Where do your feral characters life?
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In a den / cave
Somewhere in nature
with humans
In houses without humans
I have no idea ._O
they have no home oAo
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By JB-Pawstep   |   Watch
Published: June 25, 2017
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It depends on the story and character, but Fireball he is too human as some call him, he lives like the humans, but mainly spends time on his farm when he gets some down time.

Corrobis lives in the typical Ancient Egyptian Pyramid, but when he is with Whisper it is usually a house.

Zarrand, my main villain and for some reason people seem to like him, don't ask why XD, but he lives in his flying Fortress, doing what villains do best "trying to take over the world" XD.

Kal my Moonblade is probably one of the rare ones to live outside, as he enjoys the conditions of the whether, specially at night when the moon is up and the cool air is against him.
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UluriEdited | Digital Artist
Kindling lives in an old house with a tree through it. There is a village nearby

Uluri lives where ever Uluri wants. Sometimes sleeps in trees, rooming with kindling, or a mysterious apartment that seems to appear.
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Ich müsste eigentlich mehrfach voten. XD
Also Habichtsturz lebt ja seit einigen Jahren glücklich in einem Clan. Das Lager liegt an einem See und ist von einer Brombeerhecke umgeben. Ansonsten, auch wenn er inzwischen doch schon etwas älter ist, reist er auch viel und lebt dann da, wo es sich anbietet.

Bastet wäre als Feral vorwiegend entweder im alten Ägypten anzutreffen oder, wenn es um meine geplanten Bücher geht, in einer Wüstenstadt, die rein von Katzen bewohnt ist. (Halt Fantasywelt.)
Selbiges bei Cyan.

Ansonsten hab ich ja kaum Ferals, die ich aktiv benutzen würde.
Vllt noch R.E.I.N.H.A.R.D. III. Und der würde entsprechend dem, dass er ein hochgezüchteter Pudel mit Adelstitel ist, vorwiegend in der Nähe der Menschen leben. Vermutlich in ner extra für ihn gebauten Villa seines Milliardärsherrchens. XD
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Ok while I don't really have ferals exactly, I have creatures that really live in nature and the more humanoid ones like witches live in country or urban style places. My shapeshifters live like these homes built into the environment. Like one lives inside a tree and has mushrooms growing out of it for stairs.    
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South-Williams|Student Digital Artist
Mine's kind of a... special case? ^^; Being a human turned feral fox, of course he had a home and family with humans. But after the change he was found by a patrol of other feral animals and taken to a secret society that were kind of like Katinka's kingdoms. The ferals lived in dens of their own, but were built not unlike old fashioned human architecture. The royalties that governed the different territories lived in more lavished "castles," while their subjects lived in more hut-like dens. Althought the archetecture might vary from territory to territory.
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8OV|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Tres lives with humans and The rest live on the streets.
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StygmaEdited |Hobbyist General Artist
Depends on the character. I have many.

(But not as many as you)
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Jifi-Dawg|Professional Digital Artist
Kinda depends ;v; Some of them live in nature, some of them build houses and villages, and some of them live on the streets. VERY few of them live with humans, tho xD
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Griffonmender|Student Traditional Artist
(I'm guessing you mean "live.")

Though the feral-ness of my spirit creatures definitely varies between species, most are fairly animal like and live in their own communities within the Realm of Dreams.
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I mean lives I guess xD .. damn. I keep mixing these two up.
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Griffonmender|Student Traditional Artist
Live-lives is for one critter when it's a verb, but it's plural as a noun.
   English grammar rules are weird.

It's fine though- mistakes happen. ^   ^
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Lass1e|Hobbyist Digital Artist
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Frostedmountain|Hobbyist General Artist
My feral characters live just like anthro characters except they walk on four legs. XD
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DorteTorte|Hobbyist General Artist
Es ist gemixt. Einige leben bei Menschen oder Anthros, andere sind Streuner, die in verlassenen Städten ihre eigene gegründet haben oder einfach so in noch belebten Städten herumstromern. Wieder andere haben sich in der Natur ihre Existenz aufgebaut, in Wäldern, Feldern, Höhlen, etc..
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Somewhere XD
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adwendler|Professional Digital Artist
in a rather nature-based environment, but they're building their own little houses and society <333 ;u;
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