Your favourite Region in PKMN World
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Unova / Einall
Orre (Colsseum and XD)
Fiore (Ranger)
Almia (Ranger)
Oblivia (Ranger)
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Probably Johto, because Silver and Gold were my favorite generation. Being able to travel between Johto and Kanto and see how everything changed since the first game and collect 16 badges was the best. lD
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omg that was so cool! I wish they would do one where you could travel everywhere oAo
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Yeah, if they went back to using sprites, they could definitely fit all the regions in there. XD I'd definitely buy that one right away.
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Furrykits1|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Unova :3
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I like em all but I don't have a 3DS therefore I cannot play Pkmn XY and Ruby and all dem 3DS games :(
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that is sad ;v; you should get one to join us when the new Generations will come out. We will have a Chatroom here and play all together :D It was Fun with XY. Sadly I didnt had much Time when the Hoenn Remakes came out.
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Yes! Im tryong to save my money for one but I am a spender x3 I will have to wait till Christmas x3
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QueenTenten|Hobbyist General Artist
I love them all and I can't choose.
But I'm going to vote Oblivia because
I really like the female(Summer) and male(Ben) Ranger's design.
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lilo1212|Student General Artist
Sinnoh :D
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Soulflutigress|Student Traditional Artist
i have only played since XY and haven't got that far in ORAS so i'd say Kalos
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Ritsuka-Sylveon-Kun's avatar
Ritsuka-Sylveon-Kun|Hobbyist General Artist
I don't know my favorite, I only know my least favorite, Sinnoh.
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BlackAquila|Student Digital Artist
Uhm, kann ich auch für die PMD Reihe voten? xD
Aber Sinnoh ist die erste Wahl. :>
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I have to pick just one? If yes, then it's definitely Johto. But in general... I really like Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Orre and Kalos. :dummy:
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Lizzara|Hobbyist General Artist
ich bin ja ein colloseum fan, also Orre! X3
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Echoclouds|Professional Traditional Artist
Sinnoh <33333
Die allerste Region , die ich kennengelernt hab x3333
Da gibts die Speersäule und die Zerrwelt  also jaaa
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CathyNoire|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
'cause Persian!:iconx3v2plz:
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xSeamair|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Johto! :la:
Okay Kanto ist auch toll aber...Johto ist schöner! <3
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Kaloswolf|Hobbyist Writer
Hoenn because Mightyena is bae
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Phantomsylveon|Student Digital Artist
Hoenn! 3rd genner 4lyife
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I  would vote for Johto but I can´t XD
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