What is your favourite TRADITIONAL tool to draw with?
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colored pencils
felt tips / colored markers
copics or similars
water color
aquarell pencils
pastel chalk
oil chalk
other *comment*
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MissMeaws|Hobbyist General Artist
Normal gray (or you can say black or whatever) pencil...
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briarasha|Hobbyist General Artist
I love using this mechanical pencil I have(I've used it so much the first part of the brand's worn off but I'm pretty sure its a steadler, I can make out mars technico?) it has these massive thick leads in it that make it a dream to shade with, especially if you use those kneadable erasers you can get some really cool effects. Also Something I didn't find out until I had had it for nearly two years, the cap on the back doubles as a sharpener so you can refine the tip of the pencil:loves: V2 
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Soulflutigress|Student Traditional Artist
Well. Idk. But I like to draw with my Sakura Manga Set Mechanical Pencil and either .6 or .4 Pen for outlining depending on what I'm working on. I just color with Sharpies and Liquimark Washables and some other markers that are jumbled together in my bag
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Toast-Mom|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Omg copicssss. I've used pretty much every tool listed, and copics are by far my favorite. There are so many different colors, and they're refillable! And it doesn't take much practice to learn to use them, they make it so much easier and way more fun to draw I love em I have like 6 packs lol
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Colored pencils, Charcoals, or shading pencils like F, HB, B 2B, etc. I have used color markers but not very much, since my sister no longer uses her I might ask to have them since I bought the original ones she had for her. Oh and they're the expensive markers, Prismatic I think.
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dusk-fox3|Hobbyist General Artist
I use sharpies although I'd quite like to get some copix.
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I like markers, especially the scented ones. The colors are brighter than colored pencils, but if I make a mistake than then the picture's pretty much ruined. Ink pens are nice, I like the sharpness it brings to a pic. Pencils are just pencils. I haven't tried much of anything else tho. 
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SilverMelody13|Student Digital Artist
Just a pencil and pen ^-^
i never usually color my traditional drawing. (though i've always wanted to use copics)
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Astralstonekeeper|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Colored pencils are cleaner, but watercolors are just nicer to work with.
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Ze-Marionette|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Kira: plain old graphite pencils.

Eris: Pens.
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Micron pens and regular colored pencils, because I can take them everywhere without a big mess. XD
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IZZY-CHAN13|Hobbyist General Artist
To draw with or color with? :o
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Ariasong7|Hobbyist Digital Artist
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Sycniverse|Hobbyist Artist
a pencil 
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Jwgirl|Hobbyist General Artist
Mechanical pencils and black pens
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Johnny-Ether|Hobbyist General Artist
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I personally use coloring pencils mostly. Ever since I was a little kid. However, I also like to play around with Copics and Neopikos. I also have these pastel things I loved to use like 10 years ago a lot! These days... Not so much. I also like using Inktenses, even if I'm not that good with them yet. 
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DorteTorte|Hobbyist General Artist
Copics und Aquarelle-Stifte :D
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Jayden-Knight|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Sharpies and Prismacolors
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CathyNoire|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
aquarell & colored pencils mix
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catluvr2|Hobbyist General Artist
Like Zhespy115glaceon2003 , and catinateaup said, just a plain old #2 pencil. :) Easier to correct mistakes.
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Eigentlich finde ich alles cool XD hat alles irgendwie so ne eigene Note :3
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Chica247|Hobbyist General Artist
I like charcoal and wax colored pencils ^.^
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catinateaup|Student General Artist
Just the plain led pencil
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