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:iconjb-pawstep:JB-Pawstep posted a status
The new Zelda is so huge... The Switch should be able to handle a pkmn game with all regions. I mean.. did you see the map in Zelda???!?
I know some people wouldn´t like a pkmn game where you can  go to each region but I personally would love it.

Devious Comments

IvainLight Featured By Owner May 8, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
So first off,Understand that,as a fan of Pokemon,i'd love if that could happen,but I HIGHLY doubt Game Freacks would even make it,even with the technical possibilities,for some reasons:

The idea of going from one region to another is since long a big ol' dream we all want to succeed ony day,but if we're going to go through them all,well first it's going to be long,which is not a problem EXEPT when you add the next point:
It would be Redundant at some point

Going throught the 7 regions, going throught the Gyms, beating the Bad Guys Eventually and saving the World (Around 4-5 times,welp lel),catching them all and finding all secrets(let's be honest this part is the longest)

First point:The Gyms

Not Counting the fact that Alola doesn't have any gyms(exept if they make Sun2/Moon2 with Gyms :laugh_sarcasticly:) we got 5 regions with 8 gyms and 1 with 10,which is Unova (O.K. I gotta clarify here that I haven't played Pokemon Black2/White2 so i dunno if the two first gyms of Black1/White1 are still regular Gyms in the Second game,even if I assume not) Which leads us to a colossal number of 50 Gyms. FIFTY. GYMS. THAT'S A HUGE LOT. Even when Silver/Gold/Crystal/HeartGold/SoulSilver went for 16 Gyms and one Elite4, the levels were hellah high (well ok,without Counting Red in it,the Level Cap(highest level of a NPC trainer's pokemon) was like 58 for Silver/Gold/Crystal and it was Blue which isn't THAT high, but in HG/SS it is 75 with the Garchomp of Peter when you battle him after getting the 16 Badges.
It REACHED 75 with JUST 16 Badges,Imagine with 48-50 of 'em?
Well,then okay,maybe the Rate of progression of pokemon levels would be diminished,heh? So the levels would get higher slower and we wouldn't reached Full gym leaders and Elite 4 with 6 lvl 100 pokemons to keep the Difficulty level interresing until the lasts moment of the game heh?
Also I haven't talked up about the 6 differents Elite4 + Champions(Elite4&Champs of Kanto/Johto were count only once),which is like,30 more peeps! but we're just gonna recycle my previous argument with the Gym Leader.

Point is,if you even add a newer Region to bring ye some interest,it becomes even more crazy for balancy and stuff.
(also I've only talked about the Core Serie Region,since the ones from Pokemons Rangers and such aren't any interresting)
[haven't talk'd about the Regular trainers either,now i think of it]

Second point: The Story
In the Stories of the game -at least starting from the 3rd gen- you kinda save the world from a Villan's Team that will try to cleanse the World for some peronnal reasons,sometimes they're understable,sometimes not.
I mean,ok,you wouldn't have to replay every single adventures and saving the world countless times (actually 4/5 times) because I gotta assume you're not always gonna start from the "Beginning Town" and stuff. But I mean,it'd be good if you got a reason to visit the Region like,huh,I dunno? "The Brand-New Villain Team Made its way through all the Regions and we gotta stop theirs bases located in all regions"? That's would be eventually some sort of reason why you would go in all known regions,I guess (Did I gave a counter-argument in my own argumentation? Dayum i'm weird) But hey,get my point,you just can't waddle around in all regions just because "olol it's fun,wanna find challenge" especially when the challenge stuff makes me come back to my first point

Exept if they come up with a real good story,it could be real quick boring,especially if you have nothing to do in the game but to roam around battling and hoping for something to happen

Third point: The Main Character/The Rival(s)
So yeah,the big point in all this would be: WHO would WE be? Someone from a brand new region? A brand new "totally-customisable-character" suchas the guys in X/Y/Sun/Moon? Or a Mythic Trainer that will travel throught all regions for some reasons I might have given in the second point?Well, if we are Red,then the thing of "Searching for Challenge" Would be justified,since Red is ONLY searching for challenge,that's his only reason to live. But then it would come to some point:The Rivals,suchas, Blue,Silver,May,etc.(if we are Red,i'm gonan assume Blue will stay in his Gym after you've beaten Elite4 of Kanto/Johto) You could stick with ONE rivals that'd follow you throught the WHOLE game (or at least,starting region) but ye know,you can't just bring all the Rivals here just to create Fan-Service and say "Hey!They're in the Game!Give us Credit for doing it!" It'd not work and we'd grow tired and jased of it. B'sides, coming back to Point1, the level of the rival(s) would be incredibly HIGH while the game carries on,I mean,imagine yourself at the 6th region and facing Rival with 6 pokemon lvl 100 and knowing you'd have to fight him some more times!(exept if they is only one battle against each in the story,and then you can battle them freely later on)

That's be kinda fck'd up if you don't cover that with a VERY WELL LIT story

Fourth point: The exploration and collection part
Well yeah,basically,Pokemon is about you exploring and discovering your region you haven't studied during the 12-14 years that you've been alive (Don't count Brenden/May and Sun/Moon in this rant cuz they just moved in theirs region)and catching all the pokemons of the-said region.And ye know that the pokemon games got a huge lot of treasures,hidden secrets,stuff you can't see and you have to randomly press "A" to find!(I hate these)
Heck yeah,exploring ONE region is fun! exploring SEVEN regions? SOUND GREAT! Exept if you're tired of doing that after the Third one of searching every corner,catching every pokemons coming at you,all the stuff you own and all these Rare unique pieces you get and all the stuff.
Imagine the Search of the Mega-Stones throught Seven Regions

I don' thave much to say on that part but I hope ye get what i wanted to say

Fifth point: I'm really tired and I can't think straight to say my argues
It's 23:30 here and i'm strating to get sleepy,my brain can't come up with all the arguments I'd like to bring you,and stuff,arrrg :scream in pain:

Well,as I said,I'd LOVE of they made a game with all the regions together,but it'd ask to come up with a convenient story, convenient way of making it, and so many others stuff that I'm not sure they will ever make it. (Plus time and money to make it,for some reasons i had to put that up)

Dang it,it must have been the longest comment i've wrote on DeviantArt so far.
Well...TO anyone that have read this through...You're a lovely cupcake with multicolor toppings (I should go to sleep,I'm starting saying more non-sense than usual)
Jifi-Dawg Featured By Owner May 8, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Who wouldn't like a game with all the regions?? That would be a DREAM <33
JB-Pawstep Featured By Owner May 8, 2017
Yes it would be :heart: And finally enough (not boring) content to level pkmn xD
CrimsonBirdy Featured By Owner May 8, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
It should at LEAST allow for the pokemon following system like they had in HG/SS. It was apparently considered for Sun/Moon and there are animations in the source code, so hopefully the next one will have it! That on top of a huge map with links to each region would be amazing!
Iyna08 Featured By Owner May 8, 2017
Stimmt, Zelda muss ich auch noch weiterspielen. :D
Sarbet Featured By Owner May 8, 2017
I'd love a Pokémon game like that! :la:
JB-Pawstep Featured By Owner May 8, 2017
maybe one day ;o;
xSeamair Featured By Owner May 8, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
N Kumpel hat mir die Karte im Vergleich zu Skyrim gezeigt. Ich hab 200 Stunden in Skyrim verbracht und immernoch nicht alles wiorklich gesehen.........
Und die karte von Zelda ist irgendwie...5-6x so groß??
Wäre zwar toll so ein Pokemon Spiel aber nicht für die Switch dann.... dann müsste man sich (mal wieder) ne neue konsole kaufen... Und die Controller sind der größte mist -__-"

...Aber wäre trotzdem toll son PKMN spiel mit ALLEN regionen... ;_; Anstat schon wieder einer neuen... oder irgendeinem Remake. Mal wieder xDD
JB-Pawstep Featured By Owner May 8, 2017
Die nächsten Spiele / Generationen werden so oder so für die Switch sein D: Der 3DS kommt nicht hinterher mit all den Daten, daher mussten die ja auf den Dex verzichten und darauf, dass die PKMN neben einem laufen können.
Da dürft ruhig was neues dabei sein, aber alle alten wären auch toll xD
GeodeGemOnyx Featured By Owner May 8, 2017
JB, truer words could not have been said, here's hoping we get a wide scale pokemon game~
JB-Pawstep Featured By Owner May 8, 2017
that would be so cool :D
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