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:iconjb-pawstep:JB-Pawstep posted a status
I found out germany now has Dragon Ball Super on TV. I knew Vegeta´s voice would change what was very bad arleady but it seems the entire cast is new. And that sucks. I watch the subtitled one anyway but I would have loved to get to watch it in german. (we had the best goku voice in the past and it makes me nerdish-sad that they changed it.) Once more a reason to celebrate the existence of the internet were huge fandom communities gather and subtitle all episodes for other fans with using law loopholes to make it not illegal. May it stay like this xD

Now to an actual problem that is one. I finally found dog food my dog wants to eat. It went good for a couple of days. Now she got sick of it. =A= Diarrhea. I hope her system still was able to use the medicine I gave her earlier but I fear not. That means she might puke tomorrow morning and will refuse to eat anything. Since I dont know if the medicine is in her now I can not give her just another one since one pill is already a very high dose (10 mg Omeprazol) for a dog her size. And those are pills you can not break appart since that would destroy their galenic and would make them not gastro-resistent anymore. Ahhhhhsfljlrfj, ok. Venting over. Thanks for listening. Worst that can happen is a stressful morning tomorrow.

And since then I should work on my stuff but all my hands do are doodling ricks and mortys 8D"

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Zwaa Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2017
Oh man, poor puppy.
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