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:iconjb-pawstep:JB-Pawstep posted a status
It seems the little cold I am dealing with again and again finally decided to break out. But still not really. I feel typical cold pains and stuff but actually my colds are more sinusitis than anything else.
But not this time strangely. I am waiting for it xD I want this shit to break out finally and make me really ill for 3-5 days. Better than suffering a little the entire cold season =A= I had that last year and don´t need it again.

Anyway :D that is luckily in a little art block time and I also find time to relax my wrist (which still hurts when I draw btw) but I am acutally not writing this for any pity but to ask you if you can suggest some nice movies?
I don´t want to see movies that make me feel bad xD so no dramatic deaths please.
I will see if maxdome has the movies you suggest. But it seems besides the Pro7 Sidcoms there is 95% bullshit on maxdome. Would never pay for this shit (it´s my brother´s account) Hm.. still better than the usual german free tv. The only half way enjoyable on german free tv are the kid´s channels. That´s sad xD Not even good documentaries are on.

And my freaking diva dog is giving me this "feed me awesome stuff" look. I hate when she is like that. Has her food and treats in the kitchen but no that is not good enough for this little rat princess.

Oh and for the movie suggestion please no horror movies. 8D... I can´t watch them when I know I am alone at home... or I will think I am not alone. You got it? Badum tsss. Darn Maxdome is full of horror movies.

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HMS-ArtHound Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Do a Disney movie marathon! Also, I hope you feel better soon.
Adamiro Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh... *gives the blanket, hot tea and a comfy pillow* Get well soon :3

Movies? Hmm... "The Croods", "Fantastic Mr. Fox", "Over the Hedge", "Mary and Max", "Help, I'm a fish"... Well, I'm not a good in it xD
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