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Darth Khal-Drogo

By jbcasacop
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Dark lord of the Khalasar. I'm a fan of Star Wars. I'm also a fan of Game of Thrones. I couldn't decide which one I was going to make fan art of so I thought of doing both! Here's our favorite Dothraki depicted as a sith. This is the first of my Star Wars: The Throne Wars series. I shall make use of my spare time to make more of these! :)
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OMG! hell yeah! one of the best crossover ever seen! Great work
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Ah. the R-Rated version of Star Wars.
JJWS92's avatar
Drogo vs Maul, who wins?
JasonVoorhees541's avatar
And you thought force choke is brutal .
chianirani's avatar
holy fucking gosh YES! crossover of two of my most fave things ever! love this so much!!!!!
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You've combined two things I like - Star Wars and GoT. :D
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Guys how fucked are we 
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This is totally awesome!!!
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Most epic art I have ever seen of him!
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Any chance we can buy this print? I would love to make a pendant or something out of this. Badass!
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Damn I wish this was for sale...
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Were all fucked now
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Unless he gets poisoned again. :D
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This is incredible! I love the idea, and the execution! 
jbcasacop's avatar
Thanks! I'm glad you like it! :)
JerooKaskeroo's avatar
Kal Drogo a Sith Lord!!! what a Menace and nice COncept!
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Thank you! Glad you like the mashup! :D
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This is insanely epic, I can't wait for more <3
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