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February 5th, 2019

Starting with Chapter 30 I will have assitence when it comes to flat coloring :D
I refused this for so long because I wanted to do all the work in my project but tbh there are too many times on which I simply don´t enjoy working on it. I thought about stopping so often in the last years. But no, I need to finish it at least till chapter 100, where the main story stops. So I shouldn´t be so stubborn and accept help lol This is also a little motivation boost!

Adamiro will do some flat coloring then. Not all pages, just some, of course.

This is actually the second time I let other people help me coloring. Back then I wanted it to become like a project I work along with my husband and he indeed colored two pages, but... he freestyled too much and did the one thing I don´t want anyone to do. He changed Katinka´s eyes. Big No-Go. He´s a great artist himself actually, if he tries to but he, especially back then, had no idea about styles and designs.

Adam knows better. He knows my style and characters as well as their designs and what´s important about them. So he is a way better person for this job than my husband xD 

(Chapter 30, Page 2)

Preview of the first flat coloring he did for the comic.
Not everyone could cope with my messy lineart lol

So yeah. Thanks for offering your help Adamiro

If you like my comic jump over at his profile and gift a llama to him <3

15th August 2017

I almost finished act 15 yesterday. Would love to keep working on it but my dog stresses the hell out of me and I almost didn´t sleep this night.
The new method I have to do sprites is helpful tho. I might be able to finish all sprites which are left even this year. With your help of course! The contest goes very well too!

To give you an idea about what I am working on the last days:

Species List: 26 Pages
Sub-Species List: 9 Pages

Packs and Groups: 3 Pages

Races: 4 Pages

Planets and Places: 5 Pages

Where each character lives including marked couples, representives and healers: 30 Pages (most was already done here on dA)

Educations of NeoPaneruga: 6 Pages

Contributions of NeoPaneruga: 5 Pages (did that today)

Ages: 1/2 Page

Genders and Sexualities: done, only a tiny part of a page

Higher Powers: only a little text - done

Holidays on NeoPaneruga: 2 Pages

List of all current chaptesr: was done before just some corrections were needed - 2,5 Pages

Not done yet:

Places of NeoPaneruga: not done yet

Plants and Herbs of NeoPaneruga: 3 Pages (so far complete till I add more plants like the ones ninchiru created for me some years ago)
(Need to make up more mushrooms too)

Fruits on NeoPaneruga: very imcomplete ~ not started yet

Prey of NeoPaneruga: 
very imcomplete ~ not started yet

Items and Special Items: (incomplete) 2 Pages

Restaurants and similar public Places of NeoPaneruga: not done yet

Healing Abilities of Lapiseos: not done yet

Portals: not done yet

Acts: not done yet
Legends of NeoPaneruga: not done yet and it will take forever =A=

I should use this news journal more often...


The group I created years ago Katinka-Guide won´t be used anymore. I soon will close it because I prefer having all files in my main gallery anyway. I will submit parts I have completed soon and will add pictures to them one day.
The guide files will be submitted to this…

01. January 2016 - Unloyal J.B.

Ahoi everyone ;D here some News for the very first Time of this Year!
When J.B. is drunken, she will show a little Crush on someone xD I will draw a Picture of this later this Day! Maybe some of you have an Idea who it could be owo (Oh I´m so sorry Nerdy, your Mate is horrible when she is drunken)

Happy New Year, my Friends!


10. November 2015

I finished Act 11 last Night :D and there will be a Changing. Once again haha. The Paneruga Act will be Act 12 and the Act on Frozero might be Act 13. Maybe I will do other Things first. Not sure yet ovo


9. November 2015 - Farbinis

Found a Name for one of my unnamed Species:
CharacterBoard - Farbinis
CharacterBoard - Farbinis by JB-Pawstep

They have unbreakable Glas Bubbles on their Forehead, filled with liquid Color Stuff. This Liquid is connected with Glands on their Pawpads. So they can paint Stuff. Maybe Permanently.
If they touch eachothers Paws, they get a Mix of the Colors of the both Bubbles of them. Example: One with a red Bubble and one with a blue Bubble hold Paws= Their Bubbles turn purple for a While.

Cool right? Once again an Idea I got at Work while doodling around xD"

I´m not sure if I want them to live on a Planet or in Between World.. I guess they will get a Planet.
Which Act?  - I have no Idea yet. Also not for their Story o3o


24. October 2015

I know having Species based on PKMN is unoriginal but Art is not supposed to be original all the Time. It is supposed to gives the Artist Joy. So I will do some more PKMN based Species I will use in Katinka. And I know I can create Characters and Speces which aren´t based on Canon Stuff and they look very great. So I don´t care what you think about my PKMN based Species xD I will use them and I will love them :heart: Unoriginal or not uvu


21. October 2015 - b

Three Years and one Month ago I wrote a Scene, knowing this Scene would once also be a Flash Back before the final Battle. ... I can not believe I just wrote the Flash Back Scene. So great.
It felt amazing. One more planed Thing finally is done. Finally is written. Completed. After three Years :heart:

21. October 2015

Damn I wanted to draw some dirty Fanart today but now I find myself writing again. Well my Plan is to finish Act 10 tonight. Maybe starting Act 11 tomorrow. I want to at least finish it till the End of the Year so I can focus more on the Comic in 2016. I am sorry if I am talking too much about my Project. I know I have been working on it much more this Year and less hard on Team Projects and smaller Projects. More of them might be canceld since I feel very bad currently. Not sure. We will see. Already took away some of the Buttons which lead to the Projects.
Anyway, thats it xD Hope you have a nice Evening!


12. October 2015 - Two Days left for my Vacation. ;v;
Will start working on Act 9 today. But I kind of have Heart Problems today. Had that two Days before too. I guess the Way I am eating is just bad xD
Anyway! Hope you all have a nice Start into your new Week and here, I just got ask to share this, maybe you can help: 

I finished Act 8. Katinka is SPOILER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!SPOILER!!officially able to control all Elements now. With all I mean Electricity, Gravity, Fire, Wind, Water and Flora. Means with Gravity she can even flow now. Damn some of you will start to hate her for all her Abilities but she is my freaking Main Character okay. So she gets to learn all the Shit. My Baby ;v;
Here is the Mini Contest I opened, when I realized, she can have a fancy Fire Tail now: 

Weekend Contest!!! - The WinnersDraw my Katinka (References:)

With her HORN and a FIRE TAIL (!!) (you know.. like Ponyta) ps: The Fire doesnt hurt her!
Should be colored!
The Winners are:
1. Place: 60 :points: 
2. Place: 40 :points: 
3. Place: 20 :points:.:CE:. You've Grown So Much by lilo1212
You will receive your Prices now :D 
All the other wonderful Entries:
Katinka fire by AlvroRunning fire[CE] by Ice-PhoenviFire ans Ice- I run for you through everything by Pokodoki93A wild Ponyta appeared - wait what by KarneTiaFire Powers Yo by NaritaCoreeBefriending the Fire Flies (Contest Entry) by KingKinuLet's turn up the heat, shall we? by SlaycrolThe fire by Zoe-starlarFire! by DorteTorte
Thanks for taking your Time and Tools to enter here uwu 

My Baby had to train so hard ;o; My Shoulders hurt from Writing all Day XD
I really should put a bit more Love into Act 7 since it still seems unfinished. The Story is done but it still... LOVE IS MISSING. I wrote it without love except for some Scenes haha.
Anyway. Bed Time for me. Good Night uvu

Brindle was like: WHAT THE FUR! So cool!


9. October 2015 - Which Element for which Warrior?

I still have to decide which of my Star-Warriros should learn which Element.
Katinka will learn all of course. How a good main Character and Marry Sue should do. But what about Tiff? Should she learn to control Fire? Her Brother Rocky does.
So far I should decide which ones should learn Electricity Control. Will check out my Star-Warriors later but if you want, you can make Suggestions :3


8. October 2015

First of all, Contest Reminder :heart: -> Birthday Contest - 2015
Second of all: A Week ago I felt pretty high Rage because of Comments of four leged Creatures with Fins. Why do Idiots always say they look like Vaporeon? Of course Vaporeon is the most known Fin Dog / Cat / Fox -like Creature. But that doesn´t mean we can´t add Fins to our Babies too. I did and will and lots of other People will also. And my Marvel and some others even have similar Ears:

Marvel by JB-Pawstep And you know what. I fucking don´t care XD If I want to use Fins or Ears like this, I will. I have some Characters that are PKMN inspired. My Fin ones actually haven´t anything to do with Vaporeon. I guess adding those Ears and Fins to Water related Mammals just got burned to a lot of Artists Soul since a lot of us Feral Artists used to love and draw (or still do) PKMN. I don´t see a Problem with it and if you do, just shut up XD I don´t plan to make Money out of them so yeah. And that doesn´t mean I am not creative enough to create Characters which aren´t based on Canons. I guess I already proved several 100 Times that I am able to. And to provoke all the "You can not do that!"- People, I will add Eevee inspired ( and I mean very, very Eevee inspired ) Characters to Katinka. They will be Part of the Rainbow Street Warriors and are trained by Farbleen. So they will have Horns. I already started doing these on Sunday but I wasn´t at home and drawing on Surface is shit. Seriously People... get a real Grafic Tablet for drawing. Better safe some more Money than buying a Surface. I mean it is an amazing Computer / Laptop like Tablet. But for Drawing it is not really the best. Coloring works fine. Lining hurts. Literally. 

Anyway! My Vaquana is already done. Va is for Vaporeon - Quana is for Aquana what is Vaporeons german Name.

5. October

Some of JBs created Dolls will come to Live in a very later Chapter XD I have some funny Ideas for those! 
The 11. of the forbidden Items is to create Life. It currently is owned by (SPOILER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) Salaruh cause he stole it o3o
But this Item allows some Fun like this XD
I currently have only a Design for one of them and this one will be just a "Fluff me"- Plushie the others will became real Characters ovo
Yeah sounds weird XD

30. September

Since 2013 I am thinking of giving Tiffany brown Eyes instead of green ones. And finally I found a Way how to :la:
As I mentioned before, Farbleen is the only one that is able to contral the 7th Element "Color" :la: Means she controls Pigments and can change them :la: so great! But will take Place way later o3o..after Tiff has Babies..

28. September

I had an awesome Idea how to give everyone of my Characters the Ability to fly and have pretty Wings!
But I am not sure why they would need them XD well I have one but I don´t know where to use this Idea!

The Wings I first will do might be like Bat Wings. Or lets say, like Naomis Wings. BUT they will have cute Pattern inside. Like childish Fabric Patterns :D will be cool!

22. September

I´m nearly at the end of Act 7 and it is very bad. I need to add much more Scenes to make it acceptable and not just running. The good Thing is, I got the Storyline out of my Head. yay.
Now to the Changings. I planed to make them visit Pastel Paradise, which is an Island like Continet on the other Side of the Devided World, where Black-White Island is as well.
But now I need to change it. They first will go to Rainbowstreet, cause it suits the Story Line and my Soul way better XD
So Act 8, which was planed to be on Pastel Paradise, will now be on Rainbowstreet and Act 9 will be on Pastel Paradise.

Not much Changings for you since most of you don´t know about the Happenings there but it actually is cool cause they will be able to fight the evil Pack on Pastel Paradise in a pretty awesome Way after Katinka visited Rainbowstreet. So great.
Well actually currently I am in this weird Time of a Year when I feel like what ever I am doing, it is stupid and worthless. Just a Phase I guess. :shrug: I hope XD
Anyway. Need to work a bit and head for my sadly real Workplace then XD See you~

18. September, second:

I stressed myself a bit because the 7th Act might be very short. I had the cool Idea to add my newest Characters hurhurhur. And I am doing so. But still it will be very short. Even shorter than Act 4 which was totally short. it might have just 3-5 Chapters. But who cares. Why should I stress myself because of that. Why? There is no Reason. My Story, my Rules. Isn´t it great? If you work on a Project for yourself, you have your own Rules. Great. Will go out with my Doge for a bit. :heart:


18. September 2015
Yesterday I started Act 7:la: First I wanted to make Notes but turned out me doing the first two Chapters of this Act :D means Chapter 75 and 76!
The Pack for Black-White Island will be

Katinka, Alfred, Leonardo, Ricki, Tiffany, J.B. and Piccolo :D

30. August 2015

It´s done. NeoPaneruga is finally created. I reached that Part in Act 6. Nearly the End. The last Chapter. I am so happy and feel so free. My Babies finally have reached their Goal once and for all. I´m very happy and proud that I finally reached that Part and that it isn´t only in my Mind anymore. It is written. And I see written as canon. NeoPaneruga is done. It will take me Years to reach that in the Comic but today is a big Day for me and my Characters ;v;
Chapter 74: NeoPaneruga

From now on Writing will be more Fun and less Stress ;o; So cool! So many Ideas and a wonderful World to explore. For me and my Characters X3

2. August 2015

I already mentioned Naomi might become a bit gay for someone in later Chapters. I still didnt decide who the lucky Girl will be Day, Naomi. One Day.
But should there be more homo Couples? I actually wouldn´t mind since I think, it is okay and normal. So why shouldn´t I show my Support for Same-Gender-Love!
Will think about more Couples like this. Suggestions are welcomed! If you start to rage because you don´t like Same-Gender-Couples, you can keep your Thoughts for yourself :heart:
Love is something great and it doesn´t matter what is between your Legs or not to get loved from someone. One should always love someone for the Person who it is and not for the Body. 
Every Comment that will mention the Bible or religous Nonsense, will be hidden :la:


31. July 2015 - KLENOTIPER - Act 13

Act 13 will be changed. In this Act you will meet the Unicorns and learn more about Minervas Past. (Minerva was my first Unicorn created YEARS AGO and you soon will meet her in Act 2)

Species - Unicorns and Sabor Warriors

Have the List again
Act1 -Started on Silver-Star, over Golden-Star and mai Fight at Cybaxie
Act2 -On Planet Genesis
Act3 -In Betweenworld, Undworld and on Silver-Star
Act4 -On Cogitatio
Act5 -On Earth (still writing it)
Act6 -On BlueTopia
Act7 -On Black-White Star / Might rename it Black-White-Land. Not sure
Act8 -On Pastel Paradise
Act9 -On Rainbow Street
Act10 -In Heaven and Betweenworld
Act11 -On NeoPaneruga
Act12-On Frozero
Act13 - On Klenotiper
Act14-On EverGreen
Act15- In Barkin Wood (Earth)
Act16- On Panyadunia

23. July 2015

Shapeshifting. Like .. PERMANENT SHAPESHIFT! I need to make an Item or some Magic Trick for permanent Shapeshift so I am not forced to use my Lions as Lions or my Griffins as Griffins or what ever XD ...yay
Might start with Pegasus and her maybe Mate which actually is not a Mouse but might or might not turn into one for FOREVER!

Shapeshifting is awesome.
19. July 2015

My main OC Katinka will have more Clones!
So far she has Silverrain and Fenrir.
Katinka - Chronicles of NeoPaneruga - Cover 9 by JB-Pawstep  Katinka Painting by JB-Pawstep Katinka by JB-Pawstep
Silverrain Sticker by JB-Pawstep Wool Chaos by JB-Pawstep

Fenrir is the silver one here:
Twice the Fun by JB-Pawstep Little me by JB-Pawstep

More are planed. I already did a dark Katinka Clone but I am not sure which one could be the other DNS Part XD
Others that are planed are
Little Nonsense
JB - Katinka shaped with JBs Colors
omg and so many others would be cool. Feel free to suggest :la:

Why will Katinka have so many Clones? She was the very first OC of mine that really mattered enough for me to work so hard on her and on her Story.. I just love her Shape and it makes me kind of feel weird to give my Baby some Babies. So she will maybe never have Babies. But a Clone is planed between her and Nook. I guess. His Name will be Reinecke. Sounds familiar? Well the Man I got my real Katinka from was called Mr. Reinecke. When I name this Character this Name, it won´t have anything to do with this Fox you all might know ovo but with this kind Neighbour I used to have.

Also sketched is Silverrains and Dappledeers Daughter
Silverrain and Dappledeer by JB-Pawstep

Sebastian`s Daughter (won´t tell who the Mother is.. you will find out once you see the Puppy XD)

next News: There is a new Species: Füchsel. I don´t care if your Language has no Ü. That is not my Problem. This Species will be called Füchsel. Ü is also written ue. So Fuechsel is right too :la:#It is a Fox Species owo Pictures soon!

I guess that is all for now XD

15. July 2015

The fooking Year is running. Summer is full here but I guess the hottest Days are over in Germany. As long as it will stay like it is today. We had 40°+ over here two Weeks ago. Horrible.

I am sketching new Pages for Katinka. Act two has a nice Start with already 5 (!) Pages!
Three more are sketched by now but I wont be able this Weekend to continue since I will go on a little Vacation with my Boyfriends Family :D
Not much Action on the next three Pages but soon more Characters will show up :la: One of them will be Rocky!
I wish I already reached Act 3. I want to use Naomi. It is so much Fun with her XD

Anyway. If you won´t hear from me till Sunday, it is because of less PC Time. Will go to work in half an Hour and will be back in the Evening. Not for long I guess. Tomorrow after Work my Boyfriend and I have to see the Hair Cutter. FINALLY. I hate my Hair XD
I might be online afterwards but I am not sure how long o3o we also might go out to watch a Movie or something.

Wish you a nice Weekend!

So many new Ideas.. Need to clean out my mind.

-Make Notes about EverGreen, creating Firefox-Demons
-Working out on deeper Story Concept about the Beavgels
-creating more Gnawers for a later Chapter on a stil unnamed Planet
-creating Unicorns and Element Demons like Firefox Demons
-Working on my Dragon Species 


20. June 2015

Working on the Stickers of Bruce and Jell - done
Adding Nina to Katinka - done
Starting new CharacterBoards for new Species inkl Species Sheet - maybe
The Orakuh Sheet - will do now
Continue with Act 6 - later
Sprites? - Mee... we will see. Maybe tomorrow


19. June 2015

Hi People. Today I will work on the :iconkatinka-guide:. Some Species need to get their Feature Things.
Later I might continue writing Act 6. Maybe I even can finish it sooner than I think :D


15. June 2015

I started Act 6 today. The Pack that will first go to BlueTopia will be
Marlin, Tiff, Nook, Katinka, Gina, Naomi, Reel, J.B., Dusky, Brindleblack and Shinybutt (and Piccolo hiding under Duskys Hat)
Marlin will finally LEARN about his Past. He already dreamed about it in Act 3 and now in Act 6 it is Time for him to face the Truth ;o; It also will be mentioned whoh is Foster Father is. Psst.. .it is a blue-lightgray old Dog of the Golden-Patrol that used to be the Commander :D .. know it? Hehe. 
Will finish Chapter 61 and stop for today! ACt 6!! YEEEHAAA!

Oh and Shiny will flirt with J.B.. Her reaction: The last thing that coincidently disturbed and disgusted me like this was a Backschi Cartoon.

(Backschi stays for Bakshi)
That´s it XD Good Night!

14. June 2015
Today you will find some of my old Designs for Erin Hunters "Warriors" on another CharacterBoard of mine because I once again will re-use these Designs as my own OCs. That is totally fine, since the Designs belong to me and not to the Erins.
If you have a favourite Design of my Versions of the Warriors, let me know :D maybe I will use it in Katinka then.


12. June 2015
Yesterday I thought about finishing the written Story before I continue the Comic OR doing the Comic slower and spend more Time with the Story itself. Maybe I will do it but don´t worry, you won´t even notice a Change. Unless your Name is Ninchiru because you will have more Read-Material then XD
Anthros. Well yes.. Some of you are well aware that I have over 1000 Characters. If I do Anthro Versions of them, they are just for Fun Project Uses of mine here on dA. They won´t have to do with Katinkas Universe at all. But here is the Question: Which of my Characters would you like to see as Anthro? I am almost sure that nobody will answer to that Journal but it is worth a try o3o
Have a nice Weekend. Mine won´t be nice. Work. Hot and Stuff..

5. June 2015

Thanks for all the Birthday Wishes :huggle: you are awesome ;v;
Katinka will be canceled. Lol of course not. I have so many Species Ideas I want to work on....
I forgot what I actually wanted to tell so I dont know why I am writing this.... lelt me think.. Nope I forgot. Anyway thanks for all the Birthday Wishes!!!!!!!!!! Love you!
30. May 2015

Chapter 57 is done and contains this Scene:  JB sees the Future by JB-Pawstep.. it is only 2,5 Pages long XD But yeah... I want to finish Act 5 haha.

24. May 2015

I think I could finish the written Version of Act 5 this Weekend. (lol.. it is Sunday already but I have off till Tuesday) I will cancel some Part and will use them later in Act 11. Will see what I can do.
Have Time till 1:30 pm because then my Boyfriend will be here and we will have a nice Day and of course Tiff will be along too :la: Hope it won´t rain XD (Need Ice Cream today).
Tomorrow is my Mothers Birthday. So it could be bit stressful ... Meeh... Not sure if there will be another Page for the Comic this Weekend. It is already sketched and will contain a new Character.
Anyway. First some clean ups and a Shower.
I made some Adopts yesterday Night:
Puppy Adoptables - CLOSED by PrinceBarkin


12. May 2015

Again working on a new Page. Only two Pages left of this Scene. Not sure if I can do them both this Week since I am dealing with a damn Cold and my Head feels like it is going to explode. ... Anyway. After this, I will introduce you to some more Gnawers in the next additional (much shorter) Scene... I already have another Idea for an additional Scene with Tiff and the Orakuhs someone after: 
Katinka Page 63 by JB-Pawstep Katinka Page 64 by JB-Pawstep...since there already is an additional Scene with Katinka meeting some Cadets, it might follow right after that and is followed by:  Katinka Page 65 by JB-Pawstep. But not sure yet. Still just and Idea and not written. I guess I should first start with Chapter 10 so you People can meet Rocky.

Oh I also want to tell you about this new Crossover Group about Ninchirus OCs and mine :iconjb-n-ninchiru-ocs: If you did Art of my Characters, feel free to submit it there :3

What else do I have to tell... let me think. I can´t remember.. I think there was something more but I don´t know anymore XDXD will update, when I remember!
Do not forget the CONTEST: 
4. May 2015

Will continue writing today. And I was thinking, about a Mate for Naomi ... She might be a Lesbian. I kind of like this Idea but am not sure yet. I think she can´t have Kids anyway.. And I want to ship her with someone. But she is too cool for most of my Guys. Or too "hot" how she would say (she is not really a hot Girl XD more cute than sexy but she has to do with Fire). AND she deserves some Love. Plus I want People to see I totally am fine with Homosexuality since this is a social Topic I come across very often in my Life. Same with Religion. But I let Dusky already talk about Religion in one of the Chapters (you didnt read it yet because it is not online). Yes, I like showing my Opinions in my Story and there is nothing wrong with that XD
Too hot for you, Sucker by JB-Pawstep
3. May 2015

J.B. will have 8 Puppies. Yes, 8. Haha.
The Names of the Puppies will tell something about my Inspiration Way :3
Furball - named after my very first favourite Cartoon Character from WBs Tiny Toons.
Simba - I guess I don´t have to explain it
Kimba - I didn´t see Kimba as a Child. I first watched the old Cartoon in 2008 or something like that. But it was very inspiring for me. Would also love to take the Name Dash because Dash is my fav Kimba Character but I already have a Character which is based on him ( I miiiiight change him a bit)
Goliath - Cadpigs german Name is Goliath
Charlie - named after Charlie B. Barkin
Comic - representing my Love for Comics and Cartoons
Furry - because come on
and Chupika - because Pokémon was and is still a big Part of my Artistic Life.

Oh yeah...

Anime will get a Mate called Manga. She also will meet new Friends in a future Adventure.

16. April 2015 -some Plans

The Stories of "Chronicles of NeoPaneruga" will now be Part of Act 11 where I simply add little Stories about their Work and Life at NeoPaneruga.
Have the List again
Act1 -Started on Silver-Star, over Golden-Star and mai Fight at Cybaxie
Act2 -On Planet Genesis
Act3 -In Betweenworld, Undworld and on Silver-Star
Act4 -On Cogitatio
Act5 -On Earth (still writing it)
Act6 -On BlueTopia
Act7 -On Black-White Island
Act8 -On Pastel Paradise
Act9 -On Rainbow Street
Act10 -In Heaven and Betweenworld
Act11 -On NeoPaneruga
Act12-On Frozero
Act13-On EverGreen
Act14- In Barkin Wood (Earth)
Act15- On Panyadunia

and way more o3o Order might change.
AND Since Katinka is ONE Project again. It will be called "Katinka - Chronciles of NeoPaneruga". Which makes me actually happy because I am not a Fan of Stories that are named of the main Character. Haha. Back then, when Katinka was first online (written Story) it was called "Silvery Kingdom" (That was Panerugas Beta-Name XD )

Lot´s of Work, as you can see. So I need lots of awesome Tea. Lot´s of Plans, as you might guess I hope I can handle all this Stress :la::heart:

13. April 2015 part 2

Good News. Mer and Curtis of "Katinka" found a Mate. In eachother :la: WOOOHOOHOOO...yeah such random huh...
And a new Anthro will join my Anthro World. CURTIS. AND he also will have a Mate. And you won´t guess who it will be :la: ..come on.. I want you to guess it.
It is not a Character of mine :iconimhappyplz:
I know I know I said I wont couple more Characters of mine with others and I mean it. At least for Katinka. But my Anthros are open to get some LOVE for your Characters yeeeeeehaaaaaaaaaa!

GUESS WHO ANTHRO CURTIS´s MATE WILL BE oAo GUESS IT and you will get a free Hug.

13. April 2015

Great to use these News Journals again. I dont know why I stoped using them. Anyway.
I think I will use a soft-Shading Thing on future Comic Pages. It works way quicker and looks not bad. Sure hard shading looks better (I think) but needs more time XD I still will use this kind of Shading for normal Drawings.
This is how I will kind of do the Soft-Shading: (first Panel in that Case)
Such Blood - Short Comic by JB-Pawstep Besides this, I am planing on working on more Couples. I know most of you don´t care but if you have Suggestions, feel free to tell me :D

10. April 2015 - Adopted Nina

I adopted Nina from Ninchiru haha.. not the Nina you think. Just an old Design of her :D
A Heart's Quest Character board  I might rename her.. maybe .. maybe not.

8. April 2015

Shall use these Journals again for telling News so I will do now.
There will be a Change in Katinka ;v; I will seperate a Couple that was planed.
It is.. Zandlo and Brindleblack ;o; Because Brindle will die. Joke hehe. But I would love her to be coupled with a small Dog or something... o3o and Zandlo maybe with an Earth Dog. 
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lilo1212 Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2019  Student General Artist
Wow! Adam's amazing for helping you with that :D
JB-Pawstep Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2019
Indeed! He already helped me a lot 2 years ago when I put all characters to toyhouse OTL that was so much work tho.  
MariEsperanzo-Reisin Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2019
That sounds great! When I worked as an assistant at Universal Press Syndicate in NYC, I learned most artists work with professional colorists. It just makes sense. It's too hard for busy artists to do everything. 
I've been meaning to follow Adamiro for a while now. He seems great! 
Pheenixorphan Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2019   General Artist
Alright then. I gave him a llama for the works. xD 
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JB-Pawstep Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2016
it´s caffeine xD she would never drink alcohol 
Adamiro Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Maybe Shinybutt? XD""
JB-Pawstep Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2016
No xD
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Too bad XD"
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Awesome idea! :D 
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thanks :3
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ja ;o; das fühlt sich so gut an! Damals, als ich sie geschrieben hatte und wusste, "Alter, das nimmst du am Ende als Flash Back! Das ballert!".. und ja, es ballert xD
DuskRipper Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2015  Hobbyist
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Yes I know. Thanks! ovo
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yes but now she is pretty strong ;v;
lilo1212 Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2015  Student General Artist
It's awesome though :D
Adamiro Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
She can FLY! :la: Wonderful!

And Katinka is marryused now! :la: I will miss for silly Katinka from first chapters ;o;
JB-Pawstep Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2015
She still is silly but she is element trained now ;v; I had pretty much Fun yesterday. Writing this Scene for Example: You can do it by JB-Pawstep  ..should redraw it. Katinkas Horn wasn´t out in the Writing and J.B. looks like a retarted Wolf here. Will do that, when the Comic is so far. In 20 Years maybe XD
Adamiro Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
But J.B. looks wonderful wolfish ;o; You should use this shapeshifting in one of her worlds travels :D

20 years?! So fast?! :la:

BTW, how is a color of Katinka's pawpads? I can't watch on any drawing currently XD"
JB-Pawstep Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2015
Naaah I don´t like Wolf Characters that much :3 they are overrated for all the Freedom Theme and such. I prefer smaller Animals.

lol.. you Troll XD

You should check it on the Characterboard :D but it´s light pink.
Adamiro Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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Oh, right XD"
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warum nicht wind für tiff? oo
als unterstützung für ihren bruder und umgekehrt oo

XD aber sonst klingt feuer gut owo passt zu ihren haaren
JB-Pawstep Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2015
Hab beschlossen, dass sie Wind UND Feuer beherrschen wird :D
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Fire sounds good for Tiffany ovo For who you need elements yet?
LightningStarMLP Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2015
Hmmm... Electricity could be for Marlin, and if you have a darkness element, you could give it to an antagonist Star-Warrior.
JB-Pawstep Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2015
Marlin is no Star-Warrior ovo he will stay elementless XD
I realizes that seconds later XD
But if you have an antagonist Star-Warrior, you could give him/her darkness.
JB-Pawstep Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2015
There is none :3 But Katinka will learn to control Darkness and Light XD
LightningStarMLP Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2015
I c. I haven't read your novel entirely yet, do you have all of your Star Warriors listed anywhere?
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