I rebuild the shapes on PS. This monday the guy will see the final work for approval. He wanted the flames in orange colors... the ride is like this one [link]
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I'm available for custom work - I've built flames for phone/laptop skins, motorcycles, semi-trucks and trailers.

Let me know if you or your partner are interested.
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okey dokey...
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Awesome! Thanks!
i just got my second 20 tft
very good thanks a lot
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I just thought of five minutes.
since its fire related so i put it in there.
i dont know why it had to be in maple story,and have all this 1337.....
well,TO THE COMMENT!!!!!!!!!!!
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Nice flames!Old tatoo likes!
You should call the OCC and get a job there!you do great vinyls!
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Love the cherry flames
jbensch's avatar
Thanks!! The red really worked in this one...
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Hot as hell! I'm not just saying that coz its red heh, I love the way they entwine and the colour gradation makes them 3D. It almost makes me want to louse what sanity I have left and squeeze another monitor onto my already bulging desktop to see what it would look like.
jbensch's avatar
Ha ha ha - it'd look like a bulging desktop with 2 monitors...
blood-stained-hands's avatar
or it would look like one broken moniter on the floor and a rather pissed off goth lol
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Hi There! :wave:
You have just earned yourself an O.D.D. feature! :winner: congrats! :clap:
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Wow! Thanks!! I'm really glad you like my stuff!!
OibyrdsDDs's avatar
This one is my favorite out of all of them ;) It looks like old school tattoo flames;)
jbensch's avatar
Mine too - I like doing the weaves...
oibyrd's avatar
Now THAT is awesome :clap: If I had a multi monitor set up, I'd use this one for sure :nod:!
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Thanks!!! I've really gotten into doing the double-wide walls, the extra room allows the flames to flow least in my opinion.

Time for those of us with one monitor to upgrade!!
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