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Tausha Vexel

Yet another exciting vexel :w00t: I just couldn't resist them!

This time, with *Dahdtoudi 's OC Tausha XD vexelled over a Temari headshot. For some reason Temari's facial frame suited Tausha and I'm pleased with how this turned out :dance:

BTW I'm going away for a couple days. I'll return sometime next week.

Tausha (c) :icondahdtoudi:

art (c) Me
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Hey, do you think that you could do one for me?
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I've already a full list sorry ^^;

When I finish and reopen a new list I'll take yours. But be quick!
KiraMizuka's avatar
Okay, let me know! ^_^
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She looks like she a big cookie...yet cant find the words to say "Wow...thats a big cookie."...:highfive:
GreenEyedBrunette's avatar
Cel shading is good. :heart:
Dawley's avatar
Wow. That's a pretty neat vexel! :D
Ultamia's avatar
daaaaaaaaaaamn she looks like she is really from the anime XDD
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do it with Tsurento :dance:
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Dahdtoudi's avatar
OMG!! This is sooo awesome!! :heart: Thank you soo much
:glomp: And I'm gonna miss you but I hope you
have so much fun ^ ^
Now I wanna draw vexels! =D
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You're welcome =D

It's pretty easy: duplicate the background layer of your chosen screenshot, name the copy 'clean-up', then make a new layer called 'white'. Set your clean-up layer to 'Multiply, then delete your old background layer. Next click on your 'white' layer and fill it with white using the bucket tool. After that make a new layer, call it 'lineart' and trace over the screenshot with the pen tool (use whichever style and size of brush you like). Once you've penned (and checked over) the entire character, click on to 'clean-up' then go to Image-Adjustments-Levels and erase everything til you're only left with your pretty lineart =D Then the colouring begins!
Dahdtoudi's avatar
Oh sweet! Thanks for the tips ^ ^
LonelyDreamer13's avatar
Wowies this looks awesome!! :clap: :wow:
She looks so prettyful! :heart:
Excellent work! :nod:

Aww I will miss you TC! :hug: :glomp:
JBarnzi88's avatar
callyrose's avatar
very awesome job!
JBarnzi88's avatar
CrazyBunni's avatar
oohhh awesome!! XD
and i think you are right about the face shape it does match her!! XD
Ivicic47's avatar
Nicely done, it is beautiful ^_^ The facial expression seems kind of empty, but I think it's just me.
JBarnzi88's avatar
Thanks =D :shrugs:
Steeljaw68's avatar
Beautiful.. just beautiful...
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