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:iconjb-pawstep:JB-Pawstep posted a status
If I would not have any other Things to do like my Job and my Dog, I would do...:

1 x complete Profile every Day

Includes Sprite and Headshot Drawing

1 Chapter Summary every Day

1 Comic Page every Day

and maybe one Day this Dream of a Day will come true xD

Also one Month has passed since my Life started to change. It´s amazing and can enjoy little Things in my Life... like... a lot xD Cause so much Trouble got killed out of my Mind.
Even my Teenagerself woke up again and got into her Shipping Mood and fall in Love with fictional Characters.
The Urges to do a longer Fan-Comic grow and grow but sadly there are the Thoughts of those Bastards who come along and grab your Work to do Stuff with it on Youtube.
Might stick with Fanarts for now and omg the new Dragons Episodes are online and I just watched two Episodes and I never trusted you Heather :nuu:! .. but I bet you are good in the End.
Still >v>

For my personal Work... well.. Currently I don´t feel like working on Katinka but I will of course. The next Pages are sketched already.
Sorry in case anyone would like me to work on them quicker but I am in Fanart Mode these Days and I don´t know how to feel about it ;v; sometimes it´s great sometimes it gives me this inner artistic Stress xD

What ever I am writing too much Nonsense. Need to watch Episode 3 to find out what this black haired Girl is up to.
And finally more Twin Power ;o; I love Ruff and Tuff.

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