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Personal Work
Ragbeet is a Berb Eater. He hates journeying
to the surface to look for food but enjoys the hunt soon after. The rain in particular brings a twisted smile to Ragbeet's face as the berbs fly into the trees to shelter from getting wet where Ragbeet awaits them. When Ragbeet starts shooting his blowgun, they try to fly out into the rain to escape, but there is no escape. Their scent is distinct against the smell of oils released by the plants and trees when it rains and Ragbeet is very precise in shooting his poisoined darts even under the heaviest of rains. The darts are laced with paralyzing poison that's concocted from his own saliva which keeps the berbs fresh. As the rain dies down, Ragbeet lets out another twisted smile. His bag is full, which he will take home to his family, and he has one extra berb in his hand that he can snack on as he rests under the pitter patter of the drops hitting the leaves. Ragbeet loves the rain. Ragbeet loves his berbs.
Adding more original designs to the portfolio. The mood for the piece was inspired by the recent stormy weather in my county.
Earthshake Escapades (The Land Before Time)
I was invited to participate in Gallery 1988​'s "30 Years Later" show and was given a list of movies that I'd want to make a print of. My eyes locked right away on The Land Before Time in the list. It is my absolute favorite "road trip" movie and it holds up really well—the story still chokes me up today. Nothing really beats the charm of these classic 2D animation films.

I wanted the poster to look different from what's out there and focused the background on the big earthshake (earthquake in dino speak) that starts our hero's journey. I tried to frame the gang with as much peril around them as I could.
Buy a print of this here (while it lasts):…

Also, check out the rest of the artworks created for the show!
Tundra Guard
This was a personal challenge to try and design a furry Predator (like in the movie) and come out with something cool-looking. Started out with a horse's head to which I added lion and goat features to.

Gonna try and add more non-movie-poster related art like this when I can to diversify the portfolio. I miss trying to design my own stuff. Got a bit of a story that goes along with this, so read on if you like... words lol
The 'Thogarian' position their best warriors along the borders between their land and the human domain to serve as warning that these grounds are protected by their race and it will be bloodshed for anyone that ventures further. These warriors are trained from birth to specifically fight off man, who have started hunting the Thogarian for their rich fur. Their kind is normally covered full body in fur, but these chosen few need to shear off theirs for improved mobility as they train for battle.

A single warrior can easily take out 15-20 fully armed human soldier. They can move swiftly despite their bulk, and just one thrust from their blades can kill a man. Their hide is thick and the muscles underneath are firm that even the strongest of menkind have a hard time cutting through with the sharpest and heaviest of swords. In fact, a Thogarian warrior welcomes the slashes, pokes, and blows from these weapons of man as each scar that they incur in battle is honored by small trinkets granted by the tribe's leaders. The more scar a warrior has and the more trinkets, the more experienced and skilled the warrior—and any human soldier knows it. These scars strike fear into any one of them that sees it. 
A warrior can live off for days in the border with just a small amount of food and water that they carry around their waist. They will be replaced by another warrior when they need to go back to rest and replenish these rations. They also carry a horn that they use to signal for a replacement or if they need to call for help from the surrounding warriors in the area when the human soldiers are too many and prove too formidable for one warrior.
Uneasy Embrace (Phantom Thread)

Joined the contest over at Talenthouse for their Phantom Thread creative invite.
Title: "Uneasy Embrace"

Concept : I went with a symbolic approach to the colors. Woodcock (Day-Lewis) has let in a strong presence into his monotonous and seemingly well-balanced life. So strong that he is unsure whether he can handle it or if he actually really wants it. The red girl represents this disruption in Woodcock's world. Red also represents the color of love, passion, and anger—all emotions that were present in the trailer. His "embrace" represents his love for women and the clothes that he makes. I made him look at the camera to make it seem like we've caught him doing something he's not supposed to—mixing together these two passions of his, which seems like will end in a bad way for him and/or the woman he loves. The measuring tape going right down the middle of the title hints at a 'countdown' to something seemingly ill in the trailer. I also kept the attic as a background—the attic is a place where dark secrets are kept and locked away—I felt a hint of something dark in the trailer in Woodcock's past.



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