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October 23, 2010
The Most Precious Gift of All by ~jbsc Mishelangello said: "The Most Precious Gift of All is friendship and it's true! Very beautiful and functional composition in which the light creates a unique atmosphere! Generated an illusion of a magic forest, or whether it is rain forest that needs our attention, salvation and cooperation! Whole our world is alive and we all need a friend. I think this wonderful piece of art tell me these things through the beautiful symbols!" tincek-marincek said: "The Most Precious Gift of All by ~jbsc is a gorgeous drawing with fantastic composition and I'm in loved with artist's great combination of colors. One word which describe this piece is...superb." (Also suggested by =suzaku009, *majcy92, *tincek-marincek and *Mishelangello)
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Suggested by sweetychan
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The Most Precious Gift of All

Friendship, in my point of view is the most valuable gift one can give because it can open the door to many other beautiful things.

This is my entry for the September art challenge of ImagineFX. I documented the entire creative process and I might post it once I get a proper layout done.


Done using Photoshop CS5
Custom brushes created by me
8 hours

Edit: VOTE OVER. This entry won! I would like to thank everyone who supported me! :)


EDIT October 24, 2010:


There's a steadily increasing amount of individuals who believe that or are wondering if this painting is based on "The Giving Tree" by Shel Silverstein. To tell you the truth, I was actually unfamiliar with that particular story until several have noted the similarities. It is a coincidence. Thanks to those who let me know about the story though. It's sad indeed but interesting! My inspiration for this painting is neither another painting or literary work but rather my friendship with a certain kid in our neighborhood. He's not a relative of mine but he's so nice to me and in return I treat him like a nephew.

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Wonderful! And yes, friendship is the most important thing of all!

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awwwww this is so cute
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I loved this is image. I found it perfect to a positive message text I cited at my blog.
Hope you allow it, full credits of course.
The link to the post is:…

Best Regards
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You've been featured here [link] :D
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very amazing piece.*_*
jbcasacop's avatar
Thank you very much! My apologies for the delayed response. :)
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nice brushstrokes.
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wonderful and amazing work!!
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Thank you so much! :)
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u welcome ... u deserve it,you,r professional artist!!:clap:
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you are an instant feature bro,,cheers
Alizadeh-Art's avatar
pleasure is mine;)
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I love the technique used in this!
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Sweet! very well done!!
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